Franchise Services, Inc. (FSI) is built upon a single principle—every individual has the right to pursue his or her dream. Achieving it, however, is often met with obstacles and challenges that place that dream out of reach. To help bridge this gap, FSI is actively involved with associations that strive to make a difference for those ready to roll up their shirt sleeves and shoot for the stars.

International Franchise Association (IFA)
“The International Franchise Association protects, enhances, and promotes franchising.” This has been the organization’s mission statement since 1960 when the International Franchise Association (IFA) was founded. Today, it is the largest franchise membership organization in the world and supports franchisors, franchisees and suppliers, providing a veritable “one-stop shop” for everything having to do with franchising.

IFA promotes best practices in the industry through a membership that adheres to a set of core values upon which healthy and productive relationships are born and maintained. The organization provides a wealth of resources, “How to” information, publications, events and forums to enhance the efforts of those who are building their futures in franchising.

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In honor of the men and women who have contributed their lives to the U.S. military services, the International Franchise Association (IFA) established the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, more widely known as VetFran. This voluntary effort by members of the IFA offers financial incentives and discounts to encourage franchise ownership by veterans returning to civilian life. More than 400 franchise companies currently participate in the program including Franchise Services, Inc.’s family of brands: Sir Speedy, PIP, Signal Graphics, MultiCopy The Communication Company and TeamLogic IT.

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Electronic Document System Foundation (EDSF)
The Electronic Document Systems Foundation (EDSF) was founded in 1996 with the primary goal of increasing awareness and relevance of the printing and graphic communications industries. By fostering and supporting education and research initiatives relating to trends and challenges within these fields, this non-profit organization attracts the industries’ brightest talent and innovators.

Since its inception, EDSF has awarded more than 277 scholarships to help students pursue their learning of printing and graphic communications by offsetting the financial burdens of education. Research grants and mentor programs are available to students in conjunction with their professors at collegiate and secondary levels, academic institutions and vocational training organizations. EDSF also honors those who lead the way in educational programs and industry contributions with The Excellence in Education Award.

EDSF’s Chairman of the Board is Richard Lowe, President of Sir Speedy. He continues to steward this venerable organization toward its goal of garnering and publishing knowledge that will build and grow the future of digital content as well as those who create and deliver it.

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