At Global E Tele Services Private Limited, our most important asset is our people. It is through their expertise and dedication that every customer contact is made using the highest standards established by the industry.

At Global E Tele Services Private Limited, our agents are committed to making every customer contact benefit your business.

Customer Service Agents

Majority of Global E Tele Services Private Limited employees are university graduates. This translates to an average of 15 years of schooling for each employee. Globale Tele Services ensures that the proper applicant profiles are identified and met to ensure quality performance, a strong willingness to learn, and loyalty to the company.

To further enhance that basic relation,Global E Tele Services Private Limited uses excellent English oral and written skills as a major consideration in hiring employees. These are then honed through a comprehensive American Culture and Accent training program.

Photographs and Voice Recordings

Global E Tele Services Private Limited agents look forward to servicing your call center campaigns.

Hiring Practices

Employee Selection is the first step in the process of creating high performance teams. Global E Tele Services Private Limited utilizes a best in class selection process developed by Service Zone, that ensures a "Will Do-Can Do-Fit". We look for potential employees who are 'willing and motivated to do the job', who have the 'ability to do the job', and who will 'fit into the organization' as a long term investment in training and development. We select those employees who will provide us with the Quality and Productivity needed to meet our Client's goals.

Hiring Practices

Training at Global E Tele Services Private Limited

Global E Tele Services Private Limited utilizes the Service Zone Learning System, which is a set of processes, templates, and documented best practices for forming a top-notch learning environment for our Associates and the management team.

Training at Globale Tele Services

The Service Zone Learning System depicted above represents the knowledge and skills required to provide good service and a lasting, favorable impression with the Customer. Our system is focused on developing these attributes in our Associates.

The inner portion of the circle shows the series of steps an Associate uses to progress through the customer inquiry. The outer ring indicates the dominant skills and knowledge used to successfully resolve the inquiry. Encircling the entire process is the set of skills that govern all stages of the call, Etiquette Control and Conversation Control. Etiquette Control represents the skills necessary to leave a lasting impression with the Customer of professionalism and good will. Conversation Control is the ability to keep the call flow on track to meet the Customer needs. Dividing the diagram is the skill set more heavily in play during that portion of the call flow, either interpersonal skills or reasoning skills.

Should the project be for the US market, a world-class program developed for Global E Tele Services Private Limited is utilized. The program focuses upon key learning activities that promote accent neutral support as well as familiarization with American culture.

Management Profiles

Global E Tele Services Private Limited has an excellent international quality infrastructure and our strength lies in our tie-ups with leading Telecom and Networking Solution Providers in India who keep us updated on the latest technologies. A totally dedicated and motivated group, we are proud of being capable of delivering the best. Global E Tele Services Private Limited is headed by a dynamically focused leadership.

Mr. Anup Shah
Anup is the Chairman of the company. He is a Computer Engineer(BE-Computer Engineering) and has done his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He oversees the finances of the company.

Ms. Sangeeta Shah
Sangeeta is Managing Director of the company. She has her B.S.(Computer Science from Indiana Institute of Technology, USA) and M.S.(Computer Science from Ball State University, USA). She is actively participating in the management, marketing and client relations for the company.

Mr. Parvez Khan
Parvez works on the Operations and Business Development side, and handles process migration, implementation & business development. Dedicated to successful program installations and client relations, Parvez serves as the primary contact throughout all phases of a campaign. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai and obtained a Diploma in Merger and Acquisition from Times School India.

Mr. Manish Damania
Manish works on the Operations & HR Head,he also handles day to day operations and specializes in b2b operations.He manages the Human resource activities right from selection recruitment till exit formalities are handled. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai and Management studies in Human Resourses.

Mr. Vipul Sompura
Vipul works as I.T. Head. He is responsible for the entire Technical Department consisting of DATA and TELECOM. Managing the technical team for Routine Maintenance / Troubleshooting of Voice and Data problems along with implementation of new project and Upgradations. He obtained Diploma in Electronic and Video Engineering from Mumbai and obtained Microsoft Certifications for Windows Server.

Mr. Rakesh Baptista
Rakesh works on the Quality side as the Head of Department. He handles day to day Quality operations. He manages the Quality processes and procedures right from migration to implementation, and reporting. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Mumbai and Masters in Business Administration from ITM.


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