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Chuck Langenberg has been Suicided by Washington-State Gestapo

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November 14, 2014 in Resistance


I tried to give Chuck Langenberg a phone call in November 2013 after studying his talkshoe broadcasts. His efforts were to bring together targeted individuals and expose what he believe to be organized mobbing against him by people who pretended to be lawful Americans. He exposes the slandering techniques and the lies they spread covertly by these organized stalkers as he noticed other ‘good’ people suddenly becoming gagged and treating him like a bad-man. Realizing that America, and likely the rest of the world, has a secret fascism festering within disturbed his soul deeply. That the country he loved had already been infiltrated by an enemy-within. An enemy to the constitution and bill of rights of America was already happening! Growing ever bigger and stronger by converting fellow patriots through awful fascist methods into new gestapo members.
He discovered these gang-stalking mobs had the covert job of devastating targeted person into joblessness, into friendlessness, even isolating them from once loving family! Away, away, to starve the goodness out of any freedom-loving civil-rights-fighters one by one, on an individual basis…

One by one the gestapo mob of gang-stalkers are grow into a critical social cancer. A cancer that uses the energy of the good people to feed the hidden evil design of globalization. Organized and hidden deception that is creating a covert subculture of collective, high-tech, brain-chip controlled gang of corporate/shadow-government directed mobsters.
“Agent 9″ told him that he was already transformed into their being one of their tools. One of the secret fellowship of minions hidden from common-life and now serving the globalization process of America, of the world. This knowledgeable, high-end “perp” warned Chuck that “Mr. Pipe-Wrench” would be visiting him soon and that meant he would have to either accept his new position into becoming a gestapo member (snitch level teacher) or they would have to suicide him… Chuck didn’t believe in brain-chips linking and controlling their members nor his-self.
He couldn’t be tricked into suicide. It just was not possible for him… But unknown to him, like all the veterans being suicided… once the robotic brain-chip has control of the body, it becomes high-tech-murder.

Their are ways for the brain-chipped to avoid this kind of techno-murder. Extracting the brain-chip while living within the matrix of microwave communication towers means central-command knows someone is extracting it. The wireless interface never stops communicating with central-command. LOL Before the extraction was complete they would have a team of assassins to take out everyone involved with the extraction… and that would be only if central command could not roboticly use the brain-chipped person to do the assassinations before self-assassinating/suiciding.

Cleansing the body of the reactive compound needed to induce the brain-chip’s electronic-controlled-unconsciousness is another way to stop loss of consciousness before robotic take-over. Yet again, the interface does not stop monitoring, it simply loses command’s option to take control of the body. Attempted chip extraction here would definitely bring in the gestapo assassination team. Can’t believe this right, well, this is how America is functioning today. As is the rest of North America within the microwave-tower matrix of control.

To extract the chip, one has to leave the communication tower matrix, but the gestapo will know of your awareness of the chip and your intent to remove it. Their funding to keep this knowledge under wraps appears limitless and I am constantly wondering why my computer link is not severed… unless that critical mass of social-cancer has already been met. I lived through eating an orange that tried to stop my heart for the next four days back in 2007… the will to life is strong.

It is not a suicide epidemic or disgruntled persons going postal, it is high-tech, brain-chip assisted murder by the festering social cancer of technocracy megalomaniacs… Chuck would have called this all “crazy talk” because it wasn’t happening to him, so he thought.

I read about his death on this archive site: https://archive.org/details/ChuckLangenberg

He was a very passionate American and knew his livelihood was slowly being squeezed out of him by this organized, secret, gestapo-crime-ring.

I wanted to tell him from my research and experience that these minions-of-globalization were brain-chipped just like he is/was. And some were once good Americans like himself, yet likely not as driven towards justice and freedom, they were willing to change sides for the purpose of survival. But he tried to keep his conversations away from the unknown, mysterious technologies and mind-warping trickery which is so nonhuman that the general public can’t grasp the mental manipulation. That is how these techniques and technologies are kept hidden. If it were exposed then TIs stories will be more believable.

