“There is no substitute for experience.”

Kelly Commercial Water Treatment Ltd is an innovative technology company specialising in water treatment and water filter systems created by Russell & Sue Kelly of Christchurch, NZ. A natural progression and an exciting development.

Having established Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd in 1990, the combined practical experience developed and implemented in the intervening years has qualified the couple to now ‘Design and Build’ larger water treatment systems for industry, commercial applications and even larger projects.

The basic water treatment principles utilised and implemented in domestic and rural water treatment systems for clients over the years are complemented and combined with an extensive range of other additional technologies to provide guaranteed proven practical solutions to a wide range of challenging water sources – on a much larger scale.

District Councils welcome and value the well-honed, practical experience that enables Kelly Commercial Water Treatment Ltd to design and implement workable internationally recognised water treatment technologies to solve a wide range of water treatment conditions.

Unacceptable water conditions that often render the water the District Councils provide to consumers in towns and through rural water schemes, to be “Non-Compliant” with the required Standards stipulated by the current Drinking Water Standards for NZ and/or Rural Agricultural Drinking-water Supply Guideline, can all be successfully treated to dramatically improve the existing water quality and achieve compliance with the current Standards.