How Muslim Brotherhood is Infiltrating and Conquering Europe in Collusion with “Our” Elite.

ADDENDUM:   “Turn your back on Jesus or we will take your daughter!” (Meaning forcefully marry her to a Muslim man as early as at the age of 9 years)
This was the choice given to Magda by Iranian authorities   (Dansk Europamission).


As the sneaky “euro-islam” professor and Muslim Brother Bassam Tibi says: “Paid Turkish and Saudi Arabian Islamists are tricking gullible Westerners into Islamizing Europe!”

The Muslim Brotherhood has a plan for the conquest of the West, uncovered with Muslim Brother Banker Nada in Lugano – more here.

All Muslim terror groups are members of the Muslim Brotherhood

Here is how they are implementing it

Al Hram Weekly 25-31 Aug. 2016: The Muslim Brotherhood used its institutional presence in these three countries: The UK, France, and Germany in order to build a network of alliances with entities representing the world’s major Islamic blocs
The Brotherhood presence in these three major European countries also let it expand institutionally into smaller countries in their orbit, such as Belgium from France, Ireland from Britain, and Switzerland from Germany.

The 1980s and early 1990s saw the rise of the second generation of Muslim Brotherhood institutions through horizontal expansion in Europe. The international Brotherhood organisation harnessed the new waves of Arab Muslim immigration to Europe as the second generation of European Muslims was itself emerging.

An umbrella group, the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, was formed as the façade of the international Muslim Brotherhood and as a way of gathering all the Brotherhood associations and Islamist groups in Europe, including more than 500 organisations inside and outside the EU states and unofficial entities working within this framework.

There is also now an unofficial parallel network of individuals belonging to the Brotherhood but outside this organisational framework. These people run smaller associations that operate outside the Brotherhood’s religious and preaching framework, with the goal of making Europeans more sympathetic to Brotherhood ideas by marketing them in a secular package that defends democracy and human rights. These associations include Brotherhood media entities in the UK working in education, culture, and youth issues and focus on the integration of Muslims in Europe.

The Islamic Cultural Centre in Geneva itself was established with Gulf funding in 1961 by Said Ramadan, son-in-law of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Banna.

To strengthen the Brotherhood’s presence in Europe, Ramadan also established and wrote the charter for the World Islamic University in 1961.

While Ramadan made efforts to establish a Brotherhood institutional base in West Germany and Switzerland, his comrade Mohamed Hamidullah established the first Brotherhood organisation in France in 1963, the Muslim Students’ Association in Paris.

Germany, France and the UK: The Brotherhood spread through Germany from the Munich Mosque, and it relied on three primary tools: the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, the IGD, the voice of German Muslims that control some 60 Islamic centres across the country and is led by Egyptian Brotherhood figure Ibrahim Al-Zayat, the son-in-law of Sabri Erbakan, the leader of Milli Gorus, and Milli Gorus itself, which controls large segments of the Turkish community in Germany.

Milli Gorus’s Islamist ideology is a Turkish-inflected version of Political Islam, and it has close ties with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In France, the Federation of Islamic Organisations  has been able to bring in more than 250 mosques and Islamic associations under its umbrella using North African Brotherhood cadres, particularly Tunisians, in order to do so, giving it the upper hand in the Representative Assembly of French Muslims in successive elections.

In the UK, in 1997 Arab Muslim Brotherhood affiliates founded the Muslim Association of Britain in the UK. The Islamist ideologue Youssef Al-Qaradawi’s 1990 book The Priorities for the Islamic Movements in the Coming Phase has functioned as a kind of constitution for Brotherhood movements in the West since the early 1990s.

Al-Qaradawi calls for abandoning violence and the use of preaching, dialogue, and other peaceful means to forge a middle way between extremism and secularism. The most important part of the book is his discussion of Muslims in the West, the expected increase in the Muslim populatio  and the dangers of the Muslim minority’s assimilation in these western societies. In the light of this, Al-Qaradawi has promoted the idea of a separate community of western Muslims, which he has termed the “Muslim ghetto(No-go-zones a goal co-inciding with the Masonic goal).

