Jack Ma threw $22.4 billion into RT-MART

Jack Ma threw $22.4 billion into RT-MART

The case of RT-MART share-selling finally made a verdict through plenty of experiences. Alibaba group decided to invest $22.4 billion HKD altogether 36.16% stock equity of Sun Art Retail, and the subsidiary of ruentex, ruentex Xin and ruentex Quan both are sure to sell some shares, and get the profit of 11.2 billion yuan and 16.8 billion yuan respectively (t), predicting that the fastest in the fourth quarter is expected to complete the delivery.

Alibaba Group, Auchan retail, ruentex today(20) announced a new retail strategic cooperation achieved, Alibaba Group will invest $22.4 billion HKD to Sun Art Retail through buying the stock equity from ruentex, and Alibaba, Auchan retail will also increase the Sun Art Retail holdings, once the transaction completed, Sun Art Retail shares are 36.18%, 36.16% and 4.67% respectively.

Altogether with Alibaba’s taobao formally marriage, Sun Art Retail, a subsidiary company holding shares of the mainland ruentex, and sold to Sun Art Retail and the subsidiary of Alibaba taobao, after co conversion as well as direct selling double way to trade, ruentex Xin and ruentex Quan released significant inform this morning, in this deal expected to recognize benefits amounted to approximately 16.8 billion yuan and 11.2 billion yuan, may be recognized with the fastest speed in the fourth quarter, the contribution of per share would be 1.79 yuan and 6.7 yuan respectively.

Ruentex and Auchan retail 2 subsidiary Hypermarkets of Sun Art retail, it is, currently the largest domestic stores operator, merely these two big brands operate 454 stores in 29 provinces in mainland China, including 376 RT – Marts, 78 Auchans retails, the revenue in last year eventually broke through 100 billion yuan, Siting the tight throne of the retail for many years in the mainland.



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