Episode Guide - CBC Theatre (Series) (1952-1961)

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The following is an incomplete listing of episodes.

Jun 8, 1954 - (Tuesday) (CBC Theatre) "The Haven," by Stanley Mann.

Jun 29, 1954 - (Tuesday) (CBC Theatre) "A World of His Own," by Joseph Schull, the story of a child prodigy driven to mental breakdown.

Jul 6, 1954 - (Tuesday) (CBC Theatre) "Mrs. Hoagie's House," a comedy by Joseph Schull about a boarding house and the characters who lived there.

Jul 13, 1954 - (Tuesday) (CBC Theatre) "Young Mr. Pitt"

Oct 26, 1954 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Two Living and One Dead," a character study of a young man who strives to prove he is not a coward.

Nov 2, 1954 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Picture of Dorian Gray," Oscar Wilde's famous tale of a man who realized all the passions of history in a brief lifetime.

Nov 23, 1954 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Black Eye," an adaptation by Mavor Moore of a play by James Bridie. The play is a comedy about a young man who rebels against a humdrum career to seek a glamorous vocation.

Dec 14, 1954 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Duke In Darkness," the story of a 14th century French duke imprisoned in the castle of a rival nobelman.

Dec 21, 1954 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "High Man," the story of a business tycoon who is jarred when a business associate cracks up.

Dec 28, 1954 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Legend Of Jeremy Tighe," the story of an old Maritimer who rejects life when forced to leave his old home.

Jan 4, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Laburnum Grove," by J. B. Priestley, a gentle comedy about quiet crime underlying the respectable face of a conservative London community.

Jan 11, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Salt of the Earth," by Rebecca West, the story of a domineering woman whose misguided conception of moral integrity creates unhappiness.

Jan 18, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "From Paradise to Calgary," a comedy drama about a man who sometimes ran away from his wife and child to enjoy big city lights.

Jan 25, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Garden in the Sea," the story of an unscrupulous biographer and the old love of a poet.

Feb 1, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Blood Is Strong," by Lister Sinclair, the story of immigrants to Cape Breton from the Isle of Skye in the 1860's.

Feb 8, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Ashes In The Wind," the story of a woman who is struck suddenly with an incurable disease.

Feb 15, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Touch Of Light," a romantic drama based on the life of Louis Braille.

Feb 22, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Good For You," a comedy by Robert Emmett.

Mar 1, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Never Say No," by Raphael Hayes, a domestic drama.

Mar 8, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Closing Door" by Alexander Knox, will be featured. The story is of a family man whose fear of entering a mental institution is aggravated by ignorance.

Mar 22, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Gentle Gunman" starring Douglas Campbell and Douglas Rain.

Apr 5, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Murder in Algiers," by Curtis Casewit.

Apr 19, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Sand Castle" by Patricia Joudry, starring Murray Matheson and Frances Hyland.

May 3, 1955 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Billy Budd," by Herman Melville, will be the feature presentation.

Jun 7, 1955 - (Tuesday) (CBC Theatre) "The Rivals," by R.B. Sheridan will be presented.

Sep 13, 1955 - (Tuesday) (CBC Theatre) "The Feast of Stephen," a play by Edward Rollins.

Oct 11, 1955 - (Tuesday) (CBC Theatre) "Dorian Grey"

Feb 28, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Painted Blind," a drama by Patricia Joudry starring Jo Van Fleet as the mother. Others in the cast will be James Edmunds who plays the father, with Anna Cameron as the eldest daughter, Margaret Griffin and Janet Reid.

Mar 6, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The American," Henry James' drama starring Austin Willis. Others in the cast will be French-Canadian actress Ginette Letondal, Francaise Faucher, John Hardinge, Charles Jarrott, Margot Christie and Winnifred Dennis. The play, about a wealthy American who goes to Paris looking for a wife, is produced from Toronto by David Greene.

Mar 20, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Sponger," a comedy-drama, starring Gerry Sarrachini, John Sullivan and Katharine Blake. It's about a young man who in five years as a writer, never received an acceptance slip or a cheque for his work.

Mar 27, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "To Ride A Tiger," starring George Barnes. The play, set in South America, is about an idealistic dictator who tries to give his countrymen freedom. Others in the cast include Katharine Blake, William Needles, Austin Willis, Robert Christie and Frank Peddie.

Apr 10, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Magic Life," by Ann Maud Henry of Winnipeg. The cast will include Alene Kamins as Jenny, Gerry Sarracini as Mac, Charmion King as Mabel, Frank Peddie as Dan and Helene Winston as a fortune teller in a story about the hard realities which lie behind the glamor of circus life.

May 1, 1956 - "Seal of the Scornful," a murder mystery about the death of a man on a judge's doorstep. The story is by detective writer John Dickson Carr, adapted for television by Ted Allan. In the leading roles will be Ivor Barris of Montreal, and Toby Robins and Lloyd Bochner.

May 8, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Piper of St. James," a comedy by Hugh Kemp. Jack Creley plays the part of a Montreal magnate; Donald Harron, his son, and Corinne Conley, the son's girlfriend.

May 22, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Zone," the play by Marcel Dube which won the 1953 Dominion Drama Festival award, will be the presentation. The play is about a group of Montreal teenagers who smuggle cigarettes from the United States and became involved in violence and death. The television adaptation is by Mac Shoub.

May 29, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Long Doorway" is the name of the play. It's a story about a colored lawyer assigned by a legal aid society to defend a white college student charged with assaulting a colored student. P. Jay Sidney, a famous colored actor from the United States will play the lawyer; Jonathan White, the student, and Alonzo Bosan, the lawyer's father. The play, produced by David Greene, comes from Toronto,

Jun 12, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Tolliver's Travels," starring Lew Davidson, Gloria Rand and E.M. Margolese. Mr. Davidson plays the part of an almanac statistician who seeks adventure in a tropical paradise.

Jun 19, 1956 - "Somewhere Every Summer," a romantic story starring Carol Starkman and Neil Vipond.

Jul 3, 1956 - "Act of Madness," starring Katharine Blake and Robert Shirriff. Miss Blake's husband, David Greene, is the producer. The story's about two university students involved in a plot to assassinate a dictator.

Jul 10, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Three Lives Has Margaret." Actress Barbara Chilcott plays four of the roles. The play is a comedy by Alec Dyer, produced by Leo Orenstein from Toronto. The cast will include Murray Matheson, Lew Davidson, Jon Farrell and George Barnes.

