Mysterious affliction in Alaska polar bears suffering baldness and lesions; Rate spiked nearly 1,000% after Fukushima began — Gov’t: Ongoing reports of unusual number of ‘hairless seals’ with sores — “Seals continue to be reported with hair loss… it makes us nervous” (PHOTO)

Published: March 17th, 2015 at 8:38 pm ET


Alaska Dispatch News, Dec 11, 2014 (emphasis added): Polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea area are suffering hair loss due to a condition called alopecia syndrome… but the precise cause of that stress is yet to be determined, according to a new study… in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases… Over the study period, 3.45 percent of the bears examined had alopecia syndrome — [loss of] hairs around the head, neck and shoulders, accompanied by crusty lesions on the exposed skin. The incidences peaked in 2012, when 28 percent of the examined polar bears had the problem [when] a mysterious affliction, with patchy fur loss and bleeding skin lesions, sickened hundreds of Arctic Alaska seals, killing many of them. The affliction was seen among some walruses… There were some years when none of the captured polar bears had alopecia syndrome, and some years, like 2012, with relatively high rates… “They might be more energetically stressed, and then they encounter some other stressors,” [USGS biologist Todd Atwood] said.

Journal of Wildlife Diseases, scientists from USGS and Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Jan 2015: Alopecia (hair loss) has been observed in several marine mammal species… From 1998 to 2012, we observed an alopecia syndrome in polar bears from the southern Beaufort Sea of Alaska that presented as bilaterally asymmetrical loss of guard hairs and thinning of the undercoat around the head, neck, and shoulders, which, in severe cases, was accompanied by exudation and crusted skin lesions. Alopecia was observed in 49 (3.45%) of the bears sampled during 1,421 captures [peaking in] 2012 (28%)… The cause of the syndrome remains unknown and future work should focus on identifying the causative agent and potential effects on population vital rates.

Seal with hair loss – Shishmaref, AK, Nov 18, 2014: A [bearded seal] had fur missing from its back, flippers and stomach… There has been a disease of some kind that killed many ice seals and bearded seals in the region… when we see this it makes us nervous… seals continue to be reported with hair loss.

NOAA (pdf), 2014: The [Unusual Mortality Event] investigation will remain open and active for… ringed seals, ribbon seals, bearded seals and spotted sealsreports from the Bering Strait region continue regarding an unusual number… with patchy to generalized hair loss and/or sores. Some of these “hairless seals” may represent survivors of the 2011 mortality event… the exact cause of this disease is not currently known… we cannot give specific recommendations on the safety of these animals for food or contact with people.

See also: [intlink id=”scientists-link-unusual-alaska-seal-deaths-fukushima-fallout-skin-lesions-hair-loss-lethargy-pulsed-release-built-radionuclides-set-free-ice-melted-discussion-wildlife-health-implications-due” type=”post”]Scientists present links between unusual Alaska seal deaths & Fukushima fallout – Skin lesions, hair loss, lethargy – Wildlife health implications from radiation exposure (PHOTOS)[/intlink]

And: [intlink id=”report-fallout-japan-reactors-detected-freshwater-fish-radioactive-dose-equivalent-fish-caught-100-miles-fukushima-reactors-ongoing-measurements-needed-along-predicted-plume-trajectory” type=”post”]Report: Fukushima fallout detected in Alaska fish — Dose equal to samples caught 100 miles from destroyed nuclear plant[/intlink]

Published: March 17th, 2015 at 8:38 pm ET


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154 comments to Mysterious affliction in Alaska polar bears suffering baldness and lesions; Rate spiked nearly 1,000% after Fukushima began — Gov’t: Ongoing reports of unusual number of ‘hairless seals’ with sores — “Seals continue to be reported with hair loss… it makes us nervous” (PHOTO)

  • byron byron

    Nearly 10 times average, rather than 1000%. Most people can't convert between the two ways of saying the same thing. PLEASE use "times" rather than percent when the numbers are greater than 100%. Really, most people can't convert the numbers. Ask around and you'll see what I mean.

  • A mysterious affliction called the nuclear industry. It was no joke when we named the disease Fuku Die Itchy. And it is still not funny.

    Pretty colors of death, now become the Frost Dragon's breath…

  • Cdog Cdog

    It's alopecia, no its stress. No it's aggressive grooming. No it's a parasite. No it's the heat, no the cold. Anything but the obvious.

  • jump-ball jump-ball


  • Jebus Jebus

    Later symptoms of radiation sickness

    One to four weeks after exposure

    Hair loss, bloody vomit and stools, infections, poor wound healing, low blood pressure

    And this one is for all the fukukoo scientists, who don't have a fucking clue…

    How to Recognize Radiation Sickness

    • Jebus Jebus

      Oh ya, they are tiny to giant creatures and we have no clue as to the effects of small or massive releases of radionuclides into their environment, FFS…

    • Morellio

      The thing is, it should be relatively easy to get some samples, toss them through a mass spectrometer, and determine the quantity of every radioisotope and it's daughters present for a clear picture of where they could have originated and what their impact should be.

