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Reviewing popular disc golf products

Best Disc Golf Bags and Backpacks in 2017

Top Disc Golf Bags of 2017

Best Disc Golf Bags on the Market

Disc golf bags are pretty essential to everyone's game. If you're at all a semi-occasional player, you'll need a good bag.

Scratch that. You'll need a GREAT bag. 

Of course, the amount you play can definitely factor into how much you're willing to spend on a disc golf backpack.​

I personally prefer comfort & long term durability, which is why most of the "bags" on this list will be the backpack style.

​That's why I've taken the time to review the most popular disc golf bags & backpacks for every type of player.

Dynamic Discs Ranger Bag

For the price, the Dynamic Discs backpack is my personal favorite.

It's beautiful design ​& expansive storage makes it the clear cut winner for the tournament player.

Here are some top highlights of the Ranger Bag:

  • Holds 18+ Discs
  • Expandable Putter Pocket
  • Water Resistant Base
  • Multiple Side Pockets
  • Umbrella Straps
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
ranger bag dynamic discs

It has everything I need to play in tournaments and doesn't completely break the bank.​

For the first time buyer looking for a backpack style, the Ranger Bag takes the cake.

Fossa Tana Pro Backpack

Fossa has been popularized by having the most affordable, quality disc golf backpack on the market right now.

The 2 best features for the Fossa Tana bag would be an easy access putter pocket, as well as the deep top level compartment.​

Loaded with features, check out our biggest takeaways...​

fossa tana pro bag
  • Holds 18-20 Discs
  • 4 exterior pockets
  • 5 spiked footing system
  • Convenient Putter Pocket

The storage size is out of this world. Here's a look at Fossa's whole lineup on their website.

Deep top pockets & large side compartments make the Fossa the best disc golf bag for the price.

MVP Voyager Bag

After a long time waiting, MVP has finally released a quality disc golf bag to the avid disc golf scene.

One of the best features about the MVP voyager bag is the sheer amount of customization.​

​The Voyager allows you to customize your bag layout by changing the positions of your closure options. 

This includes configuring to a fully open design, half open or closed.

The personal preference enhances your experience, and the bag also comes with a warranty.​

Here are the specs:​

  • Holds 18-20 discs
  • 5+ pockets for storage
  • Stabilized Base
  • Putter Pocket fits 2
  • Large Upper Compartment
mvp voyager backpack

​The backpack straps have heavy duty padding to decrease wear & tear.

​For a 1st run at creating a disc golf backpack, MVP has hit it out of the park with an affordable bag in the Voyager.

Prodigy BP-2 Backpack

Prodigy has been hit or miss on some of their past bags, but this time we found one that works.

The Prodigy BP-2 bag is a disc golf bag you can trust with your investment.

Made from a durable nylon fabric, it boasts a solid base with plastic feet on the bottom to ensure no tipping.​

Take a look at the top specs:​

prodigy bag bp-2
    • Cushioned back support
    • 2x Insulated Drink Holders
    • Expansive Side Storage
    • Re-Designed Back straps
    • Holds 25 Discs
    • Umbrella Sleeve

This disc golf bag is right for its' price.

Covering more than the basics, you can rest assured the Prodigy BP-2 will satisfy your needs for more space, as well as ease of use.

Innova Super Heropack 

Innova isn't known for their superior disc golf bags, but this time they've come up with a winner.

A super lightweight bag, the Super Heropack gives you enough room for storage as well as comfort.​ Check out more about the bag on Innova's website.

Let's look at the specs:​

  • Super Lightweight Design
  • Fits 30+ Discs
  • Large Side Storage
  • Extra Back Padding
  • Water Resistant
innova super heropack

The Innova Super Heroback bag is the first true disc golf backpack from Innova.

The design & durability will boast most successful to the multitude.​

Latitude 64 Luxury Bag

They call it the "Cadillac of Disc Golf Bags".

It's made out of sturdy nylon & artificial leather, the Lat 64 disc bag boasts as one of the best.

Let's look at the specs:​

lat 64 lux bag
  • Holds 20-30 discs
  • Large Side Pockets
  • Adjustable Dividers
  • Standalone Umbrella Holder
  • Extra wide base
  • Large Top Pocket

If you are a professional disc golfer, or play more than 2-3 times a week; this bag is for you.

You will be able to hold everything you need to carry from scorecards, rainflys and umbrellas.​

Don't Forget The Stool

Although we tend to spend all our money on the best bags for disc golf, sometimes we forget the simplest things.

If you play in tournaments, you need to rest your legs.

disc golf seat

A disc golf stool was the best investment I've made in my 5 years of playing golf.

​Be sure to check this cheap option out over at Infinite Discs if you need one.

Grip AX15 Bag

A top 10 review of the best disc golf bags wouldn't be quite complete without taking a look at Grip EQ.

The Grip AX-15 is a superior disc golf backpack made for the serious disc golfer.

With expandable side pockets for enlarged storage on the fly, the AX-15 is one of the most popular bags out there.​

  • Life Time Warranty
  • Expandable Side Pockets
  • Optional Full cover Rainfly
  • 3 Disc Top Quiver
  • Sleek Design
  • Holds 20+ Discs
grip eq bag

The AX-15 by Grip EQ is simply the best disc golf bag on the market.

Even though I've spoken positively about every bag in this review; the Grip bags are legit the most durable, high quality disc golf bags out there.

Please check it out.

Right now, you can order directly online or through an authorized reseller.​

Octothorpe Backpack

The most expensive disc golf bag to date, each Octothorpe is made to order.