Jul 24, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Let's Be Civilised." A husband with a wandering eye, a resourceful wife and an office beauty provide dramatic interest. In the leading roles are Mavor Moore, Katharine Blake and Corinne Conley. The play is produced by David Greene and comes from Toronto.

Jul 31, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Double Hazard," a play about a dangerous alibi and two people isolated by fear and suspicion. In the leading roles are Barbara Chilcott and Cec Linder.

Aug 14, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "The Death of Paul Dane," starring Katharine Blake, Alex de Naszody, Corinne Conley and Ronald Hartmann. The play is a suspense drama about a psychiatrist's attempt to stave off a murder and save a man's sanity.

Aug 21, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Mannequin," written by Canadian actor Larry McCance. It's a comedy about a sculptor who passes off his model as a work of art, and stars George McCowan and Vera Kamis. The producer is Ronald Weyman.

August 28, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Flight Into Danger" written by Arthur Hailey. Starred James Doohan, Corinne Conley and Cec Linder.

Sep 4, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Till Death Do Us Part," starring Patrick Macnee and Corinne Conley.It's a story about a young couple who's plans to marry are frustrated by death and suspicion of murder.

Sep 11, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Two Of A Kind," a comedy about two happily married men with a secretary on their minds. In the leading roles are Tom Harvey, Joan Root, Billie Bailey and Paisley Maxwell.

Sep 25, 1956 - (Tuesday) (GM Theatre) "Parnell's Pyramid," a drama about three businessmen who try to buck a syndicate stars Hugh Webster, Alice Hill, Joe Austin and Jacob Reinglas.

Oct 7, 1956 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Kathleen," a comedy about an Irish girl's efforts to evade her father's matchmaking schemes. In the leading roles are Katharine Blake, Margaret Griffin and Frank Peddie.

Oct 14, 1956 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Distinguished Gathering," a murder story.

Oct 21, 1956 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Penthouse," a drama starring Lorraine Foreman and John Sullivan. It's about a mother and her sick child alone in a hurricane-swept apartment house.

Oct 28, 1956 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "The Queen Of Spades," a play about gambling and murder at Monte Carlo.

Nov 4, 1956 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Welcome Home," a play about a middle-aged couple and their maid of 25 years who tries to adopt a baby in her employers' name.

Nov 18, 1956 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) Presents a story of a woman who has visions that eventually come true.

Nov 25, 1956 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Failure To Remain," a play written and produced by Mel Breen about a dishonest contractor and his son who's involved in a hit-and-run accident.

Dec 9, 1956 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "A Silent Cry," a suspense drama by Joseph Liss based on a book Mist Upon The Waters by F.L. Green. In the leading roles will be Barry Morse and Henry Comer.

Dec 16, 1956 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Kennedy's Quest," a romantic comedy, starring Kate Reid, Bill Walker and Jack Creley, is scheduled. The play was scheduled and cancelled Dec 2, 1956 when Miss Reid had a severe attack of laryngitis.

Jan 6, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "The Return of Don Juan," with Lloyd Bochner, Eric Christmas and Toby Robins.

Jan 13, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "The Acrobats," a play by Mordecai Richler. Set in Spain, the play is about a Canadian trapped in an alien world. Joseph Furst plays the role of a former Nazi officer in exile.

Jan 20, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) An adaptation of Mazo de la Roche's novel Whiteoaks, with Gwladys Rutherford as Adeline, the 101-year-old grandmother. John Fisher's intermission commentary will focus on the prairie scene. John Charlesworth as Finch. The play is about the sharp-tongued grandmother who has cracked the whip over the Whiteoaks family of Jalna ever since making the first of her eight wills 20 years before.

Jan 27, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "The Sacred Scales," a suspense story by an Italian playwright, Ugo Betti, and adapted for television by Robert Rietty and Nathan Cohen.

Feb 3, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) A play titled, "Romance."

Feb 10, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Strictly Normal," a comedy written by four of comedian Red Skelton's gag writers. The play's about a young advertising executive and "the average man and woman," and stars Carol Starkman, Bernie Orenstein, James Doohan, Austin Willis and Stan Francis.

Feb 17, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Dateline Budapest," a special teleplay by George Salverson and Nathan Cohen, created from information provided by Charles Wasserman, who witnessed the tense struggle of revolt and repression in Hungary. The plot centres around a Canadian journalist in love with an Hungarian woman freedom fighter. At least a dozen Hungarian freedom fighters now in Toronto will take part in the production, some of them in principal roles. Robert Shiriff and Hildegarde Rossi play the leading roles.

Feb 24, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "The Doll," by Charles E. Israel. A comedy-drama about a young married couple who, though approaching parenthood, are reluctant to grow up. Toby Tarnow, Jonathan White, Katharine Blake and Joan Blackman star.

Mar 3, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Once a Thief," a comedy by Jean Cavall and Leo Orenstein. One of the cleverest thieves in Paris agrees to help the police capture the killer of a politician. Barry Morse will play nine roles in the drama — a master criminal, an Arab, a tramp, a streetwalker, an art collector, a waiter, an aristocrat, a murderer and an old man.

Mar 10, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "To Live in Peace," by G. Forzano, adapted by Victor Rietti. A comedy which stars Helene Winston and John Drainie as Don Geronimo, the priest in a small village in northern Italy. He learns that he is the uncle of Napoleon Bonaparte and that the emperor wants him to come to Paris where he will be made a cardinal. This produces a strong impact on the quiet village.

Mar 17, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "The Magic Life," (Originally broadcast on General Motors Theatre last April).

Mar 24, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Black Chiffon," by Lesley Storm. A woman is caught stealing a chiffon nightgown. Subsequent investigation reveals strong currents of emotional conflict between the woman, her son and his fiancee. (Originally scheduled for Feb. 24 and then March 17). Cast: Pamela Simpson— the woman; Rupert Davies- her husband; Lloyd Bochner, the son; Carol Starkman. his fiancee. Also Winnifred Dennis, Mavor Moore and Margaret Griffin. David Greene is the producer.

Mar 31, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "The Movie Star," a comedy by John Glenon. A boy's attempt to break into the movie life ends in disappointment, but when he goes to a small country school he finds enjoyment spinning a tale of the star he might have been. In the cast are Kate Reid, John Drainie and Roberta Maxwell.

Apr 7, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Passport to Yesterday," a suspense drama by Enid Hollins, starring Anne Morrish and Pat Macnee. A woman in France, her past cut off by amnesia, gropes for her identity. From Toronto.

