The Newcomer’s Guide to No Meat Athlete

As bloggers have started to publish reviews of my new ebook, Marathon Roadmap, lots of new people are showing up to check out No Meat Athlete.

And even those of you who have been around for a while probably weren’t here at the beginning, and therefore missed the rare gold nugget to be panned in the river of suck that was this blog when it started. (Most blogs aren’t very good when they start, so I’m okay with that.)  And there’s probably some stuff you didn’t know…like that I still ate fish when I started this site (and even posted a few fish recipes!).

So for those reasons, and because my brain is trans-fat deep-fried right now from doing everything it took to get this book finished and launched, I decided that a little tour was in order.

Enjoy.  Take your time with this one.

The ‘In’ Crowd

The posts below are the most popular posts that all the other posts wish they could sleep with.  Popularity here is judged by traffic, comments, and social media sharing.  (There’s a little bit of a recency bias, since as the site has gotten bigger it’s been easier to get traffic.)

Really Useful Stuff

Lots of “how-to’s” and other practical or list posts.  Most of these are about running, but there are a few others mixed in here.

Resource Pages

For posts that fit nicely together and make up a series, I’ve grouped them on individual pages.  Qualifying for Boston was an obsession of mine back when I started this site; check out that one first if you’ve ever thought about it for yourself.

Race Recaps

I try not to write too many race recaps, mainly because they’re boring unless the writer is great or the race is really interesting.  Since this writer ain’t yet great, I’ve included only the recaps of races and distances that you might find cool or inspiring.

Experiments and Crazy Stuff I’ve Done

By nature, I am a skeptic.  Especially about things related to health.  But one thing I’m proud of is that before I make up my mind about whether something controversial is terrible or dumb or awesome, I try it myself.  Here are a few posts about things like that, plus an April Fool’s joke that didn’t fit in anywhere else.

Motivational Crap and Personal Stuff from the Early Days

Remember those elusive gold nuggets I talked about?  Well, here are a few of them, along with some fool’s gold mixed in.  Most of this is from 2009, when I had no clue what I was doing.  But in the same way that a monkey banging on a typewriter for all eternity will eventually produce Hamlet, so I produced some not completely terrible blog posts.

Hope this has helped you get acquainted with the site!  For more, check out the About page, and don’t forget to subscribe to get post updates and to the email newsletter.   See you around!



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  1. I think I’ve been here pretty much from the beginning and I just love how this blog has grown. Thanks for the walk down memory lane… I actually revisited a few of those posts!

  2. Eventhough i’ve been a reader for some time it’s nice to have all these posts together in one place to read the ones I missed. Thanks Matt!

  3. Laura says:

    you know, i was digging for a similar list for a friend last week. thanks for posting this – i’ll make sure she sees it.

  4. Holy cow! Now I have weeks of reading to do. Nice selections for newbies or others that want to prioritize past posts. Thanks.


  5. Hey Matt,
    Just discovered your blog- thanks for the intro!
    Looking forward to reading as I train for my first half-marathon.

  6. Thanks for all the info you provide!

  7. I miss the old NMA, the cookbook reviews and recipe sharing, the posts about your running and what you’re training for… There hasn’t been much of you lately!

    • Hey Caroline, this is all true… I haven’t had much time for writing about my own life and what I’m up to. (Mainly because the ebook consumed so much time and energy.) But things have calmed down and I do plan to get back to that stuff somewhat. So stick around!

  8. This is awesome, Matt!! Thanks for the tour… I did my first “run” today in my new NMA shirt 🙂

  9. Hey Matt! Just finished my first marathon today in Fort Lauderdale, No Meat style! Thanks to you and Susan for the support and encouragement that I received from the NoMeatAthlete website. You are doing a great job, and inspiring many people. There is No Way, I could have become a marathoner without changing my diet, less than a year ago. I feel great and my endurance has dramatically improved since becoming a follower of your articles. I think the “63 ways” article had the most effect on me. I can now agree with most if not all 63 points. Next up, become a No Meat Tri-Athlete. Have you ever done a Triathlon?
    Thanks again, looking forward to future posts.

    • Hey Ryan, that’s awesome! I’m really glad to hear I could help you. I had fun writing that 63 Ways post, though it took freaking forever.

      No, I’ve never done a triathlon. It’s sort of on my list, but it seems like so much work to get a bike, learn how to ride it and change tires and transition, etc. Oh yeah, and I’m horrible at swimming. What distance are you going to do for your first?

      • Thanks for your reply, Matt. I agree with you about doing a tri, seems like so much work, especially with the equipment involved, however I am going to go for it anyway. If I can get through the swim without drowning I will be good, I think:) I am doing a sprint distance next month. .25mile swim, 10mile bike, and 3 mile run. Eventually I want to tackle the Ironman. By the way, its been 3 days since my marathon and I still feel “high.” Not sure if its from the running or the copious amount of Vega products I have been consuming. I used the Vega Sport line for the first time during the race and was really, really impressed. It was very easy to digest. I know it was risky to experiment during the race, but it worked!

  10. Hi Matt! I found your site from Gena’s blog and love it. I’m a runner and my plan is to run my first marathon in the fall. As a newcomer to your site, I really appreciate this post. It is bookmarked.

    Thanks 🙂

  11. Hi Matt…I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your site and am super duper excited about it! I’ve been a vegetarian for 8 years now and have recently fallen in love with running. I’m training for my first half and your site seems like it’s kinda a gold mine! Yippee!

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