Screenshot of Neologism

Neologism is a vocabulary publishing platform for the Web of Data, with a focus on ease of use and compatibility with Linked Data principles. Neologism is free and Open Source.

With Neologism, you can create RDF classes and properties, which are needed to publish on the Web of Data. Neologism makes creating and publishing vocabularies easy and fast. It supports the RDFS standard, and a part of OWL.

Neologism is written in PHP and built on the Drupal platform. It is currently in beta, so please report any bugs you may encounter on the issue tracker.

Download Neologism 0.5.2

Getting started…

  1. Find a Web Host that supports the minimum requirements (PHP 5.2, MySQL or other database).
  2. Download and install Neologism with the installation guide and the friendly Drupal installer.
  3. Create user accounts for your collaborators.
  4. Import your existing vocabularies, or start creating a new one from scratch. That's it!


Neologism 0.5.2 released
This release add support for importing vocabularies in RDFa and Turtle format. Client-side validation has been added for several form fields. Small improvements and bugfixes have been included as well. Get Neologism 0.5.2 in the download section. 2011-07-04
Neologism 0.5.1 released
This release fixes an issue which could cause the installation to fail on slow servers, as well as several small improvements and bugfixes. Get Neologism 0.5.1 in the download section. 2011-05-10
Neologism 0.5 released
Various bug fixed. Improved the overview page of vocabularies, showing relationships between terms in both directions. Added the ability to add custom Turtle triples to any vocabulary's RDF output. Get Neologism 0.5 in the download section. 2011-03-16