Here are some examples of water treatment and industrial water filtration systems earlier designed and installed by Russell and Sue Kelly.

  • LSG Sky Chefs

    An International Airline catering facility at AKL airport; Preliminary Treatment units of Sediment, Carbon and Softener followed by Commercial RO unit & Stainless steel tank.

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  • Tegel Foods

    Supplied deep well submersible pump, water storage tanks, telemetry, Softener, Commercial RO, CombiPress pump sets, filtration and UV units.

  • Hellers

    Filtration and a large Ultra Violet (multiple lamps) unit have been installed into a major meat processing and packaging facility near Christchurch.

  • Mayfair

    Working in conjunction with the recommendations of a retired university professor, Sue Kelly designed and installed equipment to reduce the intermittent acidic water that can create corrosion issues in copper water reticulation lines and boilers in Retirement Villages, Rest Homes & Hospitals and Supermarkets.

  • Southern Ice

    Sediment filtration and Ultra Violet water sterilising equipment installed in an ice manufacturing facility.

  • Tumblar Manufacturing

    Two Water Softeners and commercial Reverse Osmosis units (capacity 800GPD and 4500GPD) installed in different areas within a Christchurch manufacturing company.

    Pre-treatment and a commercial Reverse Osmosis unit have been installed into a manufacturing facility that requires extremely high quality water to attain compliance for their products in the international market.

  • DoC Geraldine

    Sediment reduction, pH neutralising and multiple Ultra Violet water sterilisers have been installed in a public campsite in the South Island where the source water is taken from a shallow underground gallery near to a river.

    Sediment reduction, filtration and Ultra Violet water treatment units have been installed in multiple hospitality premises throughout New Zealand.

  • Boyle River Outdoor

    Automatic backwashing sediment reduction unit, filtration and multiple UV units, to treat and safeguard surface water, have been installed at outdoor education facilities in the South Island.

  • Whanganui DHB

    Carbon pre-treatment and a 3000GPD commercial Reverse Osmosis water purifier followed by 0.2 micron absolute filtration in a stainless steel housing and UV treatment installed for a sterile water supply in the North Island.

  • Grey DC Nelson Creek, West Coast

    Preliminary treatment for Sediment reduction and pH neutralising prior to UV for the township.

  • Diamond Aqua

    Preliminary water treatment installed prior to water bottling plant in Fiji.

  • Hurunui DC North Canterbury

    Located at the rural township of Waiau, North Canterbury, treatment of the town water supply.

    Water from a shallow bore near the Waiau River was treated for sediment reduction prior to UF treatment.

    Automatic backwash and rinse cycles on the sediment reduction media tanks.

    Flushing and CIP cycles incorporated into automatic cleaning of UF membranes.

  • Small Subdivision South Of Timaru

    Water treatment systems of pH neutralising, Large Softener and Commercial RO installed to treat all water reticulated to several rural properties for domestic usage.