Here at just-one we see “one world, one life, one chance” as more than a mere slogan used on our information flyer; it’s far greater than that – it’s a plain and simple reality. We each share just one world between us, each of us lives just one life and quite often we get just one chance to make a real difference. We invite you to let this be yours.

Have you ever seen or heard something disturbing or upsetting through the various media we are exposed to and, though desperately wanting to do something positive to help change that particular situation, you just weren’t quite sure how to go about it? If your answer’s yes, then rest assured you are not alone and remember, there’s a whole lot more that you could do than you might have thought.

All too often, in Western society, we use unhelpful distancing-terms such as, for example, the third-world to shirk responsibility towards our fellow inhabitants of this troubled planet. It’s imperative that ordinary people of the world realise that many of the problems faced in under-developed countries like Nepal are, in part at least, caused by the over-development of many Western countries. Sure, no one person can be held directly responsible, but do you really think our governments are actually doing enough to help create a level playing field?

Choosing to donate financially to our continuing work is certainly one of the easiest and most effective ways of helping us to make a difference, but it’s not the only way by any means. As a low-budget operation, we are ever-conscious of the need to utilise our much valued resources in as effective manner as possible and are always open to any and all offers of assistance with our work. Volunteering is fast becoming an extremely profitable industry across the world and, while just-one does occasionally engage the services of both local and foreign volunteers to assist in various aspects of our work, we have become increasingly conscious of the potentially damaging effects of commercialised volunteer-tourism as it currently stands.

There are countless ways in which people can volunteer their services, making a valuable contribution to the on-going success of just-one‘s operation, and we are always open to suggestions. Whether it’s the complimentary provision of services to assist with our Irish fund-raising operation or the sharing of relevant skills and expertise with our Nepali staff, we’d be happy for you to contact us.