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We specialize in residential and commercial solar energy installation services throughout Los Angeles CA and the surrounding communities.

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Get Your Energy from a "Higher Power" and Win! The time for saving energy is now, and there has never been a better return on investment. Whether you want to learn about energy savings devices that can reduce your load by up to 20% or you want to learn about going Solar, HP American Energy, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services for residential and commercial customers throughout Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas. HP American Energy is here to help, whether it be for your home, a commercial building or a Solar Power Plant, HP American has real solutions to fit your budget. Let me help you turn your expenses into investments in your future and "Our Future!"
Call for your free consultation and we will work with you to develop a solution that will help you to reduce your energy consumption as well as address your roofing, windows, and Energy Storage needs. Modern Building with Solar Panels

Our Services Include:

Solar Energy Installation

Solar Energy Maintenance

Do yourself a favor and have us come in for an energy audit of your existing systems. Almost all homes and businesses have found savings. It’s an investment in yourself! Our experienced and highly-trained team is committed to providing our services with integrity. We believe that promoting "Higher Power" Solutions such as Solar Energy helps us to bring that integrity to your family or business. Call us now and we will do our utmost to show you how Solar helps us all save money while promoting cleaner air and water for a brighter future the whole world will appreciate.

Why Solar Energy?

Installing solar panels on your home or business will help to save the planet by using renewable energy. Schedule an appointment and you’ll understand why making your own renewable, clean energy will save you money on your utility bills. An added bonus is that solar will significantly add resale value to your property.

Energy Independence - Solar energy offers a reliable and unlimited energy source.

Great for the Environment - Solar energy creates 96% less CO2 than coal and 91% less CO2 than pollution. Helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Save Money - You can save money on your utility bill because solar energy typically costs less.

Consistent Energy Costs - Solar energy provides a predictable energy cost from year to year.

Call HP American Energy, Inc. in Los Angeles CA at 888-230-SOLAR (7652)


Our Service Areas Include: Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and the state of California

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