Individual/Private Cremation

You may bring your pet directly to Pets and Friends where we offer a private funeral home area where you can view the cremation, if you desire. You may then take your pet home after the cremation is completed.

Arrangements can also be made through your veterinary clinic which will allow us to pick up and return your pet to your clinic.

Individual/private cremation includes:

  • Remains placed in one of our beautifully carved wooden grapevine urns.
  • A personalized cremation certificate
  • A personalized memorial of “The Rainbow Bridge” poem
  • A lock of your pet’s hair, if possible.

Pets picked up and/or returned to your home will incur a modest transportation fee.

Memorial/Communal Cremation (ashes not returned)

Memorial/communal cremation involves cremation with other pets and provides an option that maintains a high level of dignity at a lower cost.

We can pick up your pet from your veterinary clinic or you may bring your pet directly to Pets and Friends.

Pets picked up and/or retst transportation fee.