      Having no data other than the dates and numbers of dead make this feel like we're back in the Byzantine Empire with the Plague of Justinian, with nothing but a glut of detailed analysis and room only for assumptions. Honestly with articles like this, you might as well say 'Thanks Obama' and be done with it. I'm growing that cynical about it. Can anyone link something useful about sample analysis from all of these stressed coastal species?

      • It's exactly like the Black Plague in the Middle Ages.

        People and scientists don't have a F#(#(#n clue..

        Next step?

        Sell amulets, charms and prayer beads as protection against the evil spirits causing hair loss in animals.

        Or, start burning witches.. It's all their fault.


      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Thank Obama! Ha, ha. You know that polar bear bear didn't get where it is today all by itself. It had some help…

    • Maybe they cannot get the answer because they don't have any seals or bears in the hospital, where they can check for;

      bloody vomit and stools, infections, poor wound healing, low blood pressure

      on top of the hair loss.


    • ARS – Acute Radiation Syndrome, Radiation Sickness, Raditis – Possible Cover Up Of Harm Caused By Man Made Radiation?; via @AGreenRoad

  • DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    The animal kingdom is getting sick from all the human baffeldness..+ raids

    • norbu norbu

      DID, yes and they are suffering, it is sad and frustrating. Humans will be next in line. 4+ years and they sing the same song…..

    • RadLion RadLion

      I've been lurking here for quite some time and this is my first post. Notice any differences around you locally? I have yet to see a robin this Spring. We've had geese, herons, and swans fly back from the winter, but no robins. I find this quite odd. If there's a thread regarding reports of this nature, let me know.

      • welcome RadLion, if you search for "RadChick research and Mitigation" she has a facebook page that might help, also her youtube channel has alot of informative videos. "agreenroadblog" has many articles and also "majia radiation" she has great articles about missing wildlife. these are search terms i am giving you, i can't link right now, my computer is acting screwy.

      • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

        Don't know where you are, but we have robins in Albuquerque, I saw and photographed quite a few just last Sunday. They move around the city, looking for food and other birds to supervise. An out-of-place swan was seen north of here last year, and an unexpected heron was spotted at Tingley Beach. All other regular winter birds seem to be here as normal — which I'm really happy about! I hope the regular spring and summer birds turn up as usual, too…

      • Welcome RadLion…we seem to post stuff like that in threads dedicated to other topics when ever someone first mentions it. Others chime in. No one dedicated thread. I've suggested it to admin before, maybe we could have a Critter report thread to keep it in one spot. I really value the anecdotal observations through these last years. Particularly comparisons to pre-Fuki for the west coast.

        Almost down to nothing for my area for bats, skunks, racoons, birds, mosquitoes, flies, small soil transforming bacteria and earthworms…no wasps, snakes or green peeper frogs.

        Have still a large flock of turkeys and one quail family in the neighborhood. Deer herds I used to see by the dozens or 100 in fields are down to 5 together at the most. Haven't had a black bear in my yard for 4 years. Literally no bugs on the windshield splats or deer roadkill on the 30 mile trip to town.

        I'm sure I left something out. My compost has the right organic ingredients but won't compost. The locust trees and maples near my house didn't drop their leaves for 2 years now. Last year had a few plant or flower mutations occur or weak and droopy stems. No wild raspberries on the fence. No normal mature grapes on my neighbor's shed.

        • No redtail hawks. One eagle, swallowtail butterfly, one toad, no hobo spiders, very few common little grass spiders or roly polies last year. Still have a few doves, 2 robins, one bluejay and 2 resident woodpeckers. (All of these critters were plentiful before and I'm aware also that there are many other non-radioactive pollutants attacking or weakening immune systems besides outright mutations.

          Aiyiyi…it's depressing.

        • @ radlion

          This was the original thread for fukushima / potential anomalies.

  • Jebus Jebus

    2,000 dead snow geese ‘basically… just fell out of the sky’ in Idaho

    Volunteers and Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) staff members spent the weekend collecting the carcasses of about 2,000 migrating snow geese that died mid-flight. Its officials believe the birds were killed by avian cholera.

    “Basically, they just fell out of the sky,” IDFG spokesman Gregg Losinski told Reuters

    • More of that wasting disease virus, get's em in mid air now.


      Never heard of a flu that kills thousands of large birds in mid air before today, EVER.

