This One Trick Will Revolutionize Your Use of Social Media

Block fuckwits.

On G+ and Facebook:  the advantage is that each has a fairly large userbase and participation.  The disadvantage is that it's about 99.9999% crap.

What's working somewhat well for me on G+ is to filter ruthlessly.  If someone's not posting quality, interesting, or useful content to my Streams, I uncircle them.  If their comments aren't up to snuff on my posts, I cut their voice (I limit who's got comment privs).  If they are disruptive, ideological, insane, disruptive, or are crazy-making, I'll block them without much thought (I used to agonize over that, I don't any more).

The really high signal is hard to find, but odds of missing something by blocking an idiot are quite low.

If someone's discussions keep getting derailed, I uncircle them (or move them to non-Stream circles).  If you can't maintain discussion discipline, you're not worth following.

The really voluble people who occasionally post interesting stuff?  Uncircle them -- their good shit tends to get re-shared by the interesting people you are following who're not handicapped by lack of an egress filter.

And:  use search rather than your Stream.  The Algorithm is a fucking idiot.

(Hoisted from an earlier private discussion on finding useful shit online.)

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