Dr. John Hall studied gang-stalking and nano-tech psycho-weapons use upon good citizens around the world and published his book “satellite Terrorism.”
Is good at exposing hidden, high-tech, social-cancer weilding globalists. Some were surprised he was able to publish the book anywhere. It may be that the globalist believe western culture has been mentally subdued beyond the critical point of fight or hide responses. That is, some freedom-fighter will have to be taken care of, but the globalists believe the majority will give in to the tyranny by joining or hiding or running and not by fighting. In much the same way that the German Constitutional Republic acquiesced to the NAZIs. A society with not-enough men-of-principle, conditioned by television and other forms of mind control to give up the bill-of-rights, to give up on their free future.

Chuck often complained about how his gang-stalkers knew exactly what products he was going shopping for, lol. Agent009 tried to tell him technology has made gang-stalking easier, much fewer minions needed to perform a task… alluding to the computer-brain-interface, no doubt… thought-communication brain-chips.

In one interview after a car-mobbing Chuck was amazed how the gang-stalkers could flock around him and coordinate their driving skills like they were all connected. He was totally dumb-founded how they could do what they did like they all were thinking together… lol, the brain-chips in each of their skulls had them connected together as a collective. The nano-tech micro-wave cameras the size of what he would call a speck of dirt or dust gave central command total visual surveillance of the situation. The command’s super-computer wirelessly connected to the nano-supercomputer brain-chips may have been operating the minions like robots or they were consciously following orders, hard to guess, but the chips help through Chuck for another loop.

His exposure efforts can be seen here: http://www.vancouverwati.com/

Chuck made a nice compilation of interviews and shows to help the newly plagued TI understand the fascist gestapo reality that lays in wait for the patriots who wish to stand up for freedom-for-all.

Listen to his gang-stalking summary mp3 audio

Here a perpetrator “spills the beans” and is very informative once your eyes have been opened, or rather you believe this really happens.


Gang-Stalking and Harassment: Black-listed Targeted Individuals (TIs) are regularly harassed by gangs of vigilante stalkers, often for revenge of speaking out. The cardinal rules of the stalkers are; the harassment must always be subtle, and never be provable. So the TI is fully aware, that stalking is occurring. But to any bystanders in the vicinity, it’s invisible, and blends in like “life in the big city”. (00:30)

Gangs of Stalkers vs. a Single Stalker: The Gang-Stalking participants that harass TIs are countless and organized. They work in shifts, and proficiently hand-off TIs as they travel between territories, on a 24×7 basis. So there is literally no time, and no where that a TI can go to avoid the stalking. Thus, Gang-Stalking has more of an effect on a victim — than a single stalker, who works alone to harass an ex-lover, for example. (00:56)

Who are the Gangs of Stalkers: Tradespeople, city workers, cab drivers, and delivery people are recruited. Highly sought after professions are locksmiths, maintenance people, water and gas employees, phone and cable installers. And people with “keys” that are “trusted”. Motorcycle gangs, retired, and non-working people also participate. And of course the neighborhood watch is big into stalking. Some people prefer to call it Community-Stalking or Vigilante-Stalking rather than Gang-Stalking, but it’s the same thing. (01:26)

Character Assassination and Gag Orders: Slander is “always” a part of a TI’s targeting. It is carried out by schooled Perps, or perpetrators — who infect “everyone” the TI comes into contact with — by either whispering lies about the TI — or by more subtle means. The people who are lied to — are immediately gagged — and instructed not to advise the TI — of what was said — or who said it. At that point in time, they become a Gagged Person (GP). Targeted Individuals are thus unable to defend their own character. Following the gagging, the GP is recruited — to participate in the administration of secret vigilante justice and harassment of the TI — all of which is justified by the Perp’s secret slander. (01:52)

Bribes and Perping: TIs with sufficient finances, are sometimes extorted to pay a bribe, in exchange for lifting their targeting. Whereas, TIs with inadequate finances — are bribed, threatened, or both — to turn coat, become a Green Perp, and to target other TIs. Agreeing to a bribe can reduce the targeting on them self, or their family, and they may be allowed to work again. But cooperating with organized crime is a life long curse. And what I am describing “is” organized crime. (02:37)

