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The Marbrook Dementia Care Home

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Caring for people

Caring with people living with dementia is exciting and challenging. The Marbrook ethos of dementia care is based on commitment to supporting the person living with dementia (and their family) to continue living in a way that is really meaningful to them.

Dementia is not restricted to older people. It is currently estimated that there are over 42,000 people living with Early Onset Dementia (onset before the age of 65 years) in the UK. For these younger individuals and their families, dementia can reveal some acute challenges.

What is dementia?

Dementia is a collective term to describe the damage caused to brain by specific diseases such as Alzheimer’s (the most commonly known form of Dementia). Symptoms range from difficulties with language, problem solving and memory loss. The different dementia diseases effect different parts of the brain, which in turn develops into different symptoms.

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Typical Symptoms of Dementia

  • Memory Problems – particularly our most recent memories.
  • Language – difficulties in finding the right word and following a conversation.
  • Executive Function – difficulties in problem solving or getting the correct order for tasks such as dressing.
  • Orientation – not recognising day from night, time of day or where you are.
  • Visual Perception – the problem judging three dimensional spaces and distances.
  • Mood Changes – such as easily upset, frustrated, anxious or withdrawn.
  • Delusions – complete belief in things that are not true.
  • Hallucinations – experiencing things that are not there.

Sadly dementia currently has no cure. It is a progressive condition, with all the above symptoms becoming more pronounced over time. As we are all different, so will be the way we all experience dementia, making it very difficult to predict the intensity or pace of the impact of these symptoms as the condition progresses.

MDT – Multidisciplinary Team

One of the almost unique features of The Marbrook Centres specialist dementia service is the easy access to the collective skills from our in-house Neurological Therapy Team. This means our Physio Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists are able to assess and monitor any physical changes as the condition progresses. We can check your ability to swallow food safely and make changes to your diet if necessary. We can maintain a good seating position and if required, change procedures so you can safely transfer from bed to chair and back again, even if this requires a hoist. All this can be done in a timely manner, avoiding some of the long waiting times associated with NHS community teams.

This is why the Marbrook team is different.

Marbrook dementia care workers are prepared to be themselves at work, to truly engage with the residents and to share their experiences. Social interaction is a key feature in good dementia care, making it truly person centred and understanding what this means requires real empathy.

To achieve this high expectation of care, staff at Marbrook are supported, trained and encouraged by a passionate team and managers, who lead by example.

The Marbrook dementia care home itself has been specially designed according to the Stirling University Dementia Design best practice guidelines. Our top-quality facilities include:

27 ensuite bedrooms designed specifically for dementia residents
3 dining loungers with their own domestic kitchens
Several activity lounges, including a domestic laundry area
Fantastic balcony ‘inside – outside room’, enabling a breath of fresh air, whatever the weather.

We encourage families and friends to be a key member of the team caring for their loved ones. We make sure that our residents and their families are empowered to make informed choices about their lives and the care they receive.

This video from the College of Occupational Therapists centres on one person’s experience of finding a care home for her mother. It outlines some important points to consider when choosing a care home.

Do you need more information or have a question you would like to ask?

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Dementia Care Home
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