Apr 21, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Course For Collision," by Arthur Hailey. Cast includes Murray Westgate as president of the United States in 1962, and Mavor Moore as the Canadian Secretary for External Affairs. The U.S. and Russia are on the brink of an atomic war. In a last desperate personal bid for peace the American president and the Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs take off for Moscow for a meeting with the head of the Russian government. In mid-flight over the north pole they learn that a Russian plane carrying a nuclear weapon has taken off for New York, and its course will cross that of their own plane. Deliberate collision with the Russian plane seems the only way to prevent the Russian plane reaching the U.S.

Apr 28, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "The Silent Partner," a comedy by Joseph Liss. From Toronto. Sammy Sales is cast as an ardent suitor of a Jewish widow, played by Miriam Wolfe, who believes she should honour the memory of her husband for the traditional twelve months. (originally scheduled for Apr 14, 1957)

May 5, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Lady's Choice," a small-town domestic comedy by Joseph Schull. Edna, a middle-aged woman, is out to get her man. She concentrates her attention first on Tete, a man she has known most of her life; but when he seems immovable she turns to the mayor. Serious moments allude to social changes in the town that tend to curb individuality and personal dignity. Cast includes Ruth Springford as Edna. Alec McKee as Pete, David Gardner, Sandra Scott, Eric Clavering, and Roberta Maxwell.

May 12, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "A Plastic Item" by Stanley Mann. An enterprising man begins distributing a line of plastic products in Canada, then sees his chances of success cut from beneath him by another man in the same company. From Toronto. Cast includes Rolf Carston (in his first leading television role), Aileen Seaton, Louis Cusson, John Sullivan, Norma Renault, Jo Fisher, Stan Francis, Deborah Cass, Meg Hogarth, Len Birman, Winifred Dennis, Lynne Spence, and Elsa Saba.

May 19, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Wuthering Heights," by Emily Bronte, adapted by Nathan Cohen. Paul Almond, producer. Cast: Heathcliff- William Hutt; Cathy- Meg Hogarth; Nellie, the housekeeper- Winnifred Dennis; Edgar- David Gardner; Isobel- Norma Benault; Hindley- Henry Comor; Earnshaw- Alwynne Watsley; Cathy as a child- Stephanie Mews; Heathcliff as a child- Frank Bodwell; Joseph- Mervyn Blake; Lockwood- Geoffrey Alexander.

May 26, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Friend of the People," a tense drama by Mordecai Richler set in Spain, stars Katharine Blake, Budd Knapp, Austin Willis and Powys Thomas.

Jun 2, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "99 Times Around the Block," a psychological drama by Myron Galloway, produced by William Kotcheff. Cast includes Margaret Braidwood, Geoffrey Alexander, Mavor Moore, Lynne Gorman, Barbara Hamilton, Kay Hawtry, Shane Rimmer, James Doohan and Mel Benstock.

Jun 9, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Night of the Plague," a suspense mystery by Lester Powell which Kraft Theatre produced last March. In the leading roles will be Patrick Macnee, Toby Robins, Gillie Fenwick and Ivor Barry.

Jun 16, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "My Guess Would Be Murder," a comedy thriller by Anthony Gilbert, dramatized and adapted by John Irving, and produced by Ron Weyman. A woman recovers consciousness after a train wreck and finds her inheritance and identity have been taken over by someone else. The cast includes Winifred Dennis, Sarah Davies, Drew Thompson, Geoffrey Alexander, Dawn Greenhalgh and Brendan Dillon.

Jun 23, 1957 - (Sunday) (CBC Television Theatre) "Birthday Party," by Arthur Kavanagh. Muriel Cooper stars as Marie who works in a bakery and is about to become a bride. Marie has not told her husband-to-be about her little boy, child of a previous marriage. Austin Willis and Rex Hagon also star. Leo Orenstein, producer. (Last program this season.)

Oct 22, 1957 - (Tuesday) (G.M. Theatre) "The Patsy," a suspense drama by former Winnipeg writer Fred Edge.

Oct 29, 1957 - (Tuesday) (G.M. Theatre) "The Prizewinner" — a comedy by Bernard Slade. The story of a little man, the butt of all the office's practical jokes, who outsmarts his tormentors once and for all by winning a fortune on a sweepstake ticket they thought they had fixed. Don Harron heads the cast.

Nov 5, 1957 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "One of Our Men Is Guilty," a war drama by J. N. Harris. Allied airmen plan an escape from a German prison camp but are unaccountably discovered in the attempt. Their search for the informer brings them to one of their own number — a Canadian whose father was a flying ace in the First world War. He must be silenced, but to kill him would disgrace his family at home.

Nov 12, 1957 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Guest Appearance" — a comedy-drama by Lester Powell. A second-rate actor tries to get money from an old flame to buy into a Broadway production. Her refusal forces him to work on her through her teen-age daughter, and to forestall this, she gives him the money. But the damage is done; the daughter has fallen in love with the actor. Murray Matheson, Charmion King, Stephanie Taylor and Paul Kligman star.

Nov 19, 1957 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Debit Account," by Kim McIlroy. A suspense drama about a young accountant who takes the risk of "borrowing" money from his employer in time of need. He pays it back, but his embezzlement is discovered by an unscrupulous auditor who blackmails him. Those taking part include Bob Goulet, Carol Starkman, Peter Mews, Murray Westgate.

Nov 26, 1957 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Lost in the Crowd" by Jack Kuper. When a young man living at home with his- mother falls in love with a girl, his mother is openly hostile, fearing she will lose him. The bewildered youth is caught between feelings of duty and love. In the cast are Vivian Nathan as Mrs. Jaworski, Jonathan White, Toby Tarnow and Jill Foster.

Dec 3, 1957 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Grab Shot," by Fred Edge. A hard-driving executive bases a foolproof plan for murder on a tape-recorded alibi. His ingenious scheme to rid himself of a useless partner is well on the way to success—except for one small detail.

Dec 10, 1957 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Old Man Says No," a comedy by Mac Shoub. When a big corporation buys up a large section of wilderness in B.C., the lives of the area's 31 settlers drastically changed. They stand to gain $32,000 for selling their land, but one old man says "No!" and uses his hunting rifle to emphasize his answer. Cast — Mavor Moore as Root, Donald Davis as Crown, Alex McKee as Crimp, Ed McNamara as Holland, Bernard Slade as Billop, Tom Harvey as Moorehead, Stan Francis as Bucham, and Ron Hartman as Lund. Producer: Mel Breen.

