SaaS Company iAdvize Boosts Leads 4X with HubSpot

By 2014, French company iAdvize was enjoying great success with its real-time customer engagement software. However, it was using a collection of disparate tools to achieve its online marketing goals; it needed a more powerful and cohesive solution. Its search for the ideal marketing automation platform led it to HubSpot. Since then, it has increased its marketing team from four people to 14. Traffic to the iAdvize website is up by 3X, lead generation has increased by 4X, while the sales cycle has been halved.


Increase in lead generation


Increase in website traffic


Reduction in length of sales cycle

iAdvize Team


Founded in 2010, French company iAdvize’s raison d’être is to anchor human conversations at the heart of online shopping. Its conversational commerce platform enables its customers to detect conversation opportunities on their own website and applications, as well as on third party social media networks and messaging apps. Visitors can get real-time advice, through chat, voice and video, from customer service representatives, advocates and members of the brand community. Today, iAdvize is a leading real-time customer engagement solution that is used by more than 2,500 companies throughout Europe.

A Company on the Rise Seeks an Inbound Solution

By 2014, French company iAdvize’s real-time customer engagement platform was rising in popularity. But as the business grew, Maxime Baumard, VP of marketing at iAdvize knew that it needed to change its own marketing strategy to keep pace. Maxime, explains:

“At the time, we were using multiple tools that weren’t synced up with each other, including MailChimp for emails and Unbounce for Landing Pages. We weren’t able to track prospects; we didn’t have the ability to automate follow-up actions with visitors. Seeing as our main goal was to generate more sales-qualified leads, it wasn’t ideal. I realised that the right marketing automation platform could make all the difference.”

He began to investigate the solutions available, starting with Marketo. However, he felt that “it was a poor user experience”. Maxime continued his research, and discovered the HubSpot blog. After requesting a demo, he was convinced.

“That was a wow moment for me – the HubSpot software was all about simplicity and ease of use, but it had all the tools we needed under the one roof. As well as that, the expertise and vision that the company had around inbound marketing made me certain that I was making the right choice.”

iAdvize signed on the dotted line with HubSpot in Autumn 2014, and immediately began to use the platform to implement a new marketing strategy.

"The HubSpot software allows us to have our team on the same page – it’s easy to use, it has advanced integration, and everything is in the one place."

Maxime Baumard

VP of Marketing


Creating a Lead Generation Machine

Maxime and the marketing team set about creating personas for its different types of clients, who come from both medium and large companies throughout Europe. They populated the iAdvize website with Landing Pages containing content such as ebooks, articles, whitepapers and checklists. They also began to use the Social Inbox for posting to Twitter and Facebook and set up the company blog on the Blog App.

According to Maxime, the advanced features of the HubSpot Marketing Platform have made generating and qualifying leads much easier. 

“They enable us to personalise our marketing strategy. We use Smart CTAs and Smart Lists to adapt what the client sees to their persona or industry or lifecycle stage. We create a lot of Workflows, which allow us to nurture our leads with follow-up communications which are specific to them. Thanks to A/B testing and Reporting, we are able to constantly optimise our Landing Pages, our email campaigns and our website.”

Maxime also synchronised the HubSpot software with the iAdvize CRM, which means that every marketing interaction – email sends, opens, clicks, form submissions and more – is shared with the sales team. This allows them to have more informed conversations with prospects.

“We’ve aligned the sales and marketing departments much more closely since we implemented the HubSpot software. We have set up lead scoring and our marketing activities – the Workflows, the email campaigns – are leading to more requests for demos. That means that we can hand the sales team leads that are truly sales qualified, and they can contact them immediately to arrange a meeting.”

"Thanks to the HubSpot Marketing Platform, we have been able to produce more sales-qualified leads, and our salespeople are equipped with the information they need to close deals."

- Maxime Baumard

An Engine that Powers Success

Since partnering with HubSpot, iAdvize has grown significantly. The marketing team has increased from four people to 14, its budget has been doubled and it has ramped up its content production activities. Traffic to the iAdvize website site is up by 3X, lead generation has increased by 4X, while the sales cycle has been shortened by 50%.

“Our main goal is to make our sales people happy, and the HubSpot software allows us to do that. Automation enables us to send the right content at the right moment to the right person, which makes our marketing efforts more personalised and way more efficient. It has led to huge increases in both the number and the quality of our sales-qualified leads.”

Looking to the future, Maxime envisages the HubSpot Marketing Platform will be a key part of the company’s expansion, and the marketing team will continue to tweak its strategy to ensure success. Good inbound marketing, he says, requires constant vigilance.

“We recently ran an A/B test on a newly designed demo page. We were convinced that the new one was better, but started an A/B test to be sure. After two months, we saw there were much fewer conversions, so we optimised the old one and kept it.”

The HubSpot and iAdvize partnership is something of a meeting of minds, asserts Maxime. “The HubSpot DNA matches our own, in terms of the vision we share for providing an excellent user experience. The platform has helped us to define a concrete inbound marketing strategy and to achieve and track our success.”

"We are delighted with our HubSpot. The platform has helped us achieve our marketing goals and the mentoring we have received has allowed us to become better inbound marketers."

- Maxime Baumard

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