The Octothorpe disc golf Backpack brags high quality material mixed with comfort & common sense for the most intense disc golfers.​

octothorpe bag
  • Teflon Coated Cordura
  • Urethane Shoulder Pads
  • Holds 30+ Discs
  • 5+ Pockets 
  • Matrix Foam & Spacer Mesh
  • Less than 4 lbs.

This disc golf bag is so popular that it is has been on constant pre-order for over a year now.

The next shipment ​takes place at the end of the month. 

Hyzerbomb Flak X

Ready for touring?

The Hyzerbomb Flak X rivals any bag on the market for storage space.

Even though it's not among the most popular, every brand has it's best qualities for disc golf bags.

Let's check them out:​

  • Fits 25+ Discs
  • Reinforced backpadding
  • 2 Large Zippered Side Pockets
  • Snap-on Rainfly
  • 2 Side Putter Pockets 
  • Heavy duty lining  for water resistance
hyzerbomb flak x

If you're a guy that throws a lot of putters, this bag might be for you.

The Flak X's unique bag design allows you to store 2 putters on both sides of the bag.

Besides that, the disc golf bag has a 3-slot top sleeve that folds down, giving you extra space.

Millennium Flak 4

Always Evolving.

One of the most expansive disc golf backpacks out there, the Flak 4 by Millennium has been redesigned for the better.

Let's take a look:​

millennium flak 4
  • Holds 18-25 Discs
  • Additional 8 discs in top compartment
  • Redesigned body structure
  • 2 Side Zipper Pockets
  • Adjustable Dividers for customization

You have the option for more disc storage with the additional space in the upper compartment.

Velcro styled dividers give you freedom to change your bag layout in a moment's notice.

There's enough space in this bag for any serious disc golf player.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your price range, looking into a premium quality disc golf bag is a big investment.

These are the most popular disc golf backpacks out there in 2016. 

Be sure to weigh all your options and pick the bag your most comfortable with.​

Even though the offseason is approaching, there's still time to wear in your bag for the 2017 season.

Be sure to get out and throw!

Until Next time,

Keep Calm & Disc On!​

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First Ace with Gateway Devilhawk

My First Ace

4 years. That's how long it took. 

I've chained out a handful of times before, but have never aced.

Until a few months ago, the ace had eluded me.​

If you've never thrown a Devilhawk, I break down my experience with it below:​

devilhawk disc

Overstable Putter

  • Thumbtrack Groove
  • Hyzer Approach Shots
  • Wind Resistant
  • Shot Shaper

The Devilhawk is a fun disc meant to give you a consistent end flight fade.

The disc works great in the wind.

This disc works best from 200ft out (my personal experience).

Be sure to check out the Gateway Devilhawk for yourself!​

>>Check Out the Devilhawk Destroyer at<<

Best Disc Golf Discs of 2017

Best Disc Golf Discs of 2017

When it comes to discs, there is an overwhelming selection to choose from. After accounting for all the different skill levels of players; it's even more confusing.

Choosing between the right mold, plastic and weight selection can be truly daunting.​

We've compiled a list of recommended discs that have the been trusted throughout the disc golf community as the best discs golf discs around.​

Below we have selected a range of distance drivers, fairway drivers, mid range discs and putters.​

Choosing the Best Disc Golf Discs

Best Distance Drivers

Distance drivers are everyone's favorite type of disc to throw. You get to show off your distance skill as you try to get as close to the basket as possible.

Unlike fairway drivers; you have less control over your accuracy; but an increase in the distance your disc travels.

Here's a look at some of the best distance drivers out there.​

Best Overstable Distance Drivers

It's no question the Destroyer is the most popular distance driver in disc golf. 

​The Destroyer has a slight degree of turn, enabling the incredible glide to stretch your distance on tee pad throws.

Innova Destroyer

Innova Destroyer

  • World's Most Popular Driver
  • Available in all plastics
  • Headwind Champion

​Different plastic blends have slightly different stability ratings. DX plastic is recommended for beginners.

 Innova Champion and GStar plastic helps advanced players get everything out of their Destroyer, while increasing the discs' life span in your bag.

​One of the most highly anticipated releases of 2016, the DDx became very popular last year.

As far as flight path goes, it falls somewhere between the DD & the DD2.

discmania ddx

Discmania DDx

  • 12 Speed Driver
  • Available in all plastics
  • Holds up in Headwind

The DDx really fits a need in most players' bags. It's a great disc to have in moderate wind conditions and is available in all plastic blends.

The Innova Boss was the first speed 13 driver on the market. 

Don't worry about headwind, the Boss will take care of it and still get you the distance you want.

innova boss

Innova Boss

  • 13 Speed Driver
  • Available in all plastics
  • Headwind Boss

​Beginners looking to purchase the Boss should focus on DX or R-Pro plastic, with a weight somewhere between 160-167g.

Best Stable Distance Drivers

One of the most reliable distance drivers for beginners has to be the Innova Valkyrie. It's a great driver for players still developing their form.

Innova Valkyrie

Innova Valkyrie

  • Best Novice Driver
  • DX Plastic Recommended
  • 165-170g Recommended

It's high speed will help you ease into the correct throwing stance and get you the distance you're desiring. ​

If you're more of an intermediate player, the Innova Tern will help you get more distance from the tee pad.

innova tern

Innova Tern

  • Best Driver to reach 300 ft +
  • GStar Plastic Recommended
  • 165-170g Recommended

Some will call the Tern an understable distance driver, and while it might be classified as that; most people starting out would consider the Tern to be more stable.

Make sure you don't get max weight in this disc. I also suggest trying it out in GStar plastic, the durability is ridiculous.

