Montreal Breed Ban
Amazing turn out at our Rescue Pick up in Waterloo this past weekend. It would not be possible without the generous support of Kitchener-Waterloo Pet Valu, Pet Valu Stanley Park , Pet Valu Highland Rd. and many other community donations. There were 30 Rescues that benefited because of these amazing stores! Please be sure to like and support them as they have helped so many rescues in and around KW and Southern Ontario. Rescues that benefited from these stores this past week were: Adoptable Pet Rescue Animal Angel Rescue Foundation BBB Canine Rescue & Transport Benevolent Bully Rescue Carter's Charity Cat Country Charm Animal Rescue Cuban Dog Tales Rescue Dancing Rabbit Rescue DIBS Rescue Dog Speed Animal Rescue & Transport Society East Village Animal Hospital FERAL CATS Furever Family Dog Rescue, Training & Rehabilitation Gentle Jake's Coonhound Rescue Moms4Mutts Haven of the Hart Sanctuary HuskyHavenOntario ICE Foundation Little Friends Rescue No Empty Bowls Pet Food Bank -Stratford/Perth County Red Ivy Rescue & Sanctuary S.A.V.E Save Me Rescue Second Chance Auction Animals Rescue Sheltons Small Animal and Bird Rescue Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada Toronto Cat Rescue Wagtime Kennels #thanksforgiving #rescue #animalrescue #petvalu #rescuedismyfavouritebreed
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Found this in my memories, look who was on the cover of Today's Parent.

I keep meaning to post this! From the January/16 Issue of Today's Parent

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Animal Farm Foundation

His heritage never mattered to these soldiers. All they knew was that he was willing to do anything to help them save the world. See him in action on April 13th.

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I Own A Dog & I Vote

Have you had a chance to purchase your support magnet? They are a great way to show your support, to the word and to open up the doors to conversation's about breed specific legislation.

Magoo and I gladly show our support from Alberta.

Do you have one of these magnets? If so post a photo of the dog you own with it and use the hashtags: #iownadogandivote #endbsl #repealbslfromdola #endthebanontario

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Heartfelt ❤️ thank you 🙏 to these pups and light and love to the children and families experiencing such unimaginable grief xo

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Today we were part of the healing process for a heartbroken community who just days ago witnessed the worst kind of evil. We took Tala & Abigail to Parkland, Fl.... (2 hours from our home) to love & comfort those affected by the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas school on Valentine’s Day, a day that was supposed to be centered around love. As humans, we felt helpless, but then we quickly realized our furry girls have the powerful ability to lift spirits and make people smile. Their superpower is their ability to love. This comes naturally to them, but they are also trained to do this.

It was emotional and magical seeing the girls work one of the most important jobs they have done as therapy dogs. As their mom, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride watching these two girls spread so much love to complete strangers. I also felt much sadness because these tragedies shouldn’t happen. We shouldn’t have to be doing this type of work - ever. However, I’m glad these girls have the magical ability to comfort those who need it most. Today, we witnessed emotion in its purest, rawest form.

We talked & the girls visited with survivors of the shooting, families of victims, families of students who survived, first responders, community members, people who drove from all over to pay their respects, members of the media, volunteers & other therapy dog handlers. I can’t begin to explain what it was like talking to the teenagers who just days ago ran for their lives, wondering if they were going to survive. We saw lots of tears, lots of people embraced the dogs, one student started crying hysterically when Abigail gave her a hug and one student told us some students didn’t want to come to the place where the memorials are until they heard there were therapy dogs to help get them through the moment. One lady told me she’s always been scared of pit bulls and today we changed that for her. She said she will proudly talk about Tala & Abigail and their breed now.

I won’t forget the images I saw today, the emotion I felt. I won’t forget seeing those 17 crosses surrounded by flowers, balloons, stuffed animals & candles. I won’t forget those 17 angels lining the stage. I won’t forget seeing the school taped off with crime scene tape. These kids shouldn’t ever face this type of evil.

The girls performed flawlessly. They weren’t the only therapy dogs there, but they put smiles on more faces than I can count.

I’m honored to be their mommy. I’m saddened for Parkland. I’m heartbroken for the families who lost a loved one. I’m happy we could make a difference today. Today, I saw how such a small gesture really changed lives ♥️ Love always wins.


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Who else wants to admit to this?? Lol. Love ❤️ it #DanceswithDogs

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Ok people! You know what to do! Grab some breakfast and ask about #endingBSL

Wed 8:00 AM ESTNovotel Toronto CentreToronto, ON, Canada
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This is only a first step, but we hope it will be one of many as the city moves toward science and away from reactionary legislation.

The Anamosa City Council approved a first reading on an ordinance to lift a ban on pit bulls in the city.

No Pets In Research via @Animal_Alliance Ontario folks - Immediate action required

Every year thousands of animals are purchased by research labs from municipal pounds and used for experimental purposes, subjected pain, then killed.

Another of Ontario's rescue dogs.. saved from, first animal abusers, and then the OSPCA, is ready for a forever family!!!!!!! to Dogs Playing for Life and Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary ! Now let's get to work Ontario Citizen's! time to #volunteer4endbslcandidates #donatetoENDBSLcandidates #write2endbslcandidates #VOTE2endbsl

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Dogs Playing for Life

Eyebrows is one of the #ontariorescuedogs who has been living with us at our National Canine Center. This beautiful boy is now available for adoption. Please sh...are to spread the word and email us at if you are interested in Eyebrows or any of these dogs! #dpflncc #dogtalesrescueandsanctuary #eyebrowsncc #hegothisnamebecausehesonfleek #adopteyebrows #savethe21 #adoptable

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Please follow this page to find out more about this campaign, it is truly essential #nopetsinresearch Animal Alliance of Canada

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Animal Alliance of Canada updated their cover photo.

Happy Valentines’ Day Everyone!

Retweeted Lori Gray (@Brindlestick):

Justice is STILL waiting for the OLP to be gone so we can repeal BSL. It's been a long 13 yrs dog owners being treated unfairly under the DOLA. His black eyeshadow is now grey. OLP out! #iownadogandivote #ontariopitbullcoop @justice_for_bullies @pit_bull_coop

I hope this motivates more members to get active. Our time is NOW. If you live in Ontario please message us to find out how you can help to #endbsl

This is only a first step, but we hope it will be one of many as the city moves toward science and away from reactionary legislation.

The Anamosa City Council approved a first reading on an ordinance to lift a ban on pit bulls in the city.