Dec 17, 1957 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Room," a psychological drama by William Kendall Clarke, based on the conflict between a father and his daughter. The father visits his 15-year-old daughter after the death of her mother, from whom he had been separated. He gets a hostile reaction when he asks her to return with him to South America. From Toronto.

Dec 24, 1957 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Little Sweep," by Benjamin Britten and Eric Crozier. Lets Make an Opera! is the Christmas-time presentation at the Crest Theatre in Toronto, and as a special Christmas Eve show on CBC Television Theatre, the cast will perform The Little Sweep, the miniature opera which is the second part of the musical. It will be produced by Basil Coleman. The cast includes Brian Craib as Sam; Jeanne Pengelly as Miss Baggott, the housekeeper; Rhoda Pendleton as Rowan, the nurserymaid; Jack Ringham as Black Bob, the sweep; Donald Bartle as Clem, his assistant; and Maxine Miller as Juliet. The children will be played by Billy Potten, Roger Olson, Renee Rosen, Janice Crenstein and Hayward Morse.

Dec 31, 1957 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "David and Jonathan," a sentimental comedy by N. R. Rolde.

Jan 7, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Maiden Voyage" (aka "Baptism by Fire") by Henry Kaplan. On his first naval assignment a young sailor learns the difference between sea-cadet exercises and actual combat.

Jan 14, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Radioactive Man" by Fred Edge, A man, unknowingly in possession of a radioactive pellet, enters the country on a forged passport.

Jan 21, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Nor All Thy Tears," by Alan Miller. A play about a youth who breaks out of a reformatory and returns to his tenement home to threaten his parents and younger brother with a gun.

Jan 28, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Death Minus One" by Arthur Hailey. Two children find themselves trapped with an unexploded German V2 rocket in the rubble of post-war London. The cast includes Murray Westgate, Sylvia Marriot, Tony Brown and Marcia Clare.

Feb 4, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Return from Darkness," a suspense thriller by Lester Powell. A wife and her lover plot the murder of her husband, who is already officially dead. Starring Katherine Blake as the wife, Austin Willis as the husband, and Cec Linder as the lover.

Feb 11, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Our Miss Hammond," a romantic comedy by Joseph Schull about a woman who leaves her home in a small town and goes to the city where she becomes involved with a married man.

Feb 18, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Soundings," an adventure drama by George Lowther. A ship's doctor finds purpose to his life in the last words of a dying sailor.

Feb 25, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Butler," by Ralph Rose. A group of people plot the death of an aged wealthy widow. To their surprise, the widow has a plot of her own.

Mar 4, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Runaways," a comedy by Sidney Furie about two very young lovers who plan to get married between classes. Broadway actress Phyllis Love and Clay Hall will play the two leading roles.

Mar 11, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Valjean," adapted by Leslie McFarlane from Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables." Taking part in the play will be Henry Comer as Javert, Edith French as Fantine, Hillary Vernon, Peter Needham, and Ivor Barry.

Mar 18, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Invaders," by Alwyn Whatsley. While wandering through the countryside, a young married couple discover an old abandoned cottage in which they decide to make their home. A mysterious stranger tells them of the curse which falls on all its inhabitants, but they disregard his warning.

Mar 25, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Big Coin Sound" by Bernard Slade. An eternal triangle story set in the "rockabilly" world of the record business.

Apr 1, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "A Question of Discipline" by Joseph Orenstein. When a woman is stricken with a fatal disease her doctor son fails to see why she should not be told about her condition. It is only when the mother tries to kill herself that the son learns the difference between wisdom and truth.

Apr 8, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Riggin' Slinger," a drama of the B.C. loggers by Fred Edge. A gang of lumbermen believe that the death of one of their men was caused by the riggin' slinger, a man big in physique, in principle, and pride in his work.

Apr 22, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Epitaph at Little Buffalo," a supernatural detective story by Arthur Hailey, starring Lome Greene, Rex Devlin, Margot Christie, Bud Knapp, Phyllis Malcolm-Stewart and Robert Goodier.

Apr 29, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Chain Reaction" by Dick Berg. When a physicist becomes director of a special research project he discovers the hazards of public office.

May 6, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Who Is Carapace?" a play by Lester Powell, based on the trial of Herbert Wallace for the murder of his wife.

May 13, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "A Heart and the Diamond" — an Italian comedy by Eileen and Robert Mason Pollock.

May 20, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "The Successor," a drama about big business, by Seymour Stern. The story of a young executive who discovers that he must do away with the original policies of the company's founder.

May 27, 1958 - (Tuesday) (Television Theatre) "Every Minute Counts," by Elaine Morgan. A man with murder on his mind finds that suspicion distorts truth.

Jun 3, 1958 - (Tuesday) (General Motors Presents) "A Matter of Principle," a play by Charles Templeton. A love affair and a murder shake a man's conviction that honesty is always fundamentally right.

Jun 10, 1958 - (Tuesday) (General Motors Presents) "Children of the Sun," a science-fiction drama by Mark Hellington.

Jun 17, 1958 - (Tuesday) (General Motors Presents) "Isobel," a mystery thriller by Margaret Bonham.

Jun 24, 1958 - (Tuesday) (General Motors Presents) "The Willow Tree," a love story by Audrey Piggot. A sensitive young girl rivals her mother for the affections of her father as she matures into womanhood. Ron Weyman, producer.

Jul 1, 1958 - (Tuesday) (General Motors Presents) "Blood on Whose House," a war drama by Ed McGibbon and Phed Vosniacos. The story of a British soldier who is captured by a Greek Cypriot fighter.

Jul 8, 1958 - (Tuesday) (General Motors Presents) "To My Son — With Love" by Leo Orenstein. The story of a young father who tries to give his son all the advantages he never had himself.

Sep 21, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Power to Destroy," a suspense drama by F. Douglas Jackson of Montreal, starring Douglas Rain, John Drainie and James Doohan; with Jill Foster, Ivor Barry, Helene Winston, Brendon Dillon and William Bell. A man turns himself into a human bomb by concealing sticks of dynamite in his clothing. He enters a bank and threatens to blow himself and the bank skyhigh if his orders are not carried out. Unfortunately the safe has a time lock on it and cannot he opened for fifteen minutes.

