Jack Ma will take 200 African apprentices to Hangzhou for learning entrepreneurship

Jack Ma will take 200 African apprentices to Hangzhou for learning entrepreneurship

When Jack Ma visited to Africa as a special adviser of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development , faced to one question asked by an African entrepreneurs about “whether there are  commissioner in Alibaba responsible for the cooperation in the field of AI and machine learning”, Jack Ma replied, Alibaba had similar things, he would invite 200 to 500 African entrepreneurs next year to Hangzhou for receiving the training, learning how electricity works, how the government works, and hoped that they could experience back to Africa to further expand the training.

Known that from inside of Alibaba Jack Ma has contraposed the B20 (G20 business summit) to come up with a “B200 plan”, planed to cultivate 100 to 200 young entrepreneurs every year in different developing countries around the world. B20 was the solution to large companies and B200 would solve the remaining 80%.

The case by B200 of “2018 training in Hangzhou” announced in Africa has been implemented from the theoretical framework to concreted the implementation for the first time. Predicting the next year’s training put forward to entrepreneurs in Africa would focus on actual operations more than on the philosophy.

Kenya was the first station in Africa Jack Ma visited The country’s prime minister Uhuru Kenyatta showed welcome to this training plan. Planed to fly 1000 hours this year Jack Ma for the first time to Africa, the first station Kenya he chose not only had the best airline across Africa, but also the fastest developing country in the mobile payment.

A while back, Alipay had entered into Africa, but it was limited to online payments by now, such as booking tickets on local airlines’ official websites, buying tickets for the city’s tourist bus websites in South Africa and so on. But from the perspective of Ant financial’s international expansion route and paths, offline scanning payment would soon enter into Africa.

Nowadays, Alibaba has entered Africa’s principle business were B2B international station and Ali Express, one was export wholesale and the other was export retail. For the B2B business, Alibaba had 7 million registered users in Africa, including more than 1 million users in Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt. In recent three years, the order quantity in African countries in Alibaba’s international standing has been steadily increasing, the orders was increased by 125 per cent year-on-year in one quarter. African traders liked to wholesale consume electronics, clock watches, mechanical products, beauty cares, clothing accessories and so on from China.

As for the platform facing to the customers directly of Ali Express, Africa area has averaged 3.22 million orders per year in the recent three years, this year the orders quantity raised 46% in the first quarter compared with the same period last year, and wireless transactions accounted for 31%. As the individual consumer, African customers’ favorite consuming clothing accessories, mobile communications, hair accessories, automobile motorcycle accessories, the commodities involving Redmi mobile phones, one plus phones, customization wedding dress, etc.

Overall, Jack Ma has already landed the plan of eWTP global electronic trading platform in Malaysia, electricity, payment, logistics, cloud computing and other business was forwarding to permeate layout in Kuala Lumpur, the core idea of eWTP was to realize the “sell from the world to the world”, Africa as a rising star in the field of consumer market and entrepreneurship, was a significant market to globalize, which could not be avoided by Alibaba, at meanwhile was also one important step of the competition for Amazon, Google and Facebook . The Internet in Africa area was heating up obviously.



  1. Aswanto BTT

    Dear Mr. Jack Ma, My Friend
    (Jack Ma Foundation. Your Friend)

    Hehe. Mr. Jack Ma i wish to follow going to Hangzhou for receiving training and learning entrepreneurhip. May i? I wish you would say Yes! Hehe. Thank you very much for sharing Mr. Jack Ma. I learn so much from Mr. Jack Ma’s Video at Youtube and Books about Mr. Jack Ma. You are my Idol and My Role Model. I am a small entrepreneur like Mr. Jack Ma was at 1999. But i am from Indonesia, not Africa. I am 37 years old. We have Big Dreams like Mr. Jack Ma was at 1999.

    Thank you very much Mr. Jack Ma, Alibaba Group and Jack Ma Foundation for sharing and Helping People! You Are Our Angel!

    Best Regards,

    abtt! (Aswanto BTT!)
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  2. Yada

    Is JMF having any plan to incubate an idea from Africa, Kenya to be specific, that can become the next big thing in the industry? I am fascinated by the Story of Jack Ma, my longtime role model, and fellow teacher. But I am very interested in sharing with him my next story. May I get a chance or a platform to do so? Thanks

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