About Us

Black Mango, as the name,a very rare fruit. So are we, not fruit but surely rare creatures. What we do.... we make videos, films and everything in multimedia. Our unique combination of creativity and planning makes the video making process an amazing journey, keeping our client's pockets heavy. Come to us for any kind of video production and experience this journey.

Adequate budgeting – We charge what is actually requires. Clients are not Bakras for us.

Excellent technical support – Throw any kind of technicalities at us and we will solve it. Like they say… impossible may take time, difficult things will be solved immediately.

Timely delivery – We do not believe in ‘Indian Standard Time’.

Professional attitude – Something you will experience while dealing with us.

The Team


Monica- The Producer

A complete production material. Budgeting, scheduling, crew management, data management and lot of other major complicated production tasks are not so complicated when Monica is around.

She has experience of handling production for documentaries, corporate film and most importantly feature films.

And beyond production she also writes and does post production. WOW!!!


Pradip- The Editor

Pradip graduated from FTII and has since over 5 years of experience working in post production on the entire gamut of ads, corporate films, documentaries, short and feature films.

Some of his credits include projects for Tata group, The Park Hotel, Godrej and a series of documentaries for CSMVS, Mumbai.


Manoj- The DOP

A film maker with the special love for adventure and motorcycle riding. With the experience of short films, documentaries, events and feature films. He is perfect combination of Director and DOP.

With the Constant up - gradation of Technology – he Perfectly balances between old & new

Traveler by heart, he is extremely comfortable shooting in any geographical and climatic conditions.


Adrija Bhattacharya- Creative Consultant

Trained in Bharatnatyam dance, the artist inside her has helped her grow creatively.

From the latest urban dictionary phrase to the newest application, she's always on the hunt for what's trending on the internet.

Her background ranges from radio to T.V. to digital. With her video production experience in digital media, Adrija will always come up with innovative/ creative suggestion. She doesn't repeat an idea as digital media is always changing.


Where are we?