23 November - 25 November 2017

Italian Interiors
from 1925 to the Present Day

SEC - Western Hall, Ground Floor

The photographic exhibition Italian Interiors from 1925 to the Present Day – an offshoot of the exhibition Rooms. Novel Living Concepts, a Salone del Mobile.Milano project, curated by the architect Beppe Finessi and held at the Triennale di Milano in 2016 – provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase interior architecture projects tackled by the most important 20th century Italian designers.

11 authors of differing generations, vocabularies and approaches to design, were invited to conceive a “room” as a primary living space for today and tomorrow, in which even the furnishing elements were expressly conceived for particular private clients and their houses, only subsequently going into production and featuring in the catalogues of high end companies. Interior architecture, therefore also seen as “Design before design”, has this truly particular remit: to define the spaces and rooms in which we will live out our lives, designing the “primary” world around us. We all live in houses, and much of our life is spent inside these spaces. We live there with our families, rest and recharge our batteries there, entertain our friends and, increasingly frequently, work there.

Installation Alessandro Colombo, Studio Cerri Associati

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