DJI Phantom 4 – The King of All Quadcopters

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Hello and welcome to another amazing review here on Drones World! Today we review what just might be one of the best and most sought for drones currently in the market. We are talking about the widely claimed DJI Phantom 4! The upgraded version of one of the most sold drone series ever produced the Phantom’s. DJI Phantom 4 represents a big leap in the development of UAV technology for the consumer market. Mainly due to a variety of characteristics such as the 4K camera, fully autonomous flight capabilities, high-end hardware, among many other factors which make DJI Phantom 4 one of the best quadcopters currently available in the market. Phantom 4 fits practically any pilot regardless of the skill level or expertise. From beginners to experts everyone will easily control this quadcopter built to adapt to anyone. Besides having some of the best specifications within drones of this price range it also packs some of the most powerful and useful features in the UAV market. Phantom series has definitely been one of DJI’s most ground-breaking and successful lines of drones ever to be released for the high-cost market. This being said let’s move on to discuss further in detail the amazing characteristics of DJI Phantom 4.

Camera and Gimbal

Let’s begin by discussing both camera and gimbal of DJI Phantom 4. Older Phantom models (1 and 2) used to with GoPro cameras, for Phantom 3 DJI partnered up with Sony to produce a high-end camera. But this has changed, for Phantom 4 DJI decided to invest on their own action camera, and they have done it quite well. A 12MP camera for photographs capable of recording 4K at 30fps, HD at 60fps video as well as slow motion video 1080p at 120 frames per second. The lens is 20mm and has a 94º Field of View (much like its predecessor). If you are a fan of GoPro, worry not, this DJI camera provides equally amazing footage. Gimbal is 3-axis and can be remotely tilted -90º to +30º, ensuring that Phantom 4 truly is your eyes in the sky! It’s not by chance that Phantom series is one of the most bought quadcopter lines for recording and taking aerial photographs, fantastic good quality. It’s also very important to mention that Phantom 4, obviously, has First Person View capabilities, transmitting in real time with no delay and no ‘jello-effect’ directly to your tablet easily placed on your remote controller, which we will discuss on this next topic.

Remote Controller and Control Distance


If you think you are just buying an amazing quadcopter and camera, I’m happy to inform you that you are wrong. Phantom 4 package also includes one of the most impressive remote controllers in the market. This remote controller has its own battery, a 7.4V 2S 6000mAh lipo and is capable of maintaining connection to the controller on a range of 3.5 to 5km depending on obstacles which may interfere with connection. This is one of longest control distances featured in a commercial drone! Besides this astonishing specification, the remote controller presents a white and clean design, very simple to use, includes a device holder for you to place your mobile device such as a tablet (in order to enable more features such as the FPV monitor, TapFly, etc…). Without a doubt one of the best remote controllers currently in the market.


This is probably one of the topics you are most eager to read about. DJI Phantom have definitely been one of the most ground-breaking high-end quadcopter lines to feature astonishing factions. Phantom 4 is no exception, in fact, Phantom 4 truly takes the autonomous flight to an all other level! First of all, you may already have heard of its new feature the TapFly, basically, with just a tap of your finger on the map (tablet screen), Phantom 4 will fly towards that specific location without any other pilot’s input. Yes, you read it well, tap on which location you want your Phantom 4 to fly to and it will automatically go there by itself. Are you afraid of hitting any obstacles in the way? Worry not, Phantom 4 has obstacle sensors which sense the environment and avoid any obstacles the quadcopter finds, therefore preventing any hits and crashes. This feature works with both manual and auto-pilot modes. DJI Phantom 4 autonomous capabilities don’t stop here, thanks to its Visual Tracking (ActiveTrack) feature, the quadcopter can lock on any moving target and follow it while recording! Perfect for photography and videography, as it allows you to focus on the video while Phantom 4 takes care of the flight. As the name suggests, Smart Return to Home, means the quadcopter will easily return to where it previously began flight, this is done very accurately and it also works in case the battery starts running low or the quadcopter flies out of range. It will automatically enter auto-pilot and safely return to you! The auto-pilot function works as it did in previous models, program the pre-flight on DJI’s software and Phantom 4 will perform it by itself. This is an amazing set of features which definitely are one of DJI’s strongest selling factors.



Battery and Flight Time

DJI Phantom 4 makes use of a 4S 15.2V 5350mAh Intelligent Flight Battery, this powerful battery gives Phantom more flight time than any other of its predecessors. An amazing 28 minutes of flight time! If you aim to use Phantom 4 for longer periods than that, worry not, get yourself some extra batteries and make sure Phantom 4 stays in air for as long as you need him to!

THE GOOD DJI Phantom 4 takes the crown of all commercial quadcopters currently in the market. An amazing value for your money, there is nothing this quadcopter can’t do. Amazingly good quality camera, one of the best control range of the market, an amazing set of features which make Phantom 4 completely autonomous. If you are looking for a high-end quadcopter which will last you for a long time, you have found it, DJI Phantom 4 is the one for you.
THE BAD There are no negative aspects worth mentioning. DJI Phantom 4 is amazing.
BOTTOM LINE As you can tell by yourself after reading this review, I’m truly in love with DJI Phantom 4, this is the technology we have been waiting for, and this is the product the Sci-Fi movies promised us! The best value for your money, a complete high-end quadcopter package. Give DJI Phantom 4 a chance and you will be hooked!

DJI Phantom 4 SPECS:



What did you think of our DJI Phantom 4 review? Are you a fan of DJI products or is this your first time reading about it? Most likely you have come across one of this amazing sky beasts in the past. DJI is ruling the high-budget drone market at the moment and with reasons to be. DJI Phantom 4 is impressive! However, if you are working on a much lower-budget and you need a good camera drone, worry not! We have recently reviewed Kaideng K70C Sky Warrior, an amazingly affordable Toy quadcopter wich is very much capable of carrying your GoPro. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and bookmark our page for more great reviews such as this! Let us know if you bought a Phantom 4 after reading our review!


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