Brady WHL 1978

Brady WHL 1978

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How badly are Arsenal *really* doing?

Check out this fascinating site - It is a comparison of Premier League position with wage bills, and point gained per £m spent of wages.

Basically Arsenal are on par - again. 4th biggest wages, currently fourth in the table. There's a thing.

Of truly chin stroking interest.

The Gooner Ramble - new kid on the podcast block

I'll be updating my 'which is the best Arsenal podcast' feature soon, but in the meantime check out the fantastic Gooner Ramble if you haven't done so already.  And specifically Clive (@clivepafc), who is the biz.

Arsenal 1 C Palace 1: Sad, sad, sad

1. The real sadness is that despite his love for the club, Arsene seems to not understand the fans, our needs and, goddamit, how to give us good PR. In his singlemindedness, he comes across as aloof and dogmatic, which only serve to exacerbate the alienation of fans.

2. There's been a lot of unecessary anger towards Arsene, but to be honest that is part of what he is paid £8m a year 4. He is not an old man in the street getting abuse for no reason whilst out collecting his pension. He is also being paid money which fans contribute towards.

3. So much of what annoys us as fans seems to be as a result of Arsene's attempts to manage team psychology - keeping calm, not b*llocking them, always talking in the positive and at the end of the day rarely acknowledging our problems in public. These things don't come over well at the best of times, but when team psychology is so obviously shot, they are as welcome as a junkie in your grandma's medicine cabinet.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Arsenal 2 Leicester 1

1. I think huge credit needs to be given to Wenger tactically. Leicester played well, but were never allowed to do a Leicester on us. Per played with Vardy in front of him, and Mahrez was isolated.

2. We kept going until the end, and if I had to single out anyone who drove us on and kept the pace up it would be Monreal. Absolutely immense, and Mahrez was so quiet.

3. I'd forgotten what is was like for an opposition player to be sent off. Came as a suprise, but a nice feeling. Yellow card all day long.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bournemouth 0 Arsenal 2

1. Sublime technical Ozil goal. He also worked like a terrier and is so much faster than you think over the first 5 yards. I still think the last line of his song should rhyme with 'understand' though.
2. Goal aside the Ox continued to give the ball away loads. And loads.
3. I am feeling optimistic but in reality there was nothing today particularly better than recent weeks. Still make us favourites. Failing that Je Suis Leicester.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Arsenal 1 Newcastle 0: We let a poor team team look good but still won

1. Bravo to Giroud for his assist for the crucial goal. Putting that effort to get to the challenge, win it and direct a header is the extra effort which wins you games.

2. A bit like the Southampton game - Newcastle weren't all that much, we just gave them so much time in midfield they were allowed to do the simple things which helped grow their confidence. Let's remember we are without our first choice midfield so to win our last two with a makeshift midfield is a great effort.

3. How many point is the Cech tally up to? That's two or three more.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Arsenal 2 Bournemouth 0

Well done the boss and the boys. To celebrate, here's three negatives for you!

1. Chambers did well, but in that way when a new player comes in a doesn't make any mistakes and does the simple things well. A bit like David Hillier did in 1991 when he came in and replaced was it Rocky who was by that time playing in the centre? Hillier did fantastically and held the fort which helped us to the title, but to be honest wasn't the answer to anything.

2. I'm a bit down on the Ox at the moment. His energy and willingness to run in a way only highlighted my current worry that he is actually quite lacking in the decision making department - I know 'football intelligence' is a frowned on phrase since Chris Waddle used it about Theo, but I actually quite like it. And think it might be the Ox's problem, despite his intelligence off the field.

3. The result made my day, and I really enjoyed the game and Ozil's goal particularly. But just before he scored I thought we were pretty poor, low energy, low aggression and no better than much of the WBA, Norwich or Southampton games. Onwards and upwards!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Arsenal 3 Sunderland 1

1. Could have cocked that up. That we didn't was due in no small part to Ozil and especially Cech. Which got me to thinking - how lucky we are that in Ozil, Cech and Alexis we have three genuinely World Class players in our team, it's been a while since we could say that.

2. We still look jittery whenever we are attacked and run at, it's a very odd phenomenon but to be honest was even true to an extent in the Invincibles era.

3. Well played Aaron Ramsey, an intelligent and committed return to a central deep role.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Arsenal 1 Tottenham 1

I only caught the last half and hour but I am left feeling very positive
1. I thought our crosses in - 'long ball' if you will - caused them all sorts of problems and were very effective. A real plan B and testament to Giroud.

2. Again I thought Ozil really moved to orchestrating things form centre stage to get us back into it - exactly what we have wanted from him.

3. They played their best game all season, we were rubbish and depleted by injuries and a dizzy Cazorla and they still couldn't beat us. Instead of being 2 points ahead we are still 5 points ahead.

4. Chelsea

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Swansea 0 Arsenal 3

For me, yet another MOTM performance and yet more progression for him as an Arsenal player. For all his passing excellence, there are those who doubt his leadership - his ability to actually dictate a game on his own. In the first half we had some decent posession but with Sanchez quiet, Campbell still looking raw and Giroud with no speed, his ability to cause damage with fine passing alone was limited, In the second half, he moved to the heart of the action and rather than simply acting as conduit/passer he seeemed to be holding play up and releasing at the right time. A new Ozil, taking responsibility and controlling the game more than ever..

I find him surprisingly raw still. He is fast, skillful and hard working but lacks quality on the ball in terms of decisions, making anything happen. Having said that, we just need someone to fill in on the right, keep it tight, add balance and let the others do their stuff. A modern day Christopher Wreh, if you will.

Outstanding again. The fear he put into Gomis for that one on one made me realise yet again that a great keeper does so much more than not make mistakes.

What we can learn from the All Blacks
When it looked like the Aussies might just get back into it after trailing for so long, up stepped experience. As Richie McCaw said 'we knew to not panic, keep things simple and take back control'. Never mind mental strength this is the 'in-game management' Arsenal have been crying out for for years. It's experience and intelligence.