In 1989, the Brotherhood established the nucleus for its horizontal expansion on the European continent by establishing the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, which took the UK as its temporary headquarters. The Federation is the forward face of all Brotherhood and Brotherhood-sympathising organisations, entities, and associations across Europe. Functioning as the diplomatic representative of the Brotherhood, it employs a political discourse that focuses on democracy and human rights (TAQIJA thus foxes speak to the geese)).

As it increased the number of organisations under its umbrella, the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe moved its headquarters to Brussels in 1997 to be close to the EU institutions. This has made it easier to find European funding for the associations’ activities.

The federation is extremely active, and although its headquarters are in Brussels it has branches in Norway, Sweden, Belgium, and the UK that administer youth, educational, and media portfolios.
It has also adopted a strategy of expanding outside the borders of the EU. In addition to associations operating in 18 EU member states, the federation has opened branches in nine other non-EU states: Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Creti and Pleti: London is an important media center for the Muslim Brotherhood. Its main medium is its Arabic satellite channel, Al-Hiwar TV, which was established in July 2006 by senior BMI figures.[75] Al-Hiwar TV broadcasts programs with Islamic themes and anti-Israeli propaganda and incitement. It targets Arabs and Muslims all over the globe, especially Europe.

The Clarion Project:  Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe
(FIOE), the MB’s European umbrella organization, is clear about having “embedded” their religious project within a multicultural discourse.
One of the main objectives of the FIOE is thus to preserve/protect Muslims from cul
tural assimilation (Koransure 4:89, 5:51).

The MB stakes on enclaves (NO-go-zones) which will fragmentate the host country

The Middle East Quarterly Winter 2005, pp. 25-34
By Lorenzo Vidino, deputy director at the Investigative Project, a Washington D.C.-based counterterrorism research institute.
 Europe has become an incubator for Islamist thought and political development.
Since the early 1960s, Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers have moved to Europe and slowly but steadily established a wide and well-organized network of mosques, charities, and Islamic organizations. The Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate goal is rather to extend Islamic law throughout Europe and the United States.

The student refugees from the Middle East forty years ago and their descendants now lead organizations that represent the local Muslim communities in their engagement with Europe’s political elite.
Funded by generous contributors from the Persian Gulf, they preside over a centralized network that spans nearly every European country.

With moderate rhetoric and well-spoken German, Dutch, and French,

But, speaking Arabic or Turkish before their fellows Muslims, they drop their facade and embrace radicalism. While their representatives speak about interfaith dialogue and integration on television, their mosques preach hate and warn worshippers about the evils of Western society.

The following two videos are from the Danish television TV2 with hidden camera. In the above video, the Imam boasts of growing numbers of Muslims in Western countries: “We have just begun the conquest of these lands!”

Below, the imam teaches women that if they are unfaithful they will be sentenced to death and must be beaten if they disobey their husband,.

After an outcry, the media were silent again – and let the Islamization of Europe continue according to London City‘s plan. And the people do not protest – and thus deserve his sharia future

They continue to raise money for Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

Muslim Brothers  in Munich: Haven´t we already seen this once?

More than anywhere else in Europe, the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany has gained significant power and political acceptance. Islamist organizations in other European countries now consciously follow the model pioneered by their German peers.
One of the Muslim Brotherhood’s first pioneers in Germany was Sa’id Ramadan, the personal secretary of Muslim Brotherhood founder (and Mason) Hassan al-Banna.

Ghaleb Himmat, a Syrian with Italian citizenship, took the helm of the IGB. He is one of the founders of the Bank al-Taqwa, a powerful conglomerate dubbed by Italian intelligence, “Bank of the Muslim Brotherhood,” which has financed terrorist groups since the mid-1990s if not earlier.