    • Jebus Jebus

      They usually don't fall out of the sky, unless they are dead…

      Snow Goose


      "Snow Geese breed in colonies on Canadian and Northern Alaskan tundra in the vicinity of the coast, from the high arctic to the subarctic. They choose areas near ponds, shallow lakes, coastal salt marshes, or streams (including river islands), preferring rolling terrain that loses its snow early and escapes flooding during spring thaw."

      Around, and around, she goes…

    • Angela_R

      "Volunteers and Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) staff members spent the weekend collecting the carcasses of about 2,000 migrating snow geese that died mid-flight. Its officials believe the birds were killed by avian cholera."

      “Basically, they just fell out of the sky

      avian cholera?

      and what was this?

      • The agency needs to have their feet put to the fire and forced to test for rad contamination.

        I can hope that the public's will is strong enough to cause this to happen through letters, public meetings in front of their offices with press – demand they check off one more item on their research inventory:

        Potential for Fukushima contamination – check it. organs, bones, brain

        Another good one would be strontium for possible chemtrailer contamination.

        • hard to believe we are even having these discussions.

          what sort of world have we created?
          what is the purpose of poisoning life?
          are there some people/agencies/corps/clubs who can be held accountable?
          if not, why not?

          • Alaska Fish and Game contact form:
            and Alaska Fisheries variety of related contacts (marine mammal mgt, migratory birds, endangereds, etc):

            drafting my letter now to ask them to perform due diligence.

            • My letter just sent to all above:


              I am writing to all of you (and sending this message to AK Fish and Game via their website) because I am quite concerned that nobody in any agency or scientific organization has yet announced radiation testing of marine mammals and migratory birds exhibiting classic signs of radiation illness/response.

              Hair falling out, skin lesions, emaciation, bacterial infections, migratory flocks falling out of the sky….

              All of these are red flags – and not one person in the scientific community has yet stepped up and said, here, we tested these dead and dying critters for man made radioisotopes and here is what we found… if I am wrong about nobody in your circles standing up and speaking out in the best interests of life, please tell me.

              I have one request: Start testing organs, bones, and brains of marine life and migratory birds for radiation contamination – and report out unadulterated data.


              • Shaker1

                Thanks, Obvious. Writing my submission now…

                • awesome… this should snow ball…. get enough letters and demonstrations mebbe we can finally stamp out idiocy

                  • Shaker1

                    I would hope so…I looked around their site and they've a specific FAQ about Fukushima and its effects. Unfortunately, all references are to the NOAA, the FDA, and WHO. Oh, well…One would think that a state that seems relatively flush with cash and the wildlife being so important that they'd have some measure of their own programs. Seeing that beyond zoos, polar bears don't reside in the other 49 states, that they actually hold lotteries for those wishing a permit to even view them, that there would be something of that nature.

                  • Or if they don't have equipment, put the critter on a piece of Xray film, and let it sit overnight in the fridge.

                    Develop and see what happens.

      • norbu norbu

        Well they were down wind from this place. Nuclear test lab…..

      • General User General User

        These birds did not fall out of the sky all in one place all at one moment as a result of progressive radiological poisoning. Such poision action would occur at different moments/locations.
        (/sarc) It is much more likely some one left the door open on the microwave oven, and pushed the cook button (end sarc)
        The giga-watt harp transmitters can easily cook a turkey in flights
        Google; military radar locks on sea gulls. Dozens of birds are cooked in flight, a routine error.

        Peace All

      • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

        I wish we could keep *here* the Snow Geese we have visiting currently. Maybe they'll hang around. In 2013, I saw and photographed a family of Canada Geese — mom, dad, several cute chicks — and a larger, all-white goose who seemed to be acting like a grandparent, all parading alongside the ditch east of Tingley Beach near downtown Albuquerque. If there is plenty of food for these birds during winter (and there is), there may be plenty in the summer, too, so maybe they won't feel the need to leave…

    • Two thousand dead snow geese picked up.. And that only accounts for those which fell within reach. It makes me wonder how many more died outside of this area. I also wonder how many were able to return to their usual nests and how many died along the way.
      Have they been laying eggs? If so, will the eggs hatch, or will it be like the sardines; dead before they can hatch?

      How many species have to crash (in the case of the geese, literally) before humans figure this out? When will these, "biologists", get it? Or, do they get it, yet are afraid of being laughed at for mentioning Fukushima? (I think that is much more likely.)

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    alopecia syndrome means "the symptoms of hair loss"

    So what the scientists are saying is that they were able to determine the bears are suffering hair loss due to a condition of hair loss.

    Their study also showed that they didnt know the cause…other than being due to alopecia. However when they got in touch with their feelings, the befuddlement made them nervous.

    They thoughtfully decided that the next study should focus on what causes the hair loss..

