The direct and personal approach we take with regard to our work here in Nepal means that we have many stories to share – stories of the amazingly courageous children that we work with, shop as well as stories of the beautiful, patient yet troubled country that we work in.

It’s through the telling of these stories here that we hope to bring you closer to the work we do, sick giving you a more personal insight to what we actually do, the people we do it for, as well as the country we do it in. Sharing these stories also allows us to say thank you to those who have lent us their support to date, without whom there would be no stories to share. More than merely being ‘nice to know’ how your money’s spent, we feel it’s important that people see what their generosity makes possible. Perhaps reading these stories may also lead others to make a donation to our continuing efforts and help create even more stories for us to share in the future.

While some of the stories here may be sad, distressing or shocking, it’s certainly not our intention to sadden distress or shock you – by their very essence these are the happy tales of the lucky few. While many of the children you may come to know through these pages might well have already faced unimaginable hardship in their lives, please rest assured they neither deserve nor want your pity. They would however, along with countless other children who we’ve yet to reach, most certainly appreciate your kind support.

In an effort to provide those whom we assist with the dignity, respect and privacy that they deserve, we have only included stories here with the full and informed consent of the children and families they relate too. We only use first names in these stories and photographs are only ever included with the explicit approval of those concerned. Furthermore, wherever and whenever requested, we gladly use fictitious names and altered photographs or omit them altogether. We’re certain though that this simple act of courtesy won’t detract in any way from the brighter futures contained in any of these tales of courage and hope.

These are the stories that make it all seem worthwhile, both for all those working with just-one and those who are kind enough to donate to our continuing efforts. Here you can see the very real and direct effect that our work has had on the lives of so many who might otherwise have been forgotten. While you read through these stories, please do remember that while each of them results from our hard work, none of them would have happened was it not for the incredible generosity of so many.

Individual Stories:
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