In November 2001, the U.S. Treasury Department designated both Himmat and his financial helper, Yyssef Nada, Nada as terrorism financiers.
Today, the IGD’s real strength lies in its cooperation with and sponsorship of many Islamic youth and student organizations across Germany.
While the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood has chosen Munich as its base of operations in Germany, its Syrian branch is headquartered in Aachen.

El-Zayat founded Milli Görüs, which  has attracted the German authorities’ greatest suspicion  . Milli Görüş has 30,000 members and perhaps another 100,000 sympathizers. It  claims to defend the rights of Germany’s immigrant Turkish population while “preserving their Islamic identity. Some Milli Görüş leaders have expressed contempt for democracy and Western values.

Milli Gazete, the official journal of Milli Görüş, once stated that “Milli Görüş is a shield protecting our fellow citizens from assimilation into barbaric Europe.”[55] Nevertheless, German politicians meet regularly with Milli Görüş officials to discuss immigration and integration issues.

In 1989, under the auspices of Abdullah at-Turki, powerful dean of Bin Saud University in Riyadh, the Saudis created the Islamische Konzil Deutschland (Islamic Council of Germany). Turki assumed the presidency with other top positions held by Ibrahim el-Zayat, Hasan Özdögan, a high-ranking Milli Görüş official, and Ahmad Khalifa, an officer from the Islamic Center of Munich.

In 1994, nineteen organizations, including the IGD, the Islamic Center of Munich, and the Islamic Center of Aachen, created an umbrella organization, the Zentralrat der Muslime, umbrella organization for German Muslim organizations. According to a senior German intelligence official, at least nine out of these nineteen organizations belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The media seek the Zentralrat’s officials when they want the Muslim view on everything. Politicians seek the Zentralrat’s endorsement when they want to reach out to the Muslim community.

In terms of numbers, influence on the Muslim community, and political relevance, the Zentralrat and its two most important constituent parts, the IGD and Milli Görüş, dominate the scene. With ample Saudi financing, the Muslim Brotherhood has managed to become the voice of the Muslims in Germany.

First Germany, Then Europe

While the Muslim Brotherhood and their Saudi financiers have worked to cement Islamist influence over Germany’s Muslim community, they have not limited their infiltration to Germany. Thanks to generous foreign funding, meticulous organization, and the naïveté of European elites, Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations have gained prominent positions throughout Europe.

Perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood’s greatest pan-European impact has, as with the Islamische Gemeinschaft Deutschland, been with its youth organization. FEMYSO, which maintains its headquarters in Brussels.

Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Lobby Group Meets With EU Commissioner. It is the de facto voice of the Muslim youth in Europe. It is regularly consulted on issues pertaining to Muslims in Europe. It has also developed useful links with: the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the United Nations, the European Youth Forum, and numerous relevant NGOs at the European level.
A post from earlier this month reported that the CEPR was hosting a European parliamentary delegation which would attempt to visit Palestinian hunger strikers in Israeli prisons.

Ibrahim el-Zayat, who held the presidency until his commitments in Germany forced him to step down, even used the FEMYSO perch to address the European Parliament.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s ample funds and organization have contributed to their success in Europe. But their acceptance into mainstream society and their unchallenged rise to power would not have been possible had European elites been more vigilant, valued substance over rhetoric.
Radicals in sheep’s clothing have learned that they can silence almost everybody with the accusation of xenophobia. Any criticism of Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations is followed by outcries of racism and anti-Muslim persecution. Journalists who are not frightened by these appellatives are swamped with baseless and unsuccessful but expensive lawsuits.
What most European politicians fail to understand is that by meeting with radical organizations, they empower them and grant the Muslim Brotherhood legitimacy. There is an implied endorsement to any meeting, especially when the same politicians ignore moderate voices that do not have access to generous Saudi funding.

This creates a self-perpetuating cycle of radicalization because the greater the political legitimacy of the Muslim Brotherhood, the more opportunity it and its proxy groups will have to influence and radicalize various European Muslim communities.

The main reason for the Muslims´success is this:
(On the sweate is written: “God is dead”).

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