Celebrate the 25th ACM MM in the Computer History Museum

Mountain View, CA USA

ctober 23 ~ 27 2017

Keynote Speakers

Achin Bhowmik
Achin Bhowmik
(SID Fellow)

CTO & EVP, Starkey, USA

Bill Dally
Bill Dally
(NAE member, ACM/IEEE/AAAS Fellow)

Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, NVidia, USA

Efficient Methods and Hardwarefor Deep Learning

Injong Rhee
Injong Rhee

CTO & EVP, Samsung Electronics, Korea

Building multi-modal interfaces for smartphones

Edward Y. Chang
Edward Y. Chang
(IEEE Fellow)
Scott Silver
Scott Silver

Vice President, Google, USA

Danny Lange
Danny Lange

Vice President, Unity Technologies, USA

Bringing Gaming, VR, and AR to Life with Deep Learning

Conference Schedule

ACM SIGMM will hold its 25th multimedia conference in
Silicon Valley’s renowned Computer History Museum.



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  • Multimedia Art, Entertainment and Culture
  • Multimedia Search and Recommendation
  • Big Data
  • Digital Society
  • Multimedia Technology for Autonomous Vehicles


  • Perceptual multimedia
  • Ubiquituous multimedia
  • Novel Interactions with Multimedia
  • Social, emotional and affective multimedia
  • Multimedia Storytelling and Curation
  • Multimedia for Collaboration and Public Spaces

Novel Topics

  • Privacy Implications of Multimedia
  • Smart Multimedia Surveillance
  • Multimedia Data Collection
  • Multimedia in Data Science
  • New Fields in Multimedia

Systems and Applications

  • Multimedia Transport and Delivery
  • Multimedia Systems and Middleware
  • Multimedia Telepresence and irtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality
  • Mobile and Wearable Multimedia


  • Deep Learning for Multimedia
  • Multimodal/Multisensor Analysis and Description
  • Multimedia and Vision

Conflict-Of-Interest (COI)

  • Perceptual multimedia user interfaces and New Fields in Multimedia
  • Ubiquituous multimedia
  • Novel Interactions with Multimedia
  • ......


  • If you are an Area/Program Chair and want to be an author of a paper. This paper needs to be submitted to the “COI” track.
  • “COI” track Program/Area Chairs’ papers should be submitted to regular tracks. The “COI” track paper submission site will be different from regular paper submission site.



South African Workshop ACM MM 2017

MuVer 2017

1st International Workshop on Multimedia Verification

AltMM 2017

Multimedia Alternate Realities

AVEC 2017

The Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge and Workshop

LSVC 2017

Large-Scale Video Classification Challenge

RFIW 2017

Recognizing Families In the Wild (FIW) Data Challenge Workshop

MultiEdTech 2017

1st International Workshop on Educational and Knowledge Technologies


Workshop on Multimodal Understanding of Social, Affective and Subjective Attributes


Lifelogging Tools and Applications

Multimedia & Health

The 2nd international workshop on Multimedia for personal health and health care


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