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Writers include
  • Ted Genoways
  • Paul Greenberg
  • Lisa Hamilton
  • Michael Hudson
  • Richard Manning
  • Maryn McKenna
  • and Jocelyn Zuckerman
  • In “Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future,” originally published on the website Medium, reporter Maryn McKenna details how antibiotic resistance is spreading and why, and what could be done to quell the problem. She frames the importance of modern antibiotics around the story of her distant relative, who died of an infection from a simple injury, just before the discovery of penicillin.
  • “In the Path of Palm Oil” which was published on The Huffington Post in October 2015, is the latest installment of “Evicted and Abandoned,” a yearlong investigation into the hidden toll of World Bank-financed development projects on some of the planet’s poorest people. The story was part of a collaboration with the International Center for Investigative Journalists and HuffPost. It explores the dramatic expansion of palm-oil plantations in the rainforests of Indonesia. Reporters Jocelyn Zuckerman and Michael Hudson detail abuses committed against an indigenous community in Sumatra that was forcibly resettled by the largest agribusiness in Asia.
  • “The Trouble with Iowa: Corn, corruption, and the presidential caucuses,” by Richard Manning, was the cover story in the February 2016 issue of Harper’s Magazine. It appeared on the cusp of the much-anticipated Iowa caucuses. Intelligently provocative—as Manning always is—it put all the political blather and horserace coverage of the preceding months in meaningful context.

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