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "So what the scientists are saying is that they were able to determine the bears are suffering hair loss due to a condition of hair loss."

      Yes, thank god they were able to determine that!

      Sometimes you just get lucky and figure stuff out.—->

    • They lost hair because they suffer alopecia..
      Why do they have alopecia? Because their hair is falling out.
      Oh, but it's not just falling out; they are (supposedly) grooming themselves to a point in which they are pulling it out (as never seen before, of course.)

      I guess whomever reported this thought nobody would notice this circle-talk (and not circle-talk in a good way.) Reminds me of my ex; he did a lot of this talking in circles. Would drive me nutts!

  • This could be a GOOD thing. After all, hunters usually have to take the hair off the skin of the animal they kill.

    Now, the work has been done before they kill the critters.

    Less work for the hunters..

    It's all good.


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    What a sad state of affairs.. 🙁

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I have been pulling on my arms and legs and they just wont pull off, but they are a little looser now.

    Clueless and sold to the public like candy. 🙁

  • On another note, Michelle Obama is headed for Tokyo..

  • Jebus Jebus

    One is never so blind, as when one deny's what one see's…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Never going to find me flying on any manmade machine ever again.. 🙂

    My riding lawn tractor broke today..engine failure. It's a John Deer Scotts and supposedly one of the best! 🙁

    Piece of Junk..says he! 🙂

    I have not owned a manmade machine that has not broken down..all of it..Junk!

    Better get to shutting down all these Nuclear Rattle Traps…why?

    They are all pieces of Junk too! 🙂

  • 76 million people with dementia by 2030 says WHO.

    Smart people.. but clueless as to what causes it.

    Must be more of that wasting syndrome virus, combined with baffled researchers.

  • Marcie

    They did a study and all they found out was that animals suffering from hair loss are losing their hair? It's going to take a very long time to get to the bottom of this at that rate. Maybe they could take one of the thousands of dead animals on the beach and test their remains for….oh….I don't know….how about radiation? Levels of various radioactive isotopes? Tissue samples to look for damage similar to that of radiation exposure? Any of those would be a good place to start.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Certainly ancedotal, but intersting, as who would know conditions best?

    Zinc Deficiency in the Alaskan Malamute

    No inferences, but it seems that an increased body burden, dead cells, blood, and peroxides being sloughed off, would create that and worse.

    Anyways, while I'm not inferring…

    12-27-2012, 05:22 AM
    Mishka has a bit of hair loss on one or two parts of her paws and also on parts of her paws where the nail goes into the paw, looks Raw and Sore and she is constantly licking her paws.
    Also under her nose just above the top lip and also under bottom lip there is hair loss.
    I am thinking she is allergic to something in her food, she gets Kibble. We have put her on a different kibble but still not getting better only worse, We don't give the crappy cheap kibble. She gets good stuff with natural ingredients.
    Could be a wheat allergy or something. She is booked into the vets today.

    The web is full of "why is this happening's"

    It's easy to see.

    But I'll be reassured, it's nothing…

    • Yeah, Jebus..
      That brought me to this (from wiki, which I am not a big fan of, but here ya go..)

      Uranyl peroxide or uranium peroxide hydrate (UO4·nH2O) is a pale-yellow, soluble peroxide of uranium. It is found to be present at one stage of the enriched uranium fuel cycle and in yellowcake prepared via the in situ leaching and resin ion exchange system. This compound, also expressed as: UO3·(H2O2)·(H2O), is very similar to uranium trioxide hydrate UO3·nH2O. The dissolution behaviour of both compounds are very sensitive to the hydration state (n can vary between 0 and 4). One main characteristic of uranium peroxide is that it consists of small needles with an average AMAD of about 1.1 µm.

      The uranyl minerals Studtite, UO4·4H2O, and metastudtite, UO4·2H2O, are the only minerals discovered to date found to contain peroxide.

      And, let them eat (yellow) cake… Perhaps they have.

  • I read each report. These Shishmaref and other native people aren't dummies by any means and when they say nervous…damn right they're nervous and probably saying a few pissed off worse words when not filing a public report to be forwarded. My god, it's the food they've historically and still do eat and they know when animals are unhealthy. Glad they stuck the 2011 comment in there too. The worst part is that some where while reading through all reports I saw LEOnetwork describes how to send tissue, fill out forms, etc but proper tests can't be done if samples are frozen apparently.

