One team. Two markets. Global view.

Partnering with entrepreneurs in the world’s largest markets: the US and China.


Global Commerce

Global e-commerce continues to rise and mobile commerce is growing even faster. Online retail is giving people worldwide access to goods and services they have never had before. We are partnering with entrepreneurs who are building some of the fastest-growing and most innovative new commerce and service platforms.

“We value the skills and insight brought by GGV's global team who helped us understand prevailing Internet models and capital market developments. We especially appreciated GGV's management-friendly approach, and their support throughout the negotiations in our $4.25 billion transaction with Yahoo!.”
Jack Ma, CEO and Co-Founder, Alibaba
Mobile Everywhere

More people now access the Internet via mobile than PC. In fact, more people in the world now use a mobile phone than use a toothbrush. So we work with founders who are changing how we live, work, eat, sleep, shop and talk through unique mobile experiences.

“GGV was incredibly supportive from the beginning. Because they are based in China and the US, they were able to connect us to the right media and the right investors in both geographies. They helped us navigate the investor and financial community.”
Anthony Tan, CEO and Co-Founder, Grab
Bridging the US and China

We use our deep knowledge, experience, and relationships in the US and China – the two largest economies in the world – to help entrepreneurs succeed globally.

“One thing that GGV realized early on that a lot of other investors did not is the power of having a global marketplace and understanding that you can have a very multinational e-commerce company.”
Peter Szulczewski, CEO and Co-Founder, Wish
Shared Everything

Mobile and social have grown up together, and now mobile is enabling people to share everything from knowledge to experiences to physical resources - all in real-time. We are working with founders creating these new economies and communities.

“We selected GGV as an investor because we wanted a long-term partner. Their understanding of the industry was consistent with ours, and GGV’s support has continued to be critical to our team in key decisions.”
David Li, CEO and Co-Founder, YY.com
Everything is Connected

Mobile is no longer just about smartphones and tablets. Soon connectivity and data will be ubiquitous. We are investing in the entrepreneurs who are creating a smarter world.

“GGV got us access to the top execs at JD, Alibaba, Tencent, and have been awesome advisors. They have accelerated our desire to be in China and helped us get there faster.”
Sonny Vu, CEO and Co-Founder, Misfit
The Next Gen Business

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the $1 trillion enterprise technology market. We are backing innovative entrepreneurs who are changing the way work gets done through applications, mobile, security and infrastructure platforms.

“GGV has always been a great supporter of Zendesk and has been a tremendous partner for us as we took the company public on the New York Stock Exchange and as we continue to scale the company now.”
Mikkel Svane, CEO and Co-Founder, Zendesk
Content that Captivates

Digital media has steadily been overtaking traditional media for mindshare. Our founders are building engaged users, creating online communities, and driving online and mobile commerce through high quality digital content.

“GGV understands both the markets in both Silicon Valley and China, and the team has given us a lot of insightful advice from both their global perspective and their experience in a variety of sectors.”
Victor Koo, CEO and Co-founder, Youku Tudou