Forced Homelessness: A TI’s life is intentionally destroyed, and attempts are made to drive them to homelessness — by affecting their personal and business relationships, “slowly” increasing each of their costs, decreasing their income — often interfering with their attempts to get a job. Perhaps some of the street people you see, are the honorable ones, who wouldn’t agree to a bribe, or threat. (03:06)

The “Integrity” of Intelligence Officers: TIs who possess special knowledge or skills — have reported bribe attempts by supposed NSA officials, to join forces with them — in order to lift their targeting. On a similar note; CIA recruitment “offers”, are known to accompany a life-long stalking threat — if the person refuses “employment”. So a potential recruit can pick their poison — they can either; be a spook forever, or be forever stalked — either way, once they meet up with the intelligence ilk, their life will never be the same. This is something to think about, before pursuing civilian or military clearances — because once you know too much, you’re in for life. (03:19)

The Long Road to Discovering the Secret: Even though the TI realizes that they are being continually discredited and harassed, it sometimes takes them, many years to finally discover — that what has been happening to them — is a formal protocol of “organized” stalking. Once they become aware of this protocol, and begin researching it on the web, they discover the actual terms; Gang-Stalking and Targeted Individual (TI). Countless TIs have said that they feared for their life, when the stalking started — until they finally discovered the secret — and those two terms. (04:01)

When a TI Realizes — that They’re Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Upon googling the Gang-Stalking protocol, a TI discovers that countless other TIs — are in the same boat as they are — the majority of whom are what is commonly called an “unaware TI” — just as they had not known, for so long. (04:37)

Secret Conspiracy: Some TIs are miffed to discover that something so, “out in the open” could remain such a secret in society — especially when it had been happening to THEM for so long. Prior to their targeting, most TIs had never heard of such a thing. Other people are shocked to hear of it as well — and many have trouble believing it. Understandably they wonder how something so crazy sounding could have existed, right under their noses, for their whole life, without them knowing about it. And the people who really haven’t heard of it — sound equally bewildered to the liars who are covering it up. (04:59)

Professionals Play Dumb — or Risk Losing their Credentials: Cops, attorneys, psychs, health care, and others professionals — are “in on” the conspiracy — to not discuss harassment or stalking. They must play dumb and act bewildered — or risk losing their credentials — for starters — which can be followed by the threat to targeting of them self, and their family — if they don’t toe the mark. If you think this sounds far fetched — why don’t you bring up stalking with someone you know in one of these professions — and see if they start sweating! Countless TI’s have sought advice from these “trusted” professions and authority figures. Universally these TIs have said, the professionals “could” have wised them up — but they said nothing — and sometimes they even lied. This keeps Gang-Stalking under the radar. (05:27)

The Flooding of Gang-Stalking Discussions — with CRAZY Sounding Disinformation: The subject of Gang-Stalking is continually flooded, by an organized army of paid professionals — who mix dis-info with truth. So the average person doesn’t know “what” to believe. A few of the issues must be true, but who knows which? ALL of the issues SOUND CRAZY though — starting with Gang-Stalking itself. Frustrated victims — as well as shills who pretend to be frustrated — both need tell their far fetched stories elsewhere though. Because this web site, and this talk show — focus on what I am certain of — Gang-Stalking. (06:09)

Who Pays the Disinformation Shills: Considering the endless funds that are spent deploying Gang-Stalking — the cost of a paid disinformation shill brigade — to continually flood Gang-Stalking discussions with crazy sounding talk — ought to be a drop in the bucket. (06:50)

The Risk of Being Sent to a Mental Institution: If a TI mentions harassment to an authority figure, they risk the punishment of psychiatric “care”, which would further discredit them. So most TIs keep quiet — and put up with their daily harassment — often thinking they’re the only one. Some wonder how could anything so crazy could be happening — and it would only natural for them to doubt their own sanity. But then one day they “wise up” to the terms — Gang-Stalking and Targeted Individuals — and it all adds up — and the game changes. (07:28)