    >Now when we see this it makes us nervous when we are butchering the seals. Oogruk and seals are very important for subsistence in Shishmaref. Sharon Nayukpok, Native Village of Shishmaref, SEP Coordinator, LEO with Mike Brubaker, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Director, Community Environment & Safety, LEO

    LEO Comment: Some seals continue to be reported with hair loss. These may be survivors of the illness that sickened many seals since 2011.<

  • Jebus Jebus


    Is pollution giving polar bears brain damage? Chemicals from stain repellent disrupt brain signal in Arctic predators

    Researchers at University of Copenhagen studied polar bear brain tissue
    They found perfluoroalkyl pollutants accumulated in the animals' brains
    Higher levels were associated with lower levels of key neurotransmitters
    These may impact on the behaviour and hormone levels in polar bears

    Polar bears are suffering potentially harmful changes to their brains due to the accumulation of pollution in the arctic, according to a new study.

    I gotta step away…

  • Jebus Jebus

    West Coast starfish die-off prompts calls for emergency help from Congress March 12, 2015

    "It's pretty horrific," she said in an interview. "They develop large lesions in the body wall and their organs start to fall out of those and their arms walk away. … The first priority in any disease outbreak is to figure out what's causing it. It's something we're equipped scientifically to deal with. We have all the tools, but they cost money."


    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      I cant write comedy like that, the Congress are such pros! First priority is to figure out whats causing the collapse of the ocean!…and all this time I thought it was to shop! We have all the tools, but you know…they cost money. OK, guess we cant do it then, lets go shopping!

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Here you go, just stop all politicians from any air travel/flights paid for by the tax payers..that ought to free up a billion or so research dollars.

      Pretty sure the problem is about choice.. 🙂

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        That would free up a lot of money. Heard on the news "when a session of congress ends, the military planes from (airbase) are loaded up with congress people and their families, then off to various countries (for vacations)". (supposedly to consult with various foreign officials).
        "The House’s official handbook requires that lawmakers use regular U.S. airlines “whenever possible, unless such service is not reasonably available.” But congressional records show members routinely take military planes to London, Paris and other well-served locales. Members can fly for free with their spouses on military aircraft."

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Declare star fish wasting illegal. A war on goo. They won't regulate the too-big-to-be-clean industries, and declare that nuclear is clean energy. Time for more useless declarations.

      Hey. It's worth trying.

      Life is like a box of chocolates.

  • Sickputer

    Scattershooting….Interesting thing about the USGS Polar Bear Project that began in 1982. You can do searches of all Polar Bear USGS published documents here:

    I searched for this term in that USGS area selecting This Site Only:

    Alopecia polar bears Beaufort Sea

    Results? Ten publications.

    The 2015 document our Admin presented for us was found there first. It had this sentence we read on Enenews: "From 1998 to 2012, we observed an alopecia syndrome in polar bears from the southern Beaufort Sea of Alaska…" "…Alopecia was observed in 49 (3.45%) of the bears sampled during 1,421 captures, and the apparent prevalence varied by years with peaks occurring in 1999 (16%) and 2012 (28%)"

    SP: I find nothing about the 1998-1999 polar bear hair loss research.

    SP: So I also do a custom Google search January 1, 2011 back to January 1 1998 seeking documents with these search terms:

    polar bear usgs alopecia southern beaufort sea

    What do I find? Nothing from Alaska but a February 2008 request from researcher Russ Van Horn at the San Diego Zoo seeking information from North American colleagues about an issue with alopecia affecting the captive Andean Bears at the zoo. (Page 36)

    To be continued…

    • Sickputer


      SP: So in the entire Internet when I exclude the years AFTER Fukushima blew up, I find nothing published about that purported 1998 hair loss of polar bears in the Southern Beaufort Sea.

      I would appreciate the help of any west North American coast resident with any knowledge of 1998-1999 documents that confirm the statements made by the USGS about their discoveries of polar bear alopecia in Alaska prior to 2011.

      "On January 5, Todd Atwood, USGS Alaska Science Center Research Wildlife Biologist, was interviewed by Allison Devereaux, of CBC radio in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Todd answered questions about the recent publication "Prevalence and spatio-temporal variation of an alopecia syndrome detected in polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea" published in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases.
      Contact: Todd Atwood Anchorage, AK, (907) 786-7093"

  • most awful. most awful that scientists are still saying it's a mystery. Shame on them.

    Will the Real Scientists, please stand up and tell us results of rad contamination tests on these poor critters.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    How that there ..hormesis going?

    Diseased Alaska seals tested for radiation have abnormal brain growths, undersized lymph nodes — Environmental cause indicated — Also found in Russia, Canada — Walruses next? (PHOTOS)
    Dec 28 2011

    The surprise ..the shock ..the dismay.

    "makes us nervous".
    Can't sleep at night?
    We know the answer.
    Take your meds.

    • ISPC

      Yes. Heart of the Rose. It is clearly the radiation. Looking at the Seals I can imagine them swimming through radioactive water. I can see that the areas the get the higher volume of water passing across it, as the face, nose, eyes, hair, has the most damage. It is clear that whatever is doing this to them, is suspended in the water. It is the same with Birds. It's the radiation.

