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Computer Challenge Awards Ceremony

The Computer Challenge awards ceremony had more than a room full of people to see who the winners were. Congratulations to all that placed and to all contestants that participated. It’s not about winning or losing. All contestants that participated are winners since they were able to take on this Computer Challenge. For competing, you are all champions. Congratulations to the following participants in the first Computer Challenge of Old Dominion University:

Console C++ Competition
Leon Elder (1st Place)
Nicholas Cavano (2nd Place)
Henry Miller (3rd Place)
Ashley Robinson
Shane Redman

Visual C++ Competition
Daniel Upshaw (1st Place)
Chang Xiao (2nd Place)
David Sakoda (3rd Place)
Matthew Norton
Michelle Peterson

Visual Basic Competition
Justin Hirsh (1st Place)
John Giancola (2nd Place)
Joshua Curry (3rd Place)
Darren Monroe
Corey Smith
Catherene Perez
Tarish Alston-McLaurin

After giving out the awards, Dr. Crouch awarded the audience with a great presentation and some programming commandments. Dr. Crouch gave us a test to see if one was to become a programmer. It was not an exam but to see if your interest was high in programming. The test was an algorithm that took you to one solution. Dr. Crouch started by asking you for a number from a certain range. Then we ended up with an alphabetic character that one would select to give the name of the animal that one was thinking about. The answer in everyone’s mind was an elephant.

Dr. Crouch’s presentation of his algorithm was not magic. The purpose was to show your programming’s purpose which was creating an algorithm to reach a certain output or solution. His presentation was interesting and may make one wonder what knowledge you need to make these algorithms.

Dr. Crouch also mentioned to everyone to do something that you love doing. Not everyone loves to program. He also mentioned that fewer programmers in the market mean more money to those that love programming.

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