Our nationwide network of Traffic Safety and Control Officers are able to provide consultancy advice at an early stage where we can often recommend alternative and sometimes-preferable schemes that reduce cost and absolve company liability.

KTM’s ability to provide this type of consultancy service is based on some 30 years of hands-on traffic management experience coupled with an industry-leading safety record.

KTM Case Studies


Long-Term Traffic Management- that remains in place for a few months

KTM Solution:

Our client requested a meeting to discuss a new development and the on-going changes that would be required to ensure the safe passage of both vehicles and pedestrians.

There was an existing single-lane dual carriageway and a side road to a multi-storey car park and businesses premises. The sight line from the side road was partially obstructed by a site hoarding causing a very dangerous situation for vehicles exiting.

KTM’s recommendation was to install a mini-roundabout supported by the required road markings and signage. This had the effect of slowing the traffic down on all of the approaches and therefore allowing more time for vehicles to exit. Our recommendation resulted in a much safer working junction without the on-going cost of installing and maintaining traffic signals.