      Yes. Dr. Timothy Mousseau, of whom I have ultimate respect, mistakenly linked the word "hormesis", with the word "adaptation". He is simply stating that some Species live longer in a radioactive environment than other species do. It is a pretty general statement.
      The greater point he makes is that radiation causes "Oxidative Stress." Enenewsers know this is happening at the atomic level. Importantly, Dr. Mousseau states that this Oxidative Stress is combated with Anti-Oxidants.

      We are witnessing the horror of Nuclear.

      It is a very sad thing to witness. At least, we are aware, and we know it to be true.


      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

        Which species? Cockroaches? Weird forms of bacteria? It really leaves out any but the most simple forms of life. But on Mars, we see no life or even any water. How can we maintain the atmosphere on the earth with nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, ionospheric heaters, CERN and JPARC, so many toxins and cell phones and cell phone towers, wi-fi, smart meters, smart TVs, etc., etc….

        • ISPC

          Yes. Praising Jesus. Dr. Mousseau states that Oxidative Stress reduces the size of the brain, and birds exposed to this Oxidative Stress have less ability to adapt to changes in their environment, "finding food, avoiding predators," and therefore, they "don't live as long". <1:38>

          Dr. Mousseau relates his biological findings, from numerous trips to and within the radioactive hot spots, in a simple manner that anyone can understand, as far as he understands, but he admits there is so much we don't understand about the effects of the Radiation from Fukushima, and Chernobyl, because, as he says, there is no funding for it, other than outside sources.

          Professor Timothy Mousseau at Fukushima Symposium on March 5th 2014.

          Yes. Praising Jesus. I share your conCERN.



    • ISPC

      Yes. Heart of the Rose. I re-read this news topic today. Unfortunately the words haven't changed since I read it yesterday. The one thing that comes across to me directly is that the scientists are seeing (and we are seeing) the same symptoms everyone started seeing only months after the Fukushima Nuclear Detonations and Reactor Meltdowns. The Air and Water became Radioactive immediately. The Radioactivity became highly mobile. It is very sad to see the effects of Radiation on Living Things. Very sad indeed. All living things became exposed to Radiation within months. All living things share the Air and the Water.

      Point is, we can't just stand by and watch this all happening. Tepco and the gov'ts doing nothing. The lesson of the dying sea life must be telling us to prepare as much as possible to combat the effects of Radiation, and protect ourselves from exposure to it, or our fate will be the same as theirs. It is very sad to see, yes. Really no words for that. It is also frightening to see. Humans are Animals, too. It all brings home a strong awareness of the need to protect ourselves, as much as possible, beginning four years ago.


    • ISPC

      Yes. Heart of the Rose. TY. I was surprised to find this link still works. Talk about coincidence, I was asking myself just last night why we haven't heard about Dolphins washing up on shore. It seems that the obvious reason is that they did wash up on shore…years ago.

      Seeing all this, sometimes makes me sad, sometimes makes me angry, sometimes both. I best tend to survival today, regardless of how I feel. This is a good day to work in the garden. I'm going about it differently this year. I am working on a small covered spaces producing different and successive crops. This year I will pollen by hand.

      Life is Precious.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The condition of the polar bears and seals is getting worse(period)

  • Sickputer

    More polar bear scattershooting:

    The average polar bear at about 4 to 5 times the weight of an adult human is the apex non-human predator in the arctic region. Top of the food chain for land mammals next to man. Polar bears swim in the ocean and eat mainly seals, of that we can be certain.

    As far as we know they do not exhibit any higher brain order fears of invisible toxins in their environment. Or maybe they do and we just can't communicate with them.

    Perhaps some tests by scientists could narrow down that question: euthanize ten sick seals with skin sores and ten healthy-appearing seals and offer them to scavenging polar bears and other meat eaters like foxes, wolves, and birds. Use hidden cameras to observe their eating preferences.

    If they feed indiscriminately (which is the expected behavior I am betting) then those predators don't detect any life-threatening smells or taste that deter them from eating hair loss carcasses. But maybe some predators will be picky…survival of the fittest and smartest.

    Humans and bears are only as healthy as the air they breathe, the food they eat, water they drink, and the exposure of the weather. Barring any documented causation of disease by researchers who have been running medical tests on polar bears for decades, the recent (since 2011) hair loss condition is not a disease. It's a body reaction to toxins.

    To be continued…

    • Sickputer


      The question remains did the polar bear hair loss issues intensify from eating too many sickly easy to catch prey with similar skin conditions? Now that is an experiment to be run on its own. Feed healthy prey and radiation-contaminated prey to polar bears in a double blind medical study.