The Crank by Discraft is a cross between the Nuke and the Nuke SS.

That being said, intermediate players can really crank this disc in Z plastic to get extra distance out of their throws.

discraft crank

Discraft Crank

  • Best Intermediate Driver
  • Z Line Plastic Recommended
  • Straight Flyer

This disc may seem overstable at first, but once you get used to a full power throw this disc will stable out with experience and wear.

Best Understable Distance Drivers

Don't let the speed 14 fool you. The Westside Destiny is a long range bomber, especially for slower arm speeds. 

You will get a great S-curve out of this disc if you can throw over 300 ft.

westside destiny

Westside Destiny

  • Slow Arm Bomber
  • ​S-Curve Glider
  • Great Hyzer Flip Driver

A powered down throw for stronger armed players will have the Destiny glide farther than expected.

Hyzer flip this disc in a tailwind and watch it find a permanent place in your bag.

MVP Disc Sports is doing special things, and their Catalyst distance driver is a good example.

The Catalyst will turn more than it will fade, but only slightly.

mvp catalyst

MVP Catalyst

  • Sky Anhyzers
  • ​Control Rollers
  • Great Hyzer Flip Driver

Throwing the Catalyst with a Hyzer flip will give you the extra distance you're looking for.

For beginners, you will find that the Catalyst gives you more distance as a stable driver.

Back in 2013, Innova cooked up a winner in the Daedalus. 

A super understable driver, the Daedalus is going to get you further down the fairway.

Innova Daedalus

Innova Daedalus

  • Out of Box Roller
  • Controlled Anhyzer Line
  • Great Hyzer Flip Driver

The Daedalus has super glide and is a superb disc for beginners and advanced players alike.

I personally suggest to try this disc out in GStar plastic, it's super durable and more beginner friendly than Champion plastic.

Best Fairway Drivers

Although they have the same goals, Fairway Drivers are slightly different than distance drivers. 

Fairway drivers don't need as much power to reach full speed. They are also more easy to control from the teepad.

Let's take a look at the best fairway drivers you'll need for each type of control shot.​

Best Overstable Fairway Drivers

One of the most reliable control drivers in the sport, the Innova Teebird is a true fairway driver that always fades at the end.

innova teebird

Innova Teebird

  • Steady End Flight Fade
  • Popular in Champion plastic
  • Handles Headwinds

An overstable fairway that has become one of the most iconic control drivers in disc golf.

Let the TeeBird rip and watch it fade towards the chains.

The Thunderbird has the stability of the TeeBird mixed with the speed of a Valkyrie.

You can put some power behind your throw, and be assured this disc won't flip.

innova thunderbird

Innova Thunderbird

  • Predictable in the Wind
  • Available in all Plastics
  • Great Placement Driver

Acting like a season Firebird with less fade, it can hold up in windy conditions with ease. 

This makes it a top 3 choice for overstable fairway drivers.

Use the Escape on wide open drives for a reliable fade at the end of the flight.

This is one of the most popular control drivers by Dynamic Discs, and is best used by intermediate players that can throw with a little more power.

dynamic discs escape

Dynamic Discs Escape

  • Stands up in Headwinds
  • Fuzion plastic recommended
  • Windy Day Driver

The Escape has become a staple in bags across the country.

It's end flight hook makes it an easy choice for that hole in your bag for a windy day driver.

Best Stable Fairway Drivers

The Latitude 64 Saint is a must have straight flyer.

It packs some serious glide into it's flight and will turn into an S-Curve with a little more power.

latitude 64 saint

Latitude 64 Saint

  • S-Curve Control Driver
  • Moderate Fade
  • Stay away from Headwinds

It's a fantastic option for intermediate players that want to add more distance to their game.

The straightest flyer on the market, the Discraft Stalker is a must bag.

The narrow rim (1.6 cm) helps provide control for your RHBH shots.

discraft stalker

Discraft Stalker

  • Straight Control Driver
  • Consistent Glide
  • Elite Z Plastic Recommended

I personally bag 2 z-line Stalkers. I love the consistent flight, and you can put the Stalker on any line and it will hold.

If you're looking for a straight flyer to throw with a low ceiling; the FD Jackal hits the jackpot.

The Jackal has a glide rating of 6, making it ideal for a long, straight flight.​

discmania fd jackal

Discmania FD Jackal

  • Straight Control Driver
  • Low Ceiling Glider
  • Pick Your Line

New players looking for a reliable control driver should pick this disc up.

Best Understable Fairway Drivers

One of the most popular beginner discs in disc golf, the Innova Leopard is a super understable driver.

If you're a beginner, this disc will help your form and give you more distance in the process.

innova leopard

Innova Leopard

  • Best Beginner Driver
  • Great Hyzer Flip
  • Pro-D Plastic Recommended 

If you're a more advanced player, I'd suggest trying this disc out in Gstar or Champion line plastic.

The River by Latitude 64 has a beautiful feel to it. It is claimed the River has the most glide for any disc golf disc out there.

lat 64 river

Latitude 64 River

  • Maximum Glide of 7
  • Max Weight Suggested
  • Anhyzer Champion

We suggest a maximum weight of 175g. This is because the glide is so abnormal on this fairway, you'll need the extra weight for the full flight path.

The Relay by MVP was released as a part of the 2015 MVP Circuit Tournament Series.

The MVP Relay is a supreme understable control driver with GYRO spin technology.​

mvp relay

MVP Relay

  • Hard Fade to Right (RHBH)
  • GYRO Overmold Design
  • Beginner's Best Friend

The 1st Run MVP Relays (2015 Circuit Tourney Stamps) are more understable than your stock Relay.