Sep 28, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Floating Island," a comedy by Ed McGibbon. The play is about a young boy who arrives at a Vermont hotel and announces that he is to get a room and wait for his father. When the father falls to appear the police become suspicious and find a clue which leads them to Montreal and some surprising revelations.

Oct 5, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Breakthrough," an air force court-martial drama by Donald Jack. The story of an RCAF flying officer who returns from a test flight in a new jet plane and finds himself immediately arrested and charged with treason. In reply to his protest that he was only in the air for five minutes, he is advised that he was away for five months.

Oct 12, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "End of Summer," by Elliot Baker, based on a short story by Ivan Turgenev. A young man, on holiday in Switzerland with his parents, falls in love with a girl several years his senior. He is given to understand that he is to meet her one evening at midnight, and when he goes to the appointed place he discovers he has a rival. ifrnm. Starring Donald Davis as Dr. Pope, Gordon Ruttan as Donald Pope, Hildegarde Rossi as Tina, and Hilary Vernon as Harriet Pope.

Oct 19, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Flower in the Rock"— a mystery and suspense story by Joseph Schull. The play, set partly in England and partly in western Canada, tells of a woman imprisoned in a hopeless life, who is driven to wreck three lives in her attempts to break free.

Oct 26, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Depth 300" — a submarine action story by Maurice Gagnon, produced by Charles Jarrott. The time is 1944 and the British submarine Trident is stalking an enemy ship. When Commander Clinton gives an order to his number one man, Brooks, the latter hesitates before carrying it out. The attack is successful, but Clinton suffers what seems to be a mild injury. Back on base Brooks asks Clinton when he will get his promotion, and Clinton tells Brooks he is not certain whether he will ever be more than a number one man. Tension mounts between the two when they are sent to track down an enemy submarine.

Nov 9, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) The story of two Americans who find themselves behind the British lines in the War of 1812. The soldiers take refuge in an abandoned homestead, and meet a blind girl named Laurie. One soldier plans to use her as a hostage, and the other is in love with her.

Nov 16, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "After The Fact," by John Lucarotti. A young man is convinced he has witnessed a murder, but when the police investigate they cannot find a clue.

Nov 23, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Georgie," a teleplay by George Salverson based on the story The Young Mother and Uncle Alec. A man sets out to steal a woman's daughter by changing her personality.

Nov 30, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "O Pioneers." Lloyd Bochner and Sharon Acker are newlyweds in this comedy. A new bride falls in love with an old cider-mill home, but the bridegroom, who has inherited the mill, wants to sell.

Dec 7, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Delicate Deal" by Caswell Garth. Gerry Conway has an original blackmail scheme.

Dec 14, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Little Loaves of Ste. Genevieve," a comedy set in Quebec, by Phyllis Lee Peterson. A widow and mother of 11 children, places great value on three loaves of bread. Resenting the presence of a nurse-companion in her home, she gives a loaf of bread to the butcher, hoping that its mystic powers will prove helpful in marrying the nurse to the butcher. The cast includes Antoinette Giroux as Madame Senecal, Germaine Giroux as Coralinne Theberge, Marthe Mercure as Rose and others.

Dec 21, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Pride and Prejudice," Jane Austen's classic novel, will be presented. The story revolves around a woman trying to find three suitable young men for her daughters, Patrick Macnee will play the role of Mr. Darcy, with Kay Hawtry as Elizabeth.

Dec 28, 1958 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Peace River Country." A mother and her two children struggle to achieve their dream of living in the far-off Peace River Country, their idea of Utopia.

Jan 18, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Face to Remember." By William Link and Richard Levinson. A suspense mystery with a television studio setting about the murder of a TV singing star.

Apr 5, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Man With A Rope," written by William Link and Richard Levinson. The story tells of a man and his son who arrive in town to hang a man.

Apr 12, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Mr. Rizzi's Return." The story is about a big-time U.S. gangster who returns to his native Italy after being deported from the states. Michael Kane stars as Rizzi.

Apr 19, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Talker," a drama by Andrew Lewis. It's about a voluble shoe-salesman in a department store who talks about nothing, but his son Frank, who works in the same store but has managed to become an assistant-manager while his father is still a salesman. William Needles will play the leading role.

May 3, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) A comedy about the manner in which old Simon Feder his family's problems and his own death. The cast includes Issac Swerdlow, Sammy Sales, Miriam Wolfe, Jacob Reinglas, Ben Lennick, Leo Phillips and Jim Barron.

May 10, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) This week- "A Killing at Bentley Comer," a teleplay by Ralph E. Loewe and Morton S. Shanberg, produced by Charles Jarrott. A melodrama about a young man in his mid-twenties who returns to his hometown after serving a five-year prison term for the theft of $5,000 from the local hospital where he was once employed. Once back in this small town where he was always the scapegoat for every incident and considered to be the town's black sheep, he demands a new trail- but this time on moral grounds rather than legal. At gunpoint he forces the six persons who through prejudice had condemned him at the original trial. back into the court-room where lie holds his own trial.

May 17, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "You'll Be Calling Me Michael." Ted Follows will play the role of a landlubber. Also in the cast are, Alex McKee, Frank Perry, Powys Thomas, Hugh Webster and Lynne Gorman. A farmer decides to come down to the sea to be a fisherman. Within a month he masters the skills of the local fishermen and, although they resent his bragging, he becomes accepted. He rises to become owner of a large fishing boat -until a near disaster at sea leads the villagers to become suspicious of him.

May 24, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Man On Four Beat," the story of two policemen, a rookie and veteran, assigned to No. 4 beat in Toronto. The rookie is killed and the veteran sets out to find the killers.

May 31, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "A Leap In The Dark," starring Austin Willis. This is Mr. Willis' first TV appearance in over a year. He and his wife Kate Reid have been in England starring in Roar Like A Dove.

Jun 7, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Fear Is No Stranger," starring Donald Davis, Robert Christie and Diane McMillan. Panic spreads in a California city when an unknown young woman is strangled in a wooded area. She is the third victim within a month. The district attorney experiences terror when his daughter arrives home with a new boy friend, a stranger. After a date she fails to come home, and the police take over.

Sep 27, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The New Men," adapted for TV by Jacqueline Rosenfield from the book by E.P. Snow. John Colicos plays a brilliant but strong-headed scientist, whose assistant Martin Williams is played by Donald Harron. The two men are running the first British atomic reactor, toward the end of the Second World War. They are pushing on feverishly in hopes that they, not the Germans, will be the first to produce a nuclear bomb. Failure, and delay on the project antagonizes the officials and when Luke suffers radiation burns all seems lost. Then they learn that the Americans have the bomb and intend to drop it on Japan. Martin becomes disgusted with the whole thing and leaves Luke to fight it out alone.