      The problem is hazardous and toxic animal studies are no longer ethical to many North Americans. No more plutonium beagle studies (revealed to the public anyway).

      I feel many biologists and earth scientists already have an excellent understanding of what is killing billions of creatures in the Pacific Ocean Rim. They just can't reveal it because of government restrictions.

      • Shaker1

        Too many secrets and not enough good men, Sickputer. That's the best that I can come up with.

        Pretty much sums it up here in America. So full of informed voters.


        Ponunciation: 'de-'mahk-er-e
        Function: noun
        Inflected form: plural 'er-ees
        Etymology: thought to be a sarcastic form of the Greek
        demokratia, age unknown

        1) A system of government in which certain vested members partake in a plebicite to vote upon issues in which the state holds and claims restriction of knowledge of said issue
        2) A ruling system which practices the above definition

        *copyright 2014, all rights reserved, Shaker's Unimproved, Incomprehensible Dictionary

  • Cisco Cisco

    The saying, "The truth will set you free" is now a misnomer. We are all living in police states, where "the truth" will get you jail time.

    As Colonel Jessep in a "Few Good Men" said, "You can't handle the truth". That is where we are today, living in the nuclear village's world of see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

    Ideology reigns, science and the facts…no so much.

    • Cisco Cisco

      " We are all living in police states, where "the truth" will get you jail time."…

      For the shill scientists and the MSM:
      And, it will get you removed from the stage, vociferously discredited, and guaranteed early retirement from your job and the nuclear business and/or the MSM news business.

      That's about the second most used and effective extortion strategy, leveraged against working people…loss of credibility, ending in financial ruin.

      "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."…Upton Sinclair

      • GOM GOM

        Truth. I was asked to leave a store recently, by the manager, after someone overheard us talking about Obamacare, or rather the lack of it.
        So I stopped trying to discuss anything of importance in public. Remember the stories from Germany where the people would point to someone and scream Jew? The govt doesn't aprove of anyone talking about Japan, or anything relevant. Hence I believe this site might be on borrowed time.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It's so way more than alopecia.
    There is involvement of the epidermis and just by looking at depth of 'wound', the dermis.
    Any major fissures, injuries, etc. leading to injury of the subcutaneous tissue.
    That's of course, lending to bacterial/ viral involvement.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Moist desquamation

    "Moist desquamation is a description of the clinical pattern seen as a consequence of radiation exposure where the skin thins and then begins to weep because of loss of integrity of the epithelial barrier and decreased oncotic pressure. Typically this occurs at doses of 15 – 20 Gray, far higher than any diagnostic scan and more typical of levels seen in radiotherapy or deployment of nuclear armament."

    Their skins are weeping.

  • Nick

    I happen to have grown up with a guy who does polar bear research who works for the US fish and wildlife service. He is well aware of Fukushima's legacy.

    The problem is, funding doesn't exactly cover detecting toxins that Japan or the US Government are particularly keen on folks investigating, so research has to be science-papered to death.

  • Nick

    From the get-go (the quake busted the plant) 3/11/11 has been falsely presented to the world, with only a select few actually privy to the truth since the scale of the disaster exceeds any computer model risk assessment
    devised by the nuclear nuts by a factor of a zillion.

    Massive amounts of radiation have escaped containment. Use your noggin to put 2 and 2 together.

    If areas in Japan are ruined for decades, think what that stuff is doing elsewhere on the planet.

    We know TF2 (The Fukushima Fiasco) went into the biosphere, bits-o-unit #3 are detected across the globe.

    Most of the stuff is TATAL…toxic at the atomic level.

    Not a soul on earth can hide from it.

    • GOM GOM

      Warning To Humanity
      "Not much time remains before the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost and the prospects for humanity are immeasurably diminished. We, the undersigned senior members of the scientific community, hereby warn of of humanity of what lies ahead. A great change in the stewardship of the Earth is required".
      ……..Union of Concerned Scientists; signed by 1500 scientists from 69 nations……..

    • Marcie

      The Frontline story about Fuku sure is neat and tidy. They left out a few important items. Like the continuous radiation leaking into the atmosphere and Pacific Ocean. The missing reactor cores. The spent fuel pools that most likely experienced criticality….isn't that a nice term? That's nuclear physicist for "We're fucked." Watching it, you would think the disaster is over and under control. If any of that story is true, the people who did as much as they could are to be commended.

  • Shaker1

    Nick, doesn't seem like there's anything after 2011?


    "They might be energetically stressed and then encounter other stress".. LOL
    Don't take this wrong, I'm an activist and member of PETA but these people are nothing more than pathetic clowns in a circle jerk..

  • Shaker1

    Their problems began
    as soon as man
    proclaimed himself their master.
    He now partakes
    in the wildlife's wake
    as the attending pastor.

