PDP-11/73 running 2.11BSD (catbert.rhwyd.co.uk)

You are connected to catbert. Catbert is a PDP-11/73 (in a 23 PLUS chassis) running 2.11BSD. Here is a photo of catbert.

PDP-11 and RL02 Drive

System details:

2.11BSD UNIX was installed from a DLT4 tape drive via a second Emulex UC07 SCSI controller. While this tape drive is much newer than both the PDP-11 and the controller, it still speaks SCSI tape. However, the diagnostic programs on my Emulex card failed to command the drive.

I have spare a TKQ50 tape drive controller card, so hopefully at some point in the future I will be able to find a TK50 drive - which should be more fitting of the era.

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Thank you to Marc, my friend who passed away in January 2018. I would not even have this PDP-11 if not for him.