Who Initiates Gang-Stalking and for What Motive: Some TIs were chosen as targets for “revenge” of having spoken out — their families, are often targeted as well, children included — for life. Again and again, it is reported that generations of families are targeted — in order to wipe out entire blood lines. Organized crime also uses the system — to seize control of a TI’s assets. Some TIs have stated, they feel like they are being used as target practice, to keep surveillance skills sharp. And lastly, TIs are often referred to as human lab rats, used for medical experimentation, without their knowledge or consent. There’s never proof on any of these issues — in keeping with the Gang-Stalking protocol of secrecy. But most TIs never find out why they were chosen. (07:46)

Law Enforcement Cooperation: The same law enforcement resources that are used to catch bad guys, are unleashed on TIs. This leaves little doubt that Gang-Stalking has government involvement — with their endless resources. (08:34)

Government Involvement: Normal people understandably find it hard to believe, that their government would spend so much money — funding a program that harasses, discredits, mobs, defrauds — and plays continual dirty tricks on their own citizens. People often ask, “what’s so special about you” — it would be a lot cheaper to just shoot a TI — “it doesn’t make sense”. Why would the government want to income-lynch a TI, destroy their relationships, isolate them, and “slowly” drive them to forced homelessness — at which point many take a “deal”, which “turns” them into Perps? It all sounds pretty sick — and crazy doesn’t it? Just the way Gang-Stalking is intended to sound. (08:49)

No Due Process: TIs never learn the reason why they were chosen — because their vigilante “trial” took place in secret, without due process — without the TI even knowing about it. Many go through life asking them self, “would could I have done to deserve this?” (09:27)

World-Wide: Gang-Stalking is a world-wide protocol, which seamlessly follows a TI through life — as they travel — and as they relocate to new residences, states, and countries. It’s even present in Communist countries. (09:43)

The Objective of www.ExposeGangStalking.com: This web site focuses on one issue — Gang-Stalking / Vigilante Stalking / Black-Listing. Without getting side-tracked by ANY other issues — no politics, no religion, no crazy sounding talk beyond Gang-Stalking — which is already crazy sounding enough. (09:58)

Sincerely yours,

Vancouver Wa Ti . com

PS: I have been a Targeted Individual (TI) — of Gang-Stalking — nearly every day, for 5 years — and I have run a talk show about it for “many” hours — “every” day — for “many” months. I have spoken with countless people — and I “still” don’t know what to do about it. But one thing is for sure — being quiet is not the answer. I’m trying to help get the word out. And hopefully somebody who hears about it — “will” know what to do.

PPS: I maintain the following four web sites:

www.ExposeGangStalking.com: Web — This site, the main exposing site.

Links.ExposeGangStalking.com: Web — Links that are 90+% Gang-Stalking.

Evidence.ExposeGangStalking.com: Web — Gathering of evidence.

www.VancouverWaTi.com: Web — Talk Show LIVE every night at 11 PM ET.

