History of ZEN feng shui

Feng shui was introduced to Japan from China around AC.600~700.Feng shui theory affected the development of Japanese Yin-yang philosophy, thought of the aspect of a house, and is has developed  into today’s form of ZEN feng shui in Japan. E.g. ancient Nara, Kyoto or Edo castle(now the site of the Tokyo Imperial Palace) were designed based on ZEN feng shui theory.

Ying yang theory

Along with "Onmyoji"(Master of Yin yang) gaining power, their thoughts which became a mode of life were transformed to Japan-specific thoughts, and have been passed down to the modern age.

Kyoto, the representative ancient city of Japan

1200 after Capital foundation, Kyoto is still prospering. The great factor of this harmonious development of history and city might be that the city was constructed after the ZEN feng shui theory making the best use of good omen of the land.

Heian-kyo(the ancient Kyoto) was founded in A.C.794 by emperor Kanmu. He built “Nagaoka-Kyo” in 784, but it didn’t go well, and he relocated the capital to “Yamashiro” to revival the city . This was the beginning of “Heian-kyo”(present Kyoto).

 For the transfer of the capital to Heian-kyo, emperor Kanmu chose the Yamashiro province which had the best omen of the land, and he summoned the high Shinto-priests and masters of Yin yang to build the city with the best ZEN feng shui knowledge.

Edo period, which prospered 300 years

It can be found in many historical description that Edo(present Tokyo) was a Feng shui city.

People who were deeply involved in the foundation of Edo(e.g Tenku, a high priest) had a thorough knowledge of ZEN feng shui and he adopted it in the city planning of Edo.

Kamakura(1192~), and Edo() prospered for a long time as the capitals with the ZEN feng shui knowledge.

On the other hand, Hideyoshi Toyotomi() didn’t introduced Feng shui to Osaka which made the city die young as a capital.

Knowledge and technology to live better have been passed down to the modern Japanese ZEN feng shui over millennia. Natural human wish to live better never changes even if the times and place change.

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