Either way, if you've been playing 6 months or less, you need to get this disc.

Best Midrange Discs

When you need more of a controlled shot, midrange discs fill the gap between distance and approach shots.

With a lower speed, midrange discs are the most often overlooked part of any disc golfers game.

Let's take a look at the most popular midrange discs:

Best Overstable Midrange Discs

The Innova Roc is arguably the most popular mid range disc (besides Discraft Buzzz). 

Innova recently released a "flat-top" version or "3" of the Roc. The Roc3 is becoming really popular, 

innova roc3

Innova Roc/Roc3

  • Headwind Warrior
  • Versatile midrange
  • Controlled Placement Shots

If you're looking for a reliable overstable midrange, try out the Innova Roc or the slightly faster Roc3.

The MD3 by Discmania is slightly more overstable than the MD2. It's faster speed assures you the disc can hold up in windy conditions.

discmania md3

Discmania MD3

  • Reliable Hyzer 
  • Glide rating of 5
  • Popular in C-Line Plastic

If you're a Discmania fan, don't look any further for a reliable midrange disc. The glide and fade of the MD3 will make you bag one!

The Verdict by Dynamic Discs is a very overstable midrange used for serious headwinds. It was made to hold the line with quite a bit of torque.

dynamic discs verdict

Dynamic Discs Verdict

  • Torque & Snap Resistant
  • Consistent End Flight Fade
  • Great for BH & FH

You can rip the Verdict from the teepad "like a driver" and won't have to worry about it flipping over. Get in weights ranging from 167-175g.

Best Stable Midrange Discs

The most popular disc in all of disc golf, the Discraft Buzzz is a critically acclaimed midrange disc.

The Buzzz is stable, reliable and needs to be in every disc golfers' bag.

discraft buzzz

Discraft Buzzz

  • Holds Any Line
  • Available in All Plastics
  • Most Popular Midrange Disc

With a slight fade at the end, the Buzzz is iconic in the disc golf world for being reliable.

When Latitude 64 released the Compass, world champ Ricky Wysocki almost immediately endorsed the disc.

Since then, droves of players have been flocking to check the midrange out.

latitude 64 compass

Latitude 64 Compass

  • Predictable with Every Angle
  • Ricky Wysocki's Favorite
  • Straight Flyer

A straight flying midrange, the Compass brings out the best in what a midrange disc should be.

So you don't like the Buzzz or Compass. Then you should check out this midrange by Innova.

The Innova Mako3 is a flat top, straight flyer. Oh yea, did I say straight flyer?

innova mako3

Innova Mako3

  • Super Straight Flyer
  • Flat Top Design
  • Limited Fade

If you release the Mako3 flat and smooth, it will go exactly where you throw it.

Best Understable Midrange Discs

So you need a guaranteed turnover shot.

The Discraft Meteor has been around for years, and is toted by the disc golf community to be worth the risk.

discraft meteor

Discraft Meteor

  • Controlled Turnover Shots
  • Available in ESP & Z plastics
  • Top Beginner Disc

Put the Meteor on a hyzer and watch it flip up with a little fade.

Test out your release velocity and angles with this super reliable understable midrange.

If you're not into the Meteor, you should check out the Latitude 64 Fuse.

You'll be able to weave in and out of trees with this dynamic midrange.​

latitude 64 fuse

Latitude 64 Fuse

  • Very Limited Fade
  • Popular in Opto Plastic
  • Best Anhyzer Midrange

The MVP Tangent is ideal for less powerful players.

It has a nice, smooth flight path and is reliable for intermediate players to turn over when needed.

MVP Tangent

MVP Tangent

  • Understable Midrange
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Ideal Hyzerflip Midrange

Best Putters

Last but not least, we are going to take a look at the best disc golf putters around.

Although the right putter for your style is extremely subjective, there is a consistency within the disc golf community on the most popular molds.​

Putters are the slowest and most controllable discs in all of disc golf.

They can also turn over the easiest if thrown with too much power. So, with that said let's take a look at the most popular disc golf putters.​

Best Overstable Putters

The Gateway Wizard is arguable the most popular putter in disc golf.

​It is an overstable putter that golfers love throwing from the teepad.

gateway wizard

Gateway Wizard

  • Most Popular Putter
  • Best Driving Putter
  • Available in All Plastics

If you're still hunting for a great mold for your hands and throwing style, be sure to give the Wizard a chance.

Redesigned for more speed, the flat top Aviar3 putter is a reliable upshot putter.

Use it for aggressive upshots in the wind for a reliable placement.

innova aviar3

Innova Aviar3

  • Flat Top Design
  • Aggressive Upshots
  • Designed for Driving

Faster than the original Aviar, the Aviar3 is a disc needed to be checked out.

Utilized for straight flights, this disc has a reliable end flight fade.

The Harp has become increasingly popular, leading to it being released in a variety of plastic blends.

westside harp

Westside Harp

  • Super Flat Top
  • Overstable Putter
  • Available in Multiple Plastics

If you're looking for a proven overstable putter, look no further than the Westside Harp.

Best Stable Putters

Made just for pros, the Discmania P2 Pyscho is a super popular putter.

However classified as a stable putter, this disc is a tad overstable; especially for beginners.

discmania p2 psycho

Discmania P2 Psycho

  • Designed for Pro Players
  • Straight Flyer
  • Great Driving Putter

Available in multiple plastic blends, the P2 is great stable addition to anyone's bag.

