Für diesen Rundfunk zahlen wir nicht! Für ein öffentlich-rechtliches Modell jenseits der Sender

Since the introduction of the new fee-regime the long since smoldering discontent with the public broadcasting system has reignited. How can the criticism blazing on all channels finally spark a political reaction? We demand consequences!

This is why we won't pay. We want to join together the criticism that has been raised into a payment strike. We strike to make space for a debate about the future of public broadcasting.

Our strike is directed against an institution that legitimatises itself by the constitutional mandate of basic media supply ("mediale Grundversorgung"). An institution however, that at the same time has rejected its own democratic principles by blanketly ignoring public criticism. The existing public TV stations are not nearly “remote from the state” as their boards are dominated by party politics. They have grown indistinguishable from private sector companies by holding ratings as their main focus. In structure and content, the existing public broadcasters do not serve our media interests.

The current adaptation of the fee-regime to the new digital realities is an opportunity for change we want to use. The public broadcasting system as a whole must be redesigned, not only the financing.

Yet the decision-makers, in Provincial Governments and on the broadcasting boards, duck out of the consequences of their decision. They allow public debate to come to nothing. The collection of the new fees is done little by little to circumnavigate the cliffs of a legitimacy-crisis and avoid a strong public outcry.

Nobody can evade paying the new broadcasting fee. Therefore the service in return has to be acceptable to everybody. We suspend our payment in order to negotiate to what use our contribution will be put. We demand a socially balanced calculation of the amount of the fee. We demand political and economic transparency. The public service has to be as heterogeneous as its users.

We are an association of media producers and users anyone can join.

Join us now!