Back to Athos

After Fr. Matthew Harrington arrived in Thessaloniki, we spent a few days in the city visiting various churches and venerating the saints of the city.  Then we headed to Mt. Athos together.

Morning has broken, at Grigoriou monastery

Morning has broken, at Grigoriou monastery

Grigorio 2

First stop was Grigoriou monastery, where we spent time with old friends, Fr. Damianos, Fr. Pavlos, and Fr. Neophytos.

From there we traveled to Simono Petra, where I hoped to visit old acquaintances of mine.  I hadn’t seen Fr. Iakovos in years, and hadn’t seen Fr. Maximos since his days as a teaching assistant at Holy Cross in 1996.  Since then, my youngest son, Michael, had studied with both Fathers during his time at Hellenic College.  Unfortunately, Fr. Maximos was still in the USA and Fr. Iakovos was on a brief trip into Thessaloniki, so we missed them both.

Looking up to the majestic Simono Petra Monastery

Looking up to the majestic Simono Petra Monastery

Simono PetraOur final stop on Athos was at the Monastery of Vatopaidi.

The ancient Byzantine monastery of Vatopaidi

The ancient Byzantine monastery of Vatopaidi

And finally, after leaving Mt. Athos, we traveled to St. Nikodemos monastery near Greece’s border with Bulgaria.  This monastery is a metochi (daughter monastery) of Simono Petra.St. Nikodemos 1St. Nikodemos 3St. Nikodemos 4

With Fr. Matthew

With Fr. Matthew


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7 Responses to Back to Athos

  1. Lucia Garner says:

    You were so fortunate to be able to visit these Holy places. I hope it gave you a renewed vision and vitality for your own work in Nepal. We always pray for you. Please pray for us too.
    Love in Christ,
    Lucia Garner

  2. fr.silouan says:

    Beautiful pictures Father. We had the good fortune of having Fr. Maximus here while you were there. He spoke at a conference at the Saint Nicholas Ranch in Dunlap.

  3. janie pyle (Magdalena) says:

    thanks for sharing, Magdalena

  4. Reader Matthew Kowasic says:

    I was lucky enough that when i graduated St Tikhon’s Seminary in 1992, and had plans to enter a monastery, Met Maximos of the Greek Archdiocese communicated with Gregoriou and Iveron and arranged extended stay for me. One week at Iveron and about 2.5 months at Gregoriou. Loved it there. Many talks with Geronda George, and my confessor while there was Fr Philotheos.

    • orthodoxnepal says:

      Elder George was wonderful. When I lived in Greece in 1996-97, he took me under his wing to give instruction in the Faith and blessed me to serve there in order for me to learn how to serve like the Fathers on Athos. After returning to the States, I continued to visit Athos every year for the next dozen years or more. Visiting there always resets the spiritual compass to “true North” and helps guide us on our way. Fr.S.

  5. Innocent says:

    Thank you for the photos. I really liked them. They are very interesting. I Want to go There some day.
    How do you like it on Mt.Athos? Do any of the little Monasteries have electricity?
    Have you ever served at any of the monasteries?

    From, Savva (age 9).

  6. fr.radu says:

    Hi, fr. Seraphim!

    Is good to here news from you! I hope one day you’ll comeback also in Romania, too, in the lend where the Gospel were preached by St. Andrew, which we comemorat today and when you had first contact with orthodoxy?

    Did you also visited Prodromos, too?

    Fr. Radu from Cluj, Romania

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