Best Understable Putters

Streamline Discs – New Single Mold Brand by Sister Company of MVP Discs

streamline discs

Streamline Discs

If you haven't heard of Streamline Discs, yet; you have now.

Streamline discs is the brainchild of the owners of MVP Disc Sports (which make superb overmold discs).

For the first time, MVP is creating single mold discs; aiming them to be of the highest quality and performance of any single mold brand out there.

streamline review

That's a tall order, but with years of experience designing and perfecting the 2-mold disc; it's finally time MVP unveils their newest technological advance in disc golf.

Enter Streamline Discs. ​

So, how does Streamline Discs differ from MVP?

Simply put, Streamline Discs offers a single mold with the existing plastic of MVP Electron, Proton & Neutron.

With a full lineup of discs to be released in the future, we only have a sliver of discs coming out right now.​

Streamline Trace Distance Driver

The first disc released by Streamline is the Trace. A powerful distance driver that should fly similarly to the Innova Tern. Below are the flight stats:

Streamline Trace

The Trace is a thin rimmed driver that is easy to control.

With great glide and reliable fade; the Trace should find a place in your bag in the very near future.​

Streamline Pilot Putter

The first putter by Streamline is the Pilot. It's a medium depth small bead straight, low flyer.

The bead is similar to the MVP Anode. It comes in Electron Medium & Electron Soft plastic.

Streamline Pilot

If you're looking for a new putter that steers you to more birdies, look no further than the new Pilot putter by Streamline discs.

Essentially MVP & Streamline just called out the whole of disc golf manufacturers. That includes Innova, the most popular disc manufacturer for disc golf.

Do you think they have what it takes to become the new top dog in the world of disc golf?

Be sure to check out everything Streamline Discs is up to as they fill out their war chest in the next few months.

Disc Golf Game (App Review) | Best New Disc Golf App for 2017

"Disc golf game" is a brand new app released a few months ago.

Take a look at what I believe is the best disc golf gaming app out there and tell me what you think!​

Be sure to download it here:

Innova Destroyer Review

innova destroyer review header

The most popular disc golf distance driver in the world, the Innova Destroyer is great for beginners and advanced players alike. The Destroyer disc has been out for almost 10 years, and it has changed the game for countless disc golfers!

 It was released as the first ever 12 speed distance driver on the market. However, you might need to adjust the plastic type or weight of your disc to get the very best out of your purchase.

Let's get into the Innova Destroyer Review!​

Destroyer Flight Path

 Flight Specs 

  • SPEED 12
  • GLIDE 5
  • TURN -1
  • FADE 3

The flight path is crazy. It’s a speed 12 disc that has a reliable fade at the end.It's a stable to over-stable distance driver. The Destroyer comes in different types of plastic. In fact, the Destroyer comes in every type of plastic Innova makes.

That's a ton of different plastic, and the Destroyer works differently in each plastic blend that it comes in.

Knowing this - I will be covering what plastic blend is most preferred for the majority of players as well as my personal favorites. At the end of everything, we should be able to help you find the perfect disc for your skill level and arm speed!

For The Beginner...

The Destroyer really isn't a beginner friendly disc. It's high speed will have most novices throwing 200-250 ft  meathooks. I don't personally suggest you start with this as your first distance driver. 

As we know, everyone buys plastic and discs that probably aren't best for them at the time, especially when you're starting out. That is why I'm writing this section regardless. To safeguard anyone that is going to buy one anyways.

DX plastic is the most basic plastic out there and tends to be more understable than other plastic blends. If you're still new to the sport and Paul Mcbeth has convinced you to buy a Destroyer, proceed with caution.

If you're going to buy a Destroyer, the safest bet would be DX plastic and a low weight.

For The Experienced...

If you've been playing disc golf for a little while now, than you most likely already own a Destroyer. However, certain plastics have slightly different flight paths.

For the most part, you've already chosen the plastic blend that fits your style already. But if you are trying to get the Destroyer to stay stable longer, I might be able to help you.

I've personally found a few domey Destroyers in Gstar plastic that I have found to be more flippy for a Destroyer. I can reach 390ft with it on a slight anny route. It gets me a nice, but often late S-curve.

Now, to be fair that's my max distance; but without the Gstar plastic I couldn't get my Destroyer to fly that far.​ You might be able to get away with a Champion or Blizzard plastic blend if you choose to lower the weights of your disc. 

I personally don't like getting max weight distance drivers. My Destroyer is a 167g and decently worn in. So, I'd suggest to go out and try a few different options.​

>>Check Out the Innova Destroyer at<<

Disc Profile

The Innova Destroyer has a very thin profile (1.4cm). It's thin design helps the disc reach extra long distances.

Personally I try to find "domey" Destroyers as they tend to flip a little more. This is a more domey Destroyer in the picture (my only one left).

destroyer side disc
destroyer disc underside

The width on the underside of the disc is perfect for fast drivers.

The rim width is 2.2 cm. This is pretty consistent with other high speed drivers Innova makes. 

The rim width and the domey top help me take a control grip or a power grip and get safe distance.

Since I've started playing, a Destroyer has always been in my bag. It's an obvious winner for recreational and professionals alike.

destroyer disc back side

Best Shots for the Destroyer

There's a reason Mcbeth has a signature disc. There's a reason it's the Destroyer. 

Paul Mcbeth might even throw the Destroyer better than Avery......

paul mcbeth destroyer

Straight to Fade

Everytime I'm at my home course, I reach for my Destroyer. Longer drives pushing 400 ft will get me to circles' edge with the right release. I can throw my Destroyer on a relatively low line. It's served me well, and if you have the timing for it, I'd suggest giving it a try.