Oct 4, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Land Of Promise," by W. Somerset Maugham, adapted for TV by Alwynne Whatsley. Rosemary Harris stars in this turn-of-the-century drama on the theme of The Taming of The Shrew, set in Western Canada. Norah, a young English girl accustomed to a middle-class English life joins her brother and his wife on a wheat farm in Manitoba, and finds that her ladylike qualities clash with the rugged hand of promise. To try to escape her sister-in-law, she agrees to marry one of the hired hands, but she fights him as a lover and as a husband. When she receives a cheque for $500 and the offer of a job in England, she sees a chance to escape.

Oct 11, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Race For Heaven," a comedy about two Irish friends who are inseparable to the point of planning a double funeral. They quarrel one day over a little piece of sausage, and then decide to outdo each other in a race to take the last journey. Playing, the leads are Hugh Webster and Chris Wiggins. James Doohan plays the role of the Irish priest.

Oct 18, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Murder Story," starring Jeremy Wilkins, Barry Morse, Eric Christmas, Elizabeth Cole and Donald Ewer, in a play about a highly controversial figure. A backward youth, Jim Tanner, is sentenced to hang as a murder accessory. The effect of the death cell confinement is revealed, along with the effect on those close to him. The play was written by Ludovic Kennedy.

Oct 25, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) A young man who belongs to the right golf club becomes an executive in an advertising firm. He finds that the men in the grey flannel suits expect more than he is prepared to give. George McGowan plays the leading role, along with Neil LeRoy, Toby Tarnow, Gordon Pinsent, and Anna Cameron.

Nov 1, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Last of the Hot Pilots," a spoof on the jet age and modern space pilots will be seen. Alan Young stars as the "old pro" pilot who is glad retirement from the air force is near now that he is surrounded by "kids" who love to fly jets - which he hates. Suddenly faced with the prospect of being posted to an arctic jet squadron he decides instead to sign up for a priority project. Too late he discovers he may be the first man to be sent to outer space. Also in the cast are Paul Klingman, Barbara Franklin, Frank Perry and Dave Broadfoot.

Nov 8, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) An original teleplay, based on an actual murder case. The play is based on a Montreal murder case in which a young man answers an ad for a bachelor to drive a car to New York, The young man mysteriously vanishes.

Nov 22, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Second Home," an original teleplay by Arthur Cavanaugh. The plot concerns a loyal secretary, played by Aino Pirskanen, who has made her office a second home, much in the annoyance of her neglected husband. Others in the cast are John Sullivan, Ruth Springford, Timothy Findley, Alex McKee, Linda Ballantyne, Jane Mallett and Cosette Lee.

Nov 29, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Discoverers," a new production of the award-winning drama starring Murray Westgate, John Drainie and Ted Follows. The teleplay recreates the discovery of insulin by Sir Frederick Banting and Dr. Charles H. Best and was written by Max Rosenfeld and George Salverson and first produced in 1956. The drama has been scheduled as a salute to the University of Toronto and its national fund drive to raise $12,600,000. During the program, Dr. Charles H. Best, director of the Banting-Best laboratories will speak on behalf of the fund and will talk about medical research currently under way at the university.

Dec 6, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Love Story 1910," the story of Crippen the murderer, based on one of the most famous crime detection cases of the century. It stars Eric House as Crippen and Frances Hyland as the girl who loved him.

Dec 13, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Oddball," a satirical comedy about conforming society. Tom Harvey and Corinne Conley star as Adam and Cathy Parker, a happily married couple with two children. Also appearing in the cast as Father is Murray Senens.

Dec 20, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Amahl And The Night Visitors." The Christmas Opera by Menotti will be performed in English by the NBC Opera Company. Kirk Jordan will play Amahl and others in the cast are Rosemary Kuhlmann, Andrew McKinley, Leon Lishner, David Aiken and Francis Monachino. Members of the cast are repeating their roles for the fourth year.

Dec 27, 1959 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Trelawney Of The Wells," a comedy of stage life by Arthur Wing Pinero. The story deals with actress-heroine Rose Trelawney, who becomes engaged to a young aristocrat but breaks her engagement to return to the stage.

Jan 10, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Here Today, a love story set in the Niagara fruit belt starring Kate Reid, Robert Goulet and Melwyn Breen.

Jan 17, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Rehearsal for Invasion, a war drama starring Larry Zahab, Ted Follows and James Doohan.

Jan 24, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) You Win, You Lose, a drama revealing how psychology is a major weapon in police hands. Starring in the play, which was written by Canadian author William Edwards, are Lee Patterson, Alfie Scopp and Austin Willis.

Jan 31, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) How To Make More Money Than Men, a comedy about a young widow who crashes the business world. Starring are Corine Conley, Murray Matheson and Tom Harvey.

Feb 7, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) The Remarkable Incident At Carson Corners, a drama about the pupils of a small-town public school who summon their parents to the school at 6 a.m. for a mysterious reason. Starring in the play are Eric House, Jeremy Wilkin, Gillie Fenwiek, Ron Hartmann, Alexander Webster and Ruth Springford.

Feb 14, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Murder, Anyone?, a suspense melodrama. Appearing in the cast are Margaret Braidwood, Douglas Rain, Emerton Court, Catherine Proctor and Powys Thomas.

Feb 21, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Sun In My Eyes, an autobiographical play by Jack Kuper of Toronto set in Poland in 1942. Starring Al Waxman, Toby Robins and Kenneth Ponzo, the play tells the story of the suffering of the Jews under the tyranny of Hitler. Mr. Kuper, the author, drew the sketches that open the play and also narrates the introduction.

Feb 28, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Madge Is For Maybe, a drama about a shy backwoods woman who tries to become part of the outside world. Starring are Anna Cameron and Bob Goulet.

Mar 6, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) The Death Around Us, an original teleplay by Arthur Murphy. The hospital drama deals with a mysterious infection that begins with the death of a young boy, crippling an entire hospital and forcing rigid emergency measures. Starring are Emerson Court, George Luscombe, Alex McKee, Jo Fisher and Elinor Beecroft.

