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20-Player Dota 2 Mode Revealed

12 vs. 12 options coming soon.

Valve has announced a 20 player, 10 vs. 10 custom game coming to Dota 2 next week. In addition, all custom games will have the option to play with up to 24 players.

The 20-player mode was revealed at The International, where 10 professional players played alongside 10 players selected from the audience.

It was nonsense in all the right ways, with hundreds of kills and chaotic kill combos.


The mode was played in the Dota 2 Reborn/Source 2.0 client, where custom games have become quite popular.

This is the first new mode Valve itself has introduced to Dota 2 since the Year Beast Brawl.

You can catch up on what's happened so far watch The International live on IGN each day.

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Mitch Dyer is an Editor at IGN. Talk to him about Dota 2, movies, books, and other stuff on Twitter at @MitchyD and subscribe to MitchyD on Twitch.