Apocalypse Now
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Condemnation of Victor Salva

In the previous 12 hours, it has come to my attention that Victor Salva directed the movie Jeepers Creepers 3.

Salva pled guilty to crimes involving child molestation and pornography. He served time in prison. As a director it is my view that abhorrent acts such as sex crimes and murder should disqualify anyone from directing in Hollywood.

I have empathy for the victim and any individual subjected to such misery.

I am immediately condemning such depraved criminal actions in the strongest possible sense. I am making this statement on October 13, 2017 – the day that I became aware of the facts.

Recent events illustrate the importance of making this statement.

Fear of financial or professional repercussions is not an acceptable excuse for silence in the face of the very worst human behavior possible.

Hollywood can, must and will be better.

- Montgomery Markland

Rose McGowan Twitter Suspension

We vehemently disagree with large social utilities policing people’s speech.

We disagree with this corporate utility speech policing on any part of the political or social spectrum.

Therefore, we have deleted all Twitter accounts associated with the Apocalypse Now game and the director has deleted all of his Twitter accounts, including accounts not associated with the game.

We will leave the dead Twitter link on our footer for 1 year so that Charlie knows who did this.

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