Business card-sized references for Arduino and basic electronics
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Electronics & Arduino Reference Cards

Business card-sized references for Arduino and basic electronics. I hand these out at workshops along with a couple LEDs and a coin cell in a 3x4" Ziplock bag.

By design, these are NOT exhaustive references. 80/20 principle...the most common and essential information in the least space. They're aimed at beginners and the goal wasn't to handle every case, but to plant seeds: "Oh yeah, those resistor stripes mean something" or "Oh yeah, more current needs bigger wire" -- follow-on study then takes place elsewhere. Case in point, 5-band resistors aren't even mentioned, too esoteric for early learning.

The reverse of each card is flipped on purpose. Placed on a desk, it's easier to turn the cards over vertically.

Card #1 doesn't contain any technical data but serves a vital function. First, as a memory jog..."What was that stuff called that looks like neon?" or "What are those little motors called again?" Second, to provide electronics with a "face" ...that it's not all dry facts and formulas, that this is a human story, that it can include art and fashion. I always put this card on top in the packets, so a smiling face is the first thing people see!

PDF format. These are sized for Overnight Prints' standard business card template. While not top quality, they do okay and provide good value...getting these in the most hands was the goal. Rounded corners (optional) add class and won't cut off anything vital. Overnight Prints' robot WILL complain about the layout (upside-down card backs, etc.) but this can usually be ignored, as long as the preview comps look correct.

Created by Adafruit Industries, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.