Clients & Testimonials

"Brian Palermo will grab your attention and not let it go! He'll keep you laughing while you learn key principles of communication that apply to all aspects of a scientist's career, from scientific presentations to public talks to one-on-one conversations. His workshops are an essential step in the path toward better communication for scientists.”
Elizabeth North, Associate ProfessorUniversity of Maryland, Center for Environmental Sciences
"The first time I saw Brian lead a workshop, he used the phrase “If they are laughing, they are listening.” In the five years since then, I’ve watched him prove that point again and again. Brian’s workshops always have people laughing hysterically…and listening with rapt attention. Several of our scientists have told me months after an event that Brian’s workshop had a lasting impact on them and has drastically improved their communications with colleagues. This doesn’t surprise me as I constantly find myself using some of his wisdom in my own professional interactions. I’ve been doing science communication as a profession for over 15 years, so I’ve facilitated and participated in many workshops over the years. When universities or groups are looking for someone to lead a workshop, Brian is always the first person I recommend."
Dr. Adrienne SponbergASLO Director of Communications and Science
"We hired Brian Palermo to run a leadership training on ocean plastic pollution, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! NGOs don’t often think of bringing in trained improv comedians to help with advancing their initiatives, but what is the number 1 thing we all struggle with? COMMUNICATION! How can we change the world if our messaging, staff, and communication styles are uninspiring? Brian knocked it out of the park – he kept all of our participants fully engaged throughout an all day training, coaxed us out of our shells with humor and playfulness, and left us with real, practical tools we can ALL use to improve our impact. We can’t wait to work with him again!"
Anna CumminsCo-Founder and Global Strategy Director
"As a college professor and research scientist, I should find the “flamboyant” tone of the entertainment world anathema to our detailed, deliberative and learned discipline of science. However, I have been fortunate enough to have learned that this attitude is wrong and counterproductive to any success of translating information of our research to the general population outside our “ivory towers”. I have worked with Brian for six years to help “teach” scientists about effective communication. He has joined us at large international gatherings of aquatic scientists (limnologists – fresh water scientists, and oceanographers – salt water scientists) and conducted workshops. Our workshops have included improv exercises to ingrain self-confidence and more “likeable” approaches to outreach and lessons in narrative structure to make presentations more interesting. We have also developed workshops that assist scientists in making more compelling and effective videos of their research and workshops to help them present their results to broad interdisciplinary audiences of peers. These workshops have been very well received and popular with the aquatic sciences community due to Brian’s outstanding talent and winning personality in working with diverse groups of scientists."
Jonathan H. SharpProfessor Emeritus of Oceanography University of Delaware
“I had no idea what a powerful tool improv could be for getting people out of their comfort zone until I did a workshop with Brian Palermo —he’s engaging, entertaining and an excellent instructor”
Chad Nelsen, C.E.O. Surfrider Foundation