Mar 13, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) The Man Who Stole The Blarney Stone, an Irish comedy by Richard Morris and Michael Leighton. The story is about a thief whose scheme is to have the stone stolen and then found in England so that war can be declared on the English. Starring in the play are Joseph Shaw, Anne Collings, Drew Thompson, Chris Wiggins, Emerton Court and Mary Savidge

Mar 20, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Ordeal By Poison, a play in which a young lawyer and his wife find they have been marked for murder. Starring in the play are Jack Creley, Ted Follows, and Dawn Greenhalgh.

Mar 27, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) The Incredible World of Horace Ford, a drama by Reginald Rose starring Alan Young, who plays the part of a man who finds escape from reality in childhood memories.

Apr 3, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) The Incredible World Of Horace Ford, a drama by Reginald Rose, starring Alan Young.

Apr 10, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz

Apr 17, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Mr. Sycamore, based on a short story by Canadian author Robert Ayre, starring William Needles as John Gilt. It's the story of a man who announces he is going to "plant" himself in the backyard - and become a tree.

Apr 24, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) The Queen's Peace by Arthur Hailey. Neil McCallum stars. Other cast includes Jeremy Wilkin, Patrick Macnee and Tony Van Bridge.

May 1, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) The Outcast of Ste. Angele, an original ieleplay by Phyllis Lee Peterson of Montreal. It stars Antoinette Giroux and Mona Lisa Foy with an all-French Canadian cast.

May 8, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Music In The Wall, an original screenplay by Donald Jack starring Kate Reid, James Doohan and Hayword Morse.

May 15, 1960 (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Substitute Soldier by John Whelan and starring Jonathon White, Lloyd Bochner and Jack Creely and introducing Scott Peters. A young Canadian farmer is "hired" to fight on the side of the North in the American Civil War. He wants to pay off the mortgage on his father's farm but he doesn't want to kill. The reluctant "substitute soldier" makes a decision that brings him face to face with death.

May 22, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "A Wind From The South," an original teleplay by James Costigan, starring Frances Hyland, John Vernon and Charmion King.

May 29, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Beckoning Hill," by Arthur Murphy, starring Michael Craig and introducing Martha Buhs.

Jun 5, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Inquest," an original teleplay by John Whelan starring Shepherd Strudwick, Norma Renault and Jacques Godin.

Jun 12, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Well," an original teleplay by Mavor Moore, starring William Shatner and Corinne Conley.

Jun 19, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Virtuous Island," by Jean Giradoux, starring John Colicos and Norman Welsh. In 1769, Captain Cook's frigate Endeavor is anchored off the island of Otahiti. Banks, the naturalist of the scientific expedition, goes ashore to "civilize" the natives in preparation for the landing next day. The native chief, Uturu, and his islanders bewilder the Englishman with their "co-operation." Cast: Uturu (John Colicos); Banks (Norman Welsh); Lieutenant (Joseph Shaw); Matamua (Ted Follows); Mrs. Banks (Betty Leighton); Vaituru (Scott Peters); Tahariri (Charlotte De Neve); Solander (George Sperdakos). Others in the cast are: Leo Phillips, Garbut Roberts, Tony Kramreither, June Sampson, Katherine Doby, William Bell, Gordon Pinsent, Judith Coates, Loretta Sherman. Betty Anderson, Ruby Renault, Dolores Nlskanen, Eric Cryderman, Paul Pettiford, Art Lome, and Joseph Maher.

Oct 2, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) GM Presents starts its seventh season of one-hour Sunday sight dramas with The Night They Killed Joe Howe, a new drama based on a historical episode from the life of the 19th-centure Nova Scotia statesman, starring Douglas Rain.

Oct 9, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Blue Is For Boys, a comedy by Bernia Slade, starring William Redfield, Corrine Conley and Jil Foster. There is mayhem in an introduction agency, as a computing machine plays cupid and gets its wires crossed.

Oct 16, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Hide Me In The Mountains, a drama by James Elward starring Michael Forrest and Austin Willis. It is the story of Danny King (Forrest), a restless young Indian who owns a valuable tract of land. When a wood-products corporation shows interest in purchasing the land for development, the community anticipates new prosperity. Danny's friend and the town's leading citizen, Clyde Burnett (Willis) urges him to sell — assuring Danny he will be aiding not only the townspeople but his own people as well. Events prove otherwise, and Danny is torn between a compelling desire to prove himself and a feeling of resentment against and loyalty to his people. His decision affects the town and the nearby Indian village, and violence results. Other principal roles: Jonathan White as Larry Tooley; Eric Clavering as Jacob, the Indian chief; Toby Tarnow as Doreen, the chief's daughter; Aileen Seaton as Grace Burnett; George Luscombe as Bobby Weaver; Charles Palmer as Mr. Hummock; Lloyd Chester as Peter Nevins. Producer is Melwyn Breen.

Oct 23, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Death Is A Spanish Dancer," starring Diana Vandervlis as Una Ketterling. It's the story of a young girl who begins to frequent a shabby night club, fascinated by Que Que (Jose Barrera), a Mexican gypsy dancer. Andrew Allan: John Ketterling; Budd Knapp: Dr. Richard Munroe. Produced by Ronald Weyman.

Oct 30, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) The Devil's Pattern, starring Ron Hartman, the first television drama by Munroe Scott, an experienced film writer. Produced by Leo Orenstein. The Devil's Petition, set in what is now southwestern Ontario, is based on an incident in the life of Rev. John Ryerson, brother of Egerton Ryerson. Egerton Ryerson was the founder of Ontario's school system, a minister, and editor of The Christian Guardian in York (Toronto). The Devil's Petition has a cast of 33, headed by Ron Hartman, and including Ivor Barry, Deborah Turnbull, Marigold Charlesworth, Geoffrey Alexander, Leo Leyden, Lester Nixon, Lou Pitoscia, Eric Clavering, Moya Fenwick, Leo Phillips, Vernon Chapman, Eric Cryderman and Bill Brydon.

Nov 13, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Where I Live," by Clive Exton and starring Gillie Fenwick as Frederick "Dad" Dove. Seventy-year-old Dad is the unwitting cause of a family quarrel. Members of the family in this play, about the problem of old age, are portrayed by Elizabeth Cole as Jessy; Norman Welsh as her easy-going husband, Bert; Barry Morse as the cocksure son, George, and Diana Maddox as his wife, Vi. The producer is Basil Coleman.

Nov 20, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) Kiss Mama Goodbye, starring Sylvia Lennick, Dino Narizzano and Larry Mann is a warm-hearted comedy-drama about a Canadian-Jewish family.

