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This blog has been resurrected as a place for me to post updates and photos during my time here in Russia. I have just arrived at the Holy Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius and will be staying here throughout Great Lent and Pascha. Afterwards I hope to visit Diveyevo monastery and venerate the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov. May God grant the blessing.

Meanwhile here at the Lavra of St. Sergius I am blessed to begin getting to know some of the monastic fathers. There are some 200 monks now in the monastery. With the hundreds of visitors, workers, students, and teachers, it is like living in a small village, but with the most beautiful cathedrals and choirs.

The view from the window in the hallway outside my room

The view from the window in the hallway outside my room

Winter is still with us. There is snow on the ground and there was a light snow in the early morning. Now it is grey, cold, and wet as the snow begins to melt. Whatever the weather, the Lavra is beautiful and full of the grace of God through the prayers of the people and the relics and intercessions of the saints within these walls. It is such a blessing to be able to venerate St. Sergius’ relics on a daily basis. Another gift of grace is found in the relic of the right hand of St. Stephen, the Proto-martyr and Deacon. I feel this very personally as the first church that I planted many years ago (in Cupertino, CA) is dedicated to St. Stephen. May we all have his blessing.  — Fr. Seraphim

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  1. michaela says:

    Very Beautiful!! Dasbadonia :)

  2. fr.silouan says:

    Good Evening Father. It was such a pleasure to see your blog this evening. It has been on my mind lately to contact you to obtain an update on your journey. I’m glad to see your in Russia for Lent and Pascha and in such a beautiful monastery. You are deeply imbedded in our hearts and it is always a blessing to hear from you. Remember us in your prayers. fr. silouan hinde

  3. Susana says:

    Hello Father Seraphim,
    I am Susana from Agios Nkodimos ,, I ll tried to sent you a reply two months ago but it didn t work.i am glad to learn your news ,You have left Nepa,l I am sure God has other Plans for you .I have make the surgery in my spinal . I can wlk now normally.I wish you καλή Σαρακοστή και καλό Πάσχα and a good stay in Russia full of Jesus .I hope to see you again.
    With love in Jesus ,Susana.

  4. Lucia Garner says:

    Pray for us while you are in this Holy place. I assume that you speak Russian and are able to communicate easily with the monks there. Good struggle this Lent, Father. Kali Sarakosti kai kali dynami ! Love in Christ, Lucia

  5. Sue Johnson says:

    Holy Saint Sergius, pray to God for us. Thank you, Father, for your update. What a blessing to spend Lent in that holy place.

  6. fr.radu says:

    Hi, Fr. Seraphim

    I am glad that your work was not in vain in Nepal, after all the light shine in darkness… I will be, with the Hall of Teotokos, in the next week in Holly Mount Athos. I will pray for u and or work there and to all who support your mission in a way or other. And also for Ushe.

    In Christ,
    Fr. Radu from Cluj, Romania

  7. zondra Rapazzini says:

    What a blessing it is for you to be back in Russia and at St Sergius…Please pray to him for us.
    I am praying that your medical conditions improve and know what a blessing you are to all of us..
    In Christ…love Gregory and Alexandra Rapazzini-Davis..Felton

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