You can absolutely crush this disc with a reliable straight shot 300-350 ft before it slows with a reliable fade.

Reliable Fade is an understatement.

Big Sky Hyzer

Have a big tree in your way? The Destroyer was made for this shot. Since it's a speed 12, it gets around obstacles pretty quick. 

The trick is getting the right hyzer angle as well as timing your release. I can personally Hyzer my Destroyer about 300-315 ft. It definitely does the job in those "situations" you just need to avoid.

You will lose distance on the higher angles too, so take that into account.​

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Stability Difference Between Plastic Blends

Champion Destroyer


Gstar Destroyer
Pro Destroyer


Metal Flake Destroyer


Echostar Destroyer
Star Destroyer


DX Destroyer
Blizzard Destroyer


That's a lot of options. But we need to dive into the specific plastic blend to get a thorough look at what plastic is best for you.

For the sake of saving us all some time, I won't be going into how different runs can also have an effect on flight patterns. All I will say is that the manufacturing process isn't perfect.

I believe there are more consistent differences between plastic blends than by a "run-to-run" basis on those same discs. (My personal opinion)​

Champion Destroyer

Champion Destroyer

The Champion plastic is a fan favorite for thousands of disc golfers out there.

It is generally more stable than other plastic blends, so expect a new 175g Champ Destroyer to have a meathook.​

You'll have better luck finding a used Champion Destroyer with a little bit of personality to it. 

I haven't found many places besides Ebay & Amazon to buy used disc golf discs from, but I was recently introduced to They have a full line of used discs from multiple manufacturers. 

Guess what else they have? Used Champ Destroyers! ​

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Blizzard Destroyer

The Blizzard Destroyer is something to take note of.

The plastic incorporates  microbubbles into the popular Champion plastic.

What do you get? A lower weight disc that can be thrown as far as it's heavier brothers.

Blizzard Destroyer

Blizzard weights go down to 130g! This makes this plastic perfect for children and younger kids to get out and throw extra distance!

G Star Destroyer

If you like a little more grip on your drivers, the Gstar Destroyer is the disc you should take a look at. 

​Made with a special plastic blend, the mold has a flexible feel to it. The "G" stands for gummy. 

Gstar Destroyer

>>Find Out What Makes G Star Plastic Different From Other Innova Blends​<<

The disc weight is something I had to consider when I first picked up a Destroyer. I've found my sweet spot to be around 167g.

You will have to experiment to find which weight works for you, ​but I suggest trying something lower than 175g, especially since the disc is already a speed 12.

Echo Star Destroyer

Echostar Destroyer

Echo Star plastic has been known to be a tad flippy.

If you don't have the biggest arm but you still want to try out a Destroyer, this disc might be for you. 

Here's all the pros for the Echo Star plastic:

  • Better Grip than Star Plastic
  • More Understable (better for slower arms)
  • Beats in faster
  • It's a flippy Destroyer

Pro Destroyer

Pro Destroyer

Pro plastic. Tends to beat in quick and is fairly more understable than other plastic molds. 

I haven't yet thrown a Pro Destroyer, but I've had Pro molds before. I personally didn't like them too much.

For this reason, I didn't come up with much to talk about. If you do like the feel of the Pro plastic, than the Destroyer might be for you.

Are you looking for an understable distance driver? Check out my full review on the Innova Daedalus.

Metal Flake Destroyer

The Metal Flake Destroyer will throw pretty identical with the Champion plastic.

 It also retains it's flight patterns for a longer period of time than the Champ mold.

Conclusion: Shiny Champion Version​ of the Destroyer

Metal Flake Destroyer

I have started to stray away from Champion plastic. But the Metal Flake is definitely in for the long hall.

Star Destroyer

The Star Destroyer is Paul Mcbeth's signature disc.

It's a  really popular Destroyer mold among the majority of players I've talked with as well.

​Unfortunately, my Star Destroyer is too stable and skips too much to be in my bag.

Star Destroyer

 If you have a big arm though, you might want to check out the Destroyer in star plastic. It's stable and will season pretty well.

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DX Destroyer

If I had to pick one plastic blend that is beginner friendly, especially for the Destroyer; it's DX plastic.​

The DX plastic is one of the most understable plastic blends Innova makes. 

It beats in well and it's the cheapest Destroyer you'll find.​

Every new disc golf player should bag one of these and start getting used to it. Definitely one of the best disc golf discs for beginners to start gaining more distance out of their throws!

Similar Discs to the Destroyer

Legacy Outlaw


Dynamic Discs Trespass


MVP Photon


Discraft Undertaker


There are a few other notable discs out there by other manufacturers that have made distance drivers that fly with a 'close'  flight path to the Destroyer.

Let's take a look at a few of them...

Legacy Outlaw

A similar flight path to the Destroyer is what makes the Outlaw an instant success

It has enough skip to be called a Star Destroyer, yet the grip is a bit different because it's coming from a completely different manufacturer. ​

Legacy Outlaw

It's still gaining popularity, but Legacy knows what their doing. Pre-orders are running right now for 2nd run Legacy Pinnacle Outlaws.

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Dynamic Discs Trespass

Dynamic Discs Trespass

The Trespass is another disc that has a similar path as the Destroyer. 

​Some have said it depends on what plastic blend you choose. The two main plastic types are:

  • Fuzion
  • Lucid

Unfortunately I've never thrown the Trespass. It's been on my list, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

MVP Photon

I am an avid MVP fan. I live in Michigan and I absolutely love their GYRO mold.

As for the Photon, it is a very fast disc for MVP. With that said, the MVP is a little less stable than the Destroyer.

