Monika Dannemann was the person who challenged Uli to get to know his inner self, and to enable him to develop and utilise that force within him.
It was through meeting her, back in 1976 in London, and eventually living with her for many years that Uli found the keys to true and undiluted inspiration. Monika had been taught many things by Jimi himself and she passed on that esoteric knowledge to U.J.R.

Uli Jon Roth has often stated that without having met Monika, he would have never become the artist he is today. He feels strongly indebted to her inspiration and Monika was, and still is, his muse.
Uli is currently preparing and writing a book about Monika the artist, which is similar in style and presentation to the pages that follow here. The front cover, designed and photographed by Uli can be seen above.

Monika is represented here, not because she was Uli’s girlfriend for many years, but because he feels that her inspiration was the most important factor in allowing him to become the artist he is today.
Because of her beautiful book, “The Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix”, which
contains many of her paintings and some of Jimi’s message, Monika has many admirers and supporters all over the world.
We are therefore in the process of setting up an official Monika Dannemann website here in order to further spread Monika’s message, which was also Jimi’s message, but had evolved considerably over the years as Monika found her own path.

After Monika’s untimely death in April 1996, Uli wrote a Requiem Symphony for her under the title of “Requiem For An Angel”. Much of this music has already been recorded, but there is no release date as yet.

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