Nov 27, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Collision," a television drama by Norman Vane and produced by George McCowan. Bud Knapp plays the role of Capt. Trawley, one of the American freighter captains involved in a collision at sea. Trawley opposes
a young captain, De Sica (Bruno Gerussi) in the courtroom enquiry into the cause of the collision. De Sica's counsel, Loren Hill (Austin Willis) attempts to prove that Trawley had reason to hate the younger captain.

Dec 11, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Long Road Back," an original television drama by Len Peterson, produced by Melwyn Breen and starring Don Francks. On parole after a long prison term, 32-year-old Jeff Rollins tries to win acceptance in the outside world. Discouraged by his failure to get a job as a draftsman, he meets Celia through a boyhood friend and decides to "forget the past." But he can't for long. From Toronto. CAST: Francks as Jeff Rollins; Tudi Wiggins as Cells Lang: Jonathan White as Bill; Deborah Turnbull as Doris; Douglas Master as Mr. Rollins; Maud Whitmore as Mrs. Rollins; Alexander Webster as Mr. Lang; Cosette Lee as Mrs. Lang; Fred Diehl as Mr. Howard; George Robertson as Mr. Giles; James Barron as Bleakley; Don Smith as Reid; Eric Clavering as Reggie; Eric Cryderman as "Stobey"; Leo Phillips as Maguire. Others: Alfred Gallagher, Leslie Teo, Alice Burt, Elizabeth Shar-land and Alex Jeffories.

Dec 25, 1960 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Watchers," a ghost story, starring Michael Craig. Supernatural events in an isolated cliffside house on the Devon coast brine near disaster to a young girl who once lived there. Cast: Roderick Fitzgerald > Michael Craig; Pamela Fitzgerald > Jim Showell; Stella Meredith > Roberta Maxwell; Commander Brooke > Alfred Gallagher; Ghost of Mary Meredith > Hilary Vernon.

Jan 22, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Big Deal," an hour-long comedy written by M. Charles Cohen.

Jan 29, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Vigilante." Frances Hyland stars as Nellie, a saloon owner of the old west. Eric Cryderman stars as the vigilante, a rough-hewn hero who leads a posse to bring a hunted youth to justice. In the role of Will Price, he tracks down Nellie's son, Cliff (Raymond Bellew), suspected of robbing a stage coach and killing the driver. The vigilante's determination to administer frontier justice brings him into conflict with Nellie, whom he plans to marry, and his brother, Tom (Don Francks), the town sheriff, who is determined to give the youth a fair trial. Others in the cast are Alex McKee, John Nevette, Lloyd Chester, James Barron, Alan Crofoot, Joe Austin and Martin Lavut. Producer is Leo Orenstein.

Apr 2, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "A Winter Meeting," a new George Salverson drama. Gerry Rowan plays a 75-year-old retired hotel manager at a Laurentian resort.
Rowan co-stars with Winifred Denis (as Auntie Bea) in the teleplay. When Auntie Bea and her granddaughter, Lesley (Sharon Acker), arrive at the hotel for a family celebration, the retired manager, Roger Anderson, realizes the emptiness of his life. On the point of leaving the hotel, at the request of the new manager, he makes a grim decision. But Auntie Bea unwittingly paves the way for a happy ending.

Apr 23, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Riel, part 1." Two-part television version of Riel, by John Coulter. Producer: George McCowan. With Bruno Gerussi (Riel), Jean Cavall, Robert Christie, Eric Clavering, Jaynes Doohan, Max Helpmann, Larry Mann, Scott Peters, Joseph Shaw, John Vernon.

Apr 30, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Riel, part 2."

May 7, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Neighbour," by Jeanne Maxime-David, translated by Zena B. Rtnton. Produced by Harvey Hart, and starring Lois Nettleton and William Hurt, with Gordon Pinsett. Lise, a young medical student, is overwrought by her pending examinations and a quarrel with her fiance, Jean. In her bizarre Parisian flat, she finds a stranger who introduces himself as Serge, her neighbor. Cast: Nettleton as Lise; Hutt as Serge; Pinsent as Jean; Stephen Appleby as Doctor.

May 21, 1961 - (Sunday) (CBC Theatre) "The Conquest of Cobbletown," comedy, Ted Follows, Deborah Turnbull; this is the play from which General Motors withdrew its sponsorship because of the "risks of seeming to plead a case for U.S. ownership of Canadian companies."

May 28, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "The Town that Didn't Care," (originally scheduled for May 14). A television drama by Jacqueline Rosenfeld, produced by Paul Almond. Stars are Donald Harron and Bud Knapp. Martin, a small-town high school teacher, battles apathy to instigate a search for a missing girl student. Cast: Harron as Martin; Knapp as the principal; William Needles as the doctor; Lynne Gorman as Mrs. Bedermier; Beth Morris as Alice; Hendelee Parry as Etholine; Alice Hill as Mrs. Cass; Martin Andrews as Wally; Daryl Masters as Dietrich; Mel Benstock as Harrison; Douglas Master as Harold Bedermeir.

Jun 4, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Company Party." Corinne Conley, John Horton, Charmion King, Tony Van Bridge, Austin Willis; company politics and the boss's interfering wife create marital discord for a young executive.

Jun 11, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Something Old, Something New," a drama by Patricia Joudry, produced by Harvey Hart, and starring Barry Jones. In their developing friendship, two elderly people discover some hard-to-face realities about themselves and their respective lives. Cast: Jones as Mr. Lattimer; Maud Whitmore as Mrs. Phillips: Alice Hill as Nora Phillips; Larry Reynolds as Frank Phillips; Sandra Scott as Ruth; Karen James as Nancy.

Jun 17, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Dr, Knock," satire, Barry Morse, Tony van Bridge, Ruth Springford; a quack uses unorthodox means to bolster his practice.

Jun 25, 1961 - (Sunday) (General Motors Presents) "Power by Proxy," drama, Leslie Neilsen, Budd Knapp, Toby Robins, Cec Linder: about a straggle for control of big business.

Jul 9, 1961 - The Cupboard, first in a 12-week series of dramas from the United Kingdom.

Jul 30, 1961 - The Debt Collector

Aug 6, 1961 - Decision at Nine

Aug 13, 1961 - Scent of Fear

Aug 20, 1961 - The Devil Makes Three.

Sep 10, 1961 - The Richest Man in the World

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