However, it is still a very reliable alternative.

MVP Photon

Discraft Undertaker

Discraft Undertaker

The Undertaker is the newest driver in the Discraft line up.

This Undertaker has the same flight characteristics as the Destroyer, minus one thing.

The Undertaker is a Speed 9. However, this disc will still give you a similar flight path as the Innova Destroyer, but with less power.​

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of plastic you choose to go with, the Innova Destroyer is one of the most reliable distance drivers on the market today. 

If you are in the market for the last distance driver you'll ever need (ya right!), than head on over and check it out at Infinite Discs.

I choose to link to them because they are truly the CHEAPEST disc golf store online with the biggest selection. ​

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Disc Golf Glossary & Key Terms

Common Words Used In Disc Golf

  • Innova
  • Discraft
  • Star
  • G Star
  • Echo Star
  • Blizzard Plastic
  • Champion Glow

Discing With Disc King | Full Interview

disc king interview

With more and more people searching for discs online, more places are popping up providing us with better deals on discs. 

I got the chance to talk with Matthew again from Disc King. He runs an online ecommerce site selling the very popular MVP discs as well as other new discs from smaller companies.

A full transcript of the interview is below:

Let's start with your story. How did you get into disc golf?

I was invited to play a local course by a friend who was invited by his friend.

We went to an MC Sports, bought a Discraft beginner pack (Chain Magnet, Buzzz, and Avenger SS, I believe), split the cost and went out for 9 holes.

I lost the Avenger in some water, cut my foot open trying to retrieve it, but still had the time of my life. After our first 9, we went back to the store and bought more discs. I immediately fell in love with the sport!

What made you want to start an ecommerce site?

There wasn't much of a disc golf "scene" in our area, nothing organized anyway, so I wanted to start something local. I figured the best way was to get some discs, sell them on the cheap, and get people out there playing!

I bought some used discs online, resold them local, and it made people stoked to get new plastic. I get joy from playing disc golf, people were buying discs from me and were happy, and I was really touched by that.

Even now, I just want people to be satisfied with their purchase and enjoy playing disc golf. The e-commerce site became an extension of that. As I sold discs and the momentum started to build, I wanted to start a legitimate disc golf store, and starting with a website seemed like the best path.

Getting a website around that I was satisfied with was quite a chore, but where we are now, is very close to what I had in mind.

Something people could go to and see every disc available, get some good information about each disc, and have great customer service.

I love talking discs and learning about discs I don't know anything about!

Disc King is an interesting name. Where did it come from?

Ha! Well, I'll tell you where it didn't come from. You and I have played in a tournament before, so you know it's not related to my disc golf skills, or lack thereof.

When I thought seriously about starting a disc golf business, I asked my wife about what a good name would be. She knows I love cheesy puns, dad jokes, and word play, so one morning she suggested Disc King.

It actually took me a moment to get the word play, Disc King, discing, Disc King, discing... It was GOLD! Ha! I loved the name, still do, and think that the silly story behind it represents me in a great way!

So, you sell MVP & Axiom discs on your website. Are there any other discs that you sell?

Oh yeah! Here's a list of the discs I currently sell on the website:

  • Reptilian Disc Golf
  • Element Discs
  • Hyzerbomb
  • Discraft
  • Innova
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Westside Discs
  • Latitude 64
  • Gateway

I'm  always trying to grow my stock and selection, and focus on finding the smaller manufacturers that really have a heart for the discs they produce! Be on the lookout for these brands on my site as well:

  • DGA
  • Discmania

Tell us about the "Know The Sport" Subscription. Will there only be newer discs manufacturers in the subscription like MVP, Axiom, etc?

disc king know the sport

Know The Sport is Disc King's way of encouraging people to try out new discs on a monthly basis. Not necessarily newly released molds, though that takes up a majority of the months. I also want to highlight discs from different manufacturers that might not have been recognized for how great they really are.

For example, we sent out Chiefs from Gateway, even though the Chief isn't a new mold from Gateway. It's a squashed down version of their immensely popular Wizard, and they felt it needed some recognition.

Most of the time we are hoping to highlight a new company, or at least a smaller company that people may not be familiar with.

This month (May) we are sending out DGA's new distance driver, the Proline First Flight Sail! Along with the Sail, subscribers will be receiving a DGA lanyard, which clips to your bag and towel and is retractable, as well as a Disc King silicon wristband. 

At the end of the day, whether you throw one brand or a fully mixed bag, it's always good to try something new. Know The Sport is the answer.

What's the best way for us to try out the subscription?

The best way to try out Know The Sport is by subscribing for one month. It costs a flat $20, with the promise that you will receive over $20 worth of disc plus merchandise from the manufacturer, or from Disc King.

There is no length of time you have to lock yourself in for, so if after one month it's not your thing, feel free to cancel your subscription.

There is also a two disc option for $30, an annual one disc per month option for $220 (one month free), or an annual two disc per month option for $330 (one month free) if this is a subscription service you want to invest in.

We also have club pricing options for the club that want to have a Know The Sport CTP hole every week during their regular league night.

Is there anything else you want to cover?

The only other thing I think I'd like to mention is: we are in the process of getting Disc King branded merchandise into the store.

The only other thing I think I'd like to mention is: we are in the process of getting Disc King branded merchandise into the store. People have been loving the logo and have been asking for shirts, hats, minis and discs with the Disc King logo on it. It's all coming soon. Hats have already been released!

Lastly, it truly makes me happy to see people happy, and my company emphasizes this and growing disc golf awareness. Thank you all for all you do, and thank you for growing the sport!

