Its Time To Relax! Book Your First Session With Rocco Now

In our first session we will be doing a deep dive of whatever is currently impacting your life. What is stressing you out and how it is affecting your right to feel peace. We will be looking for a baseline of what is causing this spiritual malaise and get a clearer picture of what you will need to move on and relax.

In this session I will be tuning into your sprit guides as well as your chakra energy system as well as past events that have led up to you arriving here today. Most times I will have all the info we need without your input but in case anything was missed, you will be able to ask up to 25 questions about any area of your life and I will give you the direct response from your spirit guide. There will be a lot of information; I encourage you to take notes!

Afterwards I will take the information we uncover and form a plan of meditation for you which will help you move on to mindfulness and peace! This may include several months of weekly support sessions helping you to get aligned with your own sacred space.

After your first session we will follow up the following week and discuss the plan for moving forward.  As a bonus you will also receive a copy of my compassion grounding meditation to help you find clarity and peace at home or on the go!

Virtual Session Via Skype, Phone or Zoom 

After you book your session Rocco will contact you in 24 hours with his earliest available times. Your first session will typically happen within 14 days of booking. If you have a special time or day you would like to request please feel free to

leave a message for Rocco here. Or call the office at 347-541-5877

If an in person reading is preferred please contact Rocco for pricing and availability.