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Screen Name: Chuck of Vancouver, WA US
Website: http://www.VancouverWaTi.com/
Age: 60
Overview: My name is Chuck of Vancouver, WA US. I live in the “heart” of downtown near I-5, North of the Colombia River & Portland. Phone calls to 1-360-334-2348 may be hijacked. Locally I monitor ch 7 of FRS radio (the successor of CB radio).
Biography: I am a Targeted Individual (TI) — as are perhaps a million Americans — plus citizens of many countries. My organized gang-stalking began and progressed so SUBTLY, that it took me many years to finally WAKE UP to it. So who knows how many more Targets are in the harassment queue. In April-2006 I entered a more intense phase — in which the perps wanted me to KNOW, but not be able to prove the harassment. In May-2010, I finally wised up to what had been unleashed at me many years earlier — when I Googled the term GANG STALKING. After that the harassment was increased EVEN MORE — to the most extreme level I had ever encountered. Gang Stalking is REAL, however MANY Internet pages are FLOODED with un-Achievable crazy sounding disinfo about it — mixed in with much TRUTH — this INTENTIONALLY deflects the attention away from gang-stalking, and onto whacky sounding issues. Crazy talking perpetrators are NOT nuts — they are performing an official job — of flooding truth MIXED with lies — these Perps will whine, ridicule, and harass truth tellers — to discredit and pressure TI’s to be quite — so the Perps can continue their diversion undeterred. Perps will harass and MOB any real TI who speaks out — to shut them up — and ISOLATE them — or possibly recruit them. Gang-Stalking harassment will follow a TI everywhere they travel, or relocate to a different CITY, or COUNTRY, as this is an international protocol. It can be generational too — possibly launched if a Target’s PARENT, or GRANDPARENT spoke out. Entire blood-lines are slowly eradicated — per the MASONIC practice of REVENGE. Google the terms; “Mason silent dagger”, slow dagger, or secret dagger. Targeting is spear headed by SECRET Societies — who’s obligation it is to deny it — they will cover for each other — even LIE under oath if necessary — in fear for their LIFE. Sometimes a Target’s own family is used to harass them — threatened and tricked into participating in the slow extermination of their OWN blood line. Perp leaders know where to find a TI 24×7 — but not vice-verse. And since street Perps who Target TI’s, are often different each time — it won’t stop the stalking, to “get even” with only one of them. Gang-Stalking is carried out by Secret Societies, Cults, Ex-Convicts, Satanists, Infiltrated Churches, and COUNTLESS others. They have unlimited GOVERNMENT funds, technical expertise, and “intelligence” available — used to subtly harass TI’s to slow death. Cops, your block watch, fire fighters, municipal workers, MANY groups and workplaces — are told customized LIES about the target — intended to INFURIATE each demographic, and JUSTIFY the harassment. Occasionally Perps harass TI’s into committing SUICIDE. But once a Perp realizes their actions contributed to the death of a Target — they become a KNOWING accomplice in the intentional MURDER of humans, especially for FUTURE deaths. The job of Perp gangs is to harass, lie and con Targeted Individuals (TI’s) when they appear — online or on the street. Some Perps are “Satanic” slow killers, who actually seem to ENJOY their illicit ‘job’. Some of the Perps are just folks who believe the lies they heard about the TI — some fear the same treatment if they don’t pile on. But SADLY — TI’S OFTEN “TURN” into Perps too — to reduce their own targeting. Perp mobs masquerade as though they are ‘pure’ — as they work to push pure TI’s into becoming a Perp, just like them self. They will ACT hurt when they hear that — but remember — they are ACTING. I say Perps and Secret Society members are conspirators in MURDER, when their coerce a Target to committing. Some TI’s become a Perp — in order to save their own skin — or their family. But there’s little difference between a Secret Society Perp, VS. a TI who BECAME a Perp — for their own, or their family’s survival — both are intentional slow KILLERS. This protocol drains financial resources away from Targeted Individuals (TI’s) — which makes it easier to TURN a Pure TI — into either — an illicit Perp like themselves — or a dead TI. I have often observed — after a VERY short (but sometimes long) period of time — Targeted Individuals (TI’s) drastically change their story — and TURN from TI to Perp — they “sell their soul” — WITH NO FANFARE — they INSTANTLY exit the pure TI’s. But joining the perps is a “one way street” — if a Targeted Individual (TI) takes a “deal”, to become a Perp — they NEVER ACT PURE AGAIN — the point of no return is when they begin perping other TI’s. Just like criminals, these TI’s-turned-Perp JUSTIFY their behavior. The #1 job of Perps is to ISOLATE pure TI’s from everyone, especially from one another. BOOK THIS — If someone has LOTS of friends or supporters — they are NOT-NOT-NOT a PURE TI. PS: PLEASE COPY AND USE ANY OR ALL OF THIS TEXT AS YOU SEE FIT. I HEREBY PLACE IT INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. Sincerely yours, Chuck of Vancouver, WA US (1-360-334-2348 a compromised #).

Similar case found on the web… Magnus Olsson of Sweden

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