Any More Questions?

I love Matthew's story, and he truly is a great person. It's awesome seeing someone coming out and growing the sport just like that!

Like he mentioned in the interview, we played together in a tournament last year and we both had some fun out there. I don't even think we placed, but that's not the point. lol

He has some really good deals on some great brands like MVP, Axiom & Discraft! Be sure to check out the site if you're not already familiar!​

Keep up with Disc King and everything they're doing by following them on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

Keep Calm & Disc On!​

Element Discs Iridium Putter Review

iridium putter review header

Iridium Putter Review

Today we will be looking at the Iridium putter in a full on disc review of the new Element Discs putter.

  • Overstable Putter
  • Basic Plastic

Just How I Like It.

Element Discs is a brand new disc golf company that isn't wasting any time. The Iridium was officially PDGA approved back in December. Ever since then, the brand has just been gaining steam.

They've been moving so fast, I was lucky enough to snag Keith (co-founder) for a few questions last week. Check out the full interview with Element Discs here.

Back in February, Element Discs released the Plutonium putter. It's a more stable version that compliments the more overstable Iridium. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Let's get into the Iridium Putter review!​

Flight Path

Iridium Putter Flight Chart

For the Beginner...

The Element Iridium is a promising stable disc that holds the line you put it on. I took it out for a few test drives, as it took me a few rounds to get used to it.

I found some trouble gripping this disc the same way as the majority of my other putters. Flip a coin. There's been a pretty split crowd between the strengths and weaknesses of this disc.

This disc reminds me alot of another disc I own...

Before I tried out the Iridium putter, I was using my Gateway Devilhawk for windy/stable upshot approaches. That's where I think this disc fits in for any new disc golfer.

You need to learn how to throw upshots in the wind anyways, this is a good disc to do just that.

For the Experienced Thrower...

I don't want to say that this disc is only good for one thing. Because it's not, if you know what you're doing.

For an experienced or even a professional player, this disc might suit you well for a true putter inside the circle. Everything I've heard is hit or miss for the majority of people that have tried out the Iridium.

This leads me to think that the SNAP needed for this disc might be more advanced than just a beginner or recreational player. ​The overstable nature of the disc probably has something to do with that.

Disc Profile

The Iridium has a beaded underside, and a thumbtrack groove on top.

I personally think the thumbtrack guides my hands as I get ready to throw. 

iridium putter  side profile
iridium underside profile

The width on the underside of the disc is a little longer than the length of my forefinger.

The rim width is just under 1 cm. A nice feel if you like gripping the underside with your pointer finger.

As I mentioned earlier, I like the thumbtrack as a guiding "reference". 

Since I'm newer to the sport and putting consistently, the slight groove was a reminder enough to have correct placement.​

iridium putter thumbtrak

Similar Discs to the Iridium Putter

devilhawk disc

Gateway Devilhawk

discraft zone

Discraft Zone

There are a few discs out there that have the same flight characteristics as the Iridium putter. I will go into detail as to which plastic blends reflect the closest similarities. 

Gateway Devilhawk

devilhawk disc

The Devilhawk is a putt & approach disc made by Gateway disc sports. 

It's a slower Drone, with a thumbtrack. Did I mention it's beaded too?

The plastic blend is cheaper but it's lack of speed reminds me most of the Iridium.

The Devilhawk is a reliable, but SLOW hyzer approach shot that has minimal skip and usually sticks to the ground. I would throw this disc with winds or when I need a hyzer line.

This is what you will get in the Half-Brother to the Iridium putter as an approach shot..

Discraft Zone

The Discraft Zone is an overstable approach putter. A popular one at that.

I reckon I won't get too popular saying these two discs are similar, but they do draw some legit parallels.

discraft zone

 Both discs are known for hyzer approachs and windy upshots. However, I believe there is only ONE plastic blend of the Zone that is "most" true to the flight characteristics of the Iridium. 

That would be the Pro-D plastic blend. No surprise here. The Iridium putter doesn't skip even on a straight line, yet if you torque an ESP Zone you'll get a nice skip at the end. (Hence why the Pro-D is more like the Iridium, No Skip.)

Best Shots for the Iridium 

Paul McBeth is truly a master of the upshot game. His stance and mechanics put him above the rest.

​Will the Iridium putter give you confidence like that?

paul mcbeth upshot

200 ft Hyzer Lines

This disc is best when served with a healthy does of hyzer, and a dash of wind. Given the basic plastic, I will assume it will beat in relatively fast. 

This disc should keep a similar flight throughout it's lifetime, maybe easing up a bit ​on the stability towards the end. It feels like a mix of Vibram & Innova basic plastic.

If you haven't found success with the Iridium putter as an approach disc, there still might be hope for you...

Fast Snap Putter

There still are a good amount of disc golfers out there that have fancied the Iridium as their "go-to" putter from inside the circle. 

If you have been searching for a more stable putter and you like the beaded feel, you might be in the market for a new putter.

I would caution to anyone that is trying to put with this disc inside the circle; you should know your snap. In fact, if you don't know what I mean by snap, you shouldn't think of using this disc inside 30 ft.​

It's speed isn't the highest, but I can see how some guys, maybe with bigger hands will find this disc to their liking. I'm under 6 ft tall and have baby hands, so I'll stick to the upshot game with this disc.

Final Thoughts

The Element Discs Iridium putter is an upshot approach putter or a true stable putter from inside 30 (depending on your skillset). 

Check it out over at Infinite Discs. I choose to link to them because they are truly the CHEAPEST disc golf store online with the biggest selection. ​

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