    "In the father's name
    we weren't to blame,
    (and to get to the drinks much faster)
    in the name of the son
    his will be done.
    Amen! It's divine disaster!"

  • 😐

    Baffled, befuddled, bewildered, mysterious, puzzling, perplexed and the all too common statement… "We don't have a clue". [paraphrased]

    Don't be fooled by what goes unsaid. 🙄

    = Fukushima Daiichi's TRIPLE MELTDOWNS, but we're not going to 'talk' about RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION and/or the continuous FALLOUT to both the atmosphere and sea which certainly plays some part in the global changes we're witnessing before our very eyes, because it might cause people to mistrust the Nuclear Industry.

    Those who started this future robbing energy scam are mostly long dead. A small few who continue to promote and defend Nuclear Power will do so until the very end.

  • Yesterday, I wondered what species would be next. I guess it's the polar bears?

    "There has been a disease of some kind that killed many ice seals and bearded seals in the region… when we see this it makes us nervous… seals continue to be reported with hair loss."

    Yeah, disease of SOME KIND.. As far back as 2011, we were all aware that radiation (from 3-11) had crossed the ocean and did have an impact. I think the sciencey-guys even accepted this and spoke of it (if I recall correctly.) But, after this, they stopped believing it posed dangers to all creatures? Do they actually think it began and ended with the explosions on 3-11? It seems to me this is their thought process. And I think it has a lot to do with that map of one release, one day, one reactor.
    Yet they call themselves, "scientists"?
    Speaking of which; Jay Cullen said if he was wrong about what really happened at FD, everything he said about it should be questioned (or revisited?). Well, he was wrong… And??

  • And, again; shaking my head. In response to the ADN (Alaskan Daily Nonsense:)

    Polar bears are losing hair due to a condition called BALDING. (Alopecia=balding.)
    I mean!

    Do they think they could get a bit more specific as to causation? The polar bears are balding due to balding. I just don't even know anymore.
    Wait; what? "Experts", think this may be due to (certain) bears pulling out their own hair(? due to their own grooming habits?) due to ice-ball accumulation. Okay, let's go with that. I've seen many photos and videos of polar bears. Ice-balls tend to accumulate on their fur, always, but we haven't always or even often seen this, until now. So, hmmmmm…
    Might there be a bit of something different in the area?

    • ISPC

      Yes. Anne Beck. I get it. Alopecia causes Hair Loss, and Hair Loss causes Alopecia. I think we are treading on Nobel Prize Ground now.

      Alfred Nobel 1833-1896

      Since 1901, the Nobel Prize has been honoring men and women from all corners of the globe for outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and for work in peace. The foundations for the prize were laid in 1895 when Alfred Nobel wrote his last will, leaving much of his wealth to the establishment of the Nobel Prize.

      It's the radiation.


      • Absolutely, it is the radiation..
        And these, "scientists", deserve awards for successfully not mentioning radiation, or Fukushima, or Japan, or anything remotely related to such.., for nearly four years.
        Don't know I'd give them a Nobel prize, unless there is a NP for avoidance?

        We know there's one (or more) for making war. They call it, "the peace prize".
        (And before I get so far off-topic I cannot come back, I'll end it.)

  • antipodes

    Impressive run of comments…staying on the topic of polar bears and directly associated news etc. informative and insightful, Thanks People and please keep up the good work.

  • dunkilo

    WARNING:this post is off topic 🙂
    I found a video on utube"the lie we live"I wanted to find a video,for my 15 yr son,that represents the Truth I have found.
    I will tell him to tell his friends about it.
    Sorry I cant link with this computer 🙁
    Love to all, ITS FREE!!!

  • Jebus Jebus

    Unusually warm Pacific means less food for marine species

    Originally published March 17, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    Updated March 17, 2015 at 7:18 pm

    Fixed, by me, March 18, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    Mankinds stupidity coupled with natures extremism released thousands of tons of toxic chemicals and billions of bequerels of radiation into our ONE Ocean and now all the creatures in the North Pacific Basin are dying from these toxins and the rest are starving to death.

  • Sol Man

    The word "trajectory" should make all feel very uncomfortable.

    At the rate that events are happening in the world how long will it be before the ecosystem will be unable to support life?

    It is a difficult topic but we should ask the question.

    • Pete

      "The word "trajectory" should make all feel very uncomfortable."

      So true, Ive been saying this for a while now, the outlook for humanity is looking pretty grim when you chart cancer rates, autism rates, and falling birth rates. No need to chart in evolutionary timeframes, just the last 100 through the next 20.

      We are on the ropes and honestly I don't see us coming back, I'm guessing humans will be genetically unviable within 6 generations.

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