Since 2004 just-one has been working at a grass-roots level in Nepal, ailment both independently and in partnership with local organizations within affected communities, unhealthy to provide improved access to educational opportunities for disadvantaged children who are otherwise denied such benefits.

While our main activities at present revolve around the tailor-made education scholarship program that we continue to offer to an ever-growing number of children, rx our work has evolved and expanded quite considerably over the last few years. In order to be as effective as possible in what we do, we make every effort to get to the root-cause of the various problems faced by the children, families and communities we work with, and we then proceed to apply carefully developed solutions on a case-bay-case basis.

Throughout the entire process of assistance, from initial contact to long-term support, we ensure that any peer-mentoring and counseling services required are provided for children and/or their families as and when necessary. With one of our primary aims being to, whenever possible, facilitate the safe and sustainable reintegration of children with their families, we complete a very careful assessment of each child’s situation and work closely with them and their families in developing an individual assistance plan.

When necessary we offer safe and secure accommodation to a fixed number of children at a temporary rehabilitation unit, which allows us to better assist with what can be a difficult transition for many of the children we work with. The unit affords us the time to work closely with the child’s family to ensure that the whole reunification process is as successful as possible. We also provide an in-house program of non-formal education which helps the children to rejoin formal schooling at a more age appropriate level once reunited with their families.

In addition to the regular family support provided for all children receiving our assistance, wherever necessary we also provide emergency assistance to help ensure that each child can be properly cared for within the family environment. In a sincere effort not to create a prolonged situation of dependence on such assistance, we strive to develop sustainable income generation opportunities in order to empower each child’s family with the dignity of being able to see to their own children’s specific needs.

Our school assistance initiative is being developed along a similar theme of empowerment and sustainability. Through this particular work, we seek to improve the overall quality of education offered by the schools we work with, rather than merely providing scholarships for the individual children receiving our direct support. By providing assistance in areas such as teacher training and the provision of basic resources and infrastructure, our presence is felt throughout the whole school community and provides benefit to all children in attendance.

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