Thank you for your interest in Fabric Engine. Please note that we are no longer developing our software platform and tools.

What is Fabric Engine?

Fabric Engine is a platform for developing high-performance custom tools for visual effects, games, real-time visualization and VR/AR work.

Fabric is integrated with many common applications, so you can work in your familiar environments. Fabric also offers you the ability to build standalone applications, the choice is yours.

Fabric code runs as fast as optimized C++, without the need to write actual C++. We take care of the low-level programming work involved in writing multi-threaded code, so you can focus on building the production tools you need. This is possible through the JavaScript-like Kernel Language (KL). Or you can also work purely visually, with the Canvas visual programming system built on top of KL.

Fabric gives you a faster, more straightforward way to write tools with the power required to tackle the large data sets and complexities involved in modern production work.