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Dana Kristeen Johnson-Hannon
· December 28, 2017
The WSBA needs to be turned over to the state. The idea of Attorneys holding other Attorneys that pay for their licensing is absurd at best. I made a complaint about an attorney who completely botched... my case. The WSBA was not only absent from a thorough investigation but incredibly rude when I questioned them. It seems the WSBA is only there for the illusion of decency. See More
Joseph Laabs
· June 28, 2017
If you ever get Indu Thomas in Thurston county as a judge for family Court if you are a father I suggest you ask for a new judge. She made up a lie in court to help my ex wife in a future case. In co...urt I confronted her about her lie and her response was this is my order final. Luckily it's recorded and so if they don't take my claim serious than heck try a law suit. As I've read they stick together anyway. I've never seen a judge of all people be so currupt in my life. It must be bad if there is a Facebook page about her See More
Jill J. Fleck
· February 26, 2018
The WSBA is the most corrupt agency in the state of Washington! These corrupt unethical individuals should be behind bars for the crimes they are committing and for the crimes these unethical “legal p...rofessionals” refuse to properly address when the victims of these WSBA members (attorneys) file grievances that this corrupt agency brooms despite the evidence of theIr WSBA members violations of the RPC’s not to mention the criminal law violations committed by their members. I know this from personal experience that I have had dealing with these criminals (WSBA Members) The first grievance that I filed involving a WSBA member that I hired to represent me in a child custody dispute I paid this WSBA lawyer $1500.00 and for the 5 months this liar I mean WSBA lawyer represented me he never filed one document that represented me meanwhile the opposing party was petitioning for restraining orders & attempting to deny me any access to my children. After seeking new counsel & learning from this attorney of this WSBA members (lawyer) failure to effectively represent me I fired this WSBA lawyer and demanded my money back this WSBA member called the police on me reporting that I was threatening him due to the fact that I was unhappy with his lack of representation demanding my money back! In response to the grievance I filed the WSBA member said he was completely unaware of the fact that I was not satisfied with his representation and the first he had heard that I was unhappy wanting my money back which was a blatant lie and despite the fact that the WSBA was provided the police report where their WSBA member called and reported to law enforcement that I had demanded my money back & was unhappy with his lack of representation the WSBA refused to do anything about their member who stole my money and then lied about it to the WSBA investigator in violation of the rules. The WSBA dismissed this grievance despite the overwhelming evidence of their members violations of the RPC’s and being caught lying during an investigation. This agency needs investigated by the FBI and DOJ and held accountable for their members crimes and the WSBA’s refusal to properly investigate citizens grievances and refusal to discipline their members for their conduct & failure to protect the Washington citizens who are victims as a result of their members conduct. Washington citizens need to take legal action against these criminals who operate this corrupt WSBA!! See More
Karoll-pascale Sacleux
· September 11, 2017
Today i'm very PROUND of my son KNUT FOURNIER, who becomes a great Lawer .
Michael Fox
· May 6, 2015
These people allow the most corrupt attorneys to manipulate you in court.
Sheena Carector
· September 17, 2015
This is extremely informative if you are looking for legal representation
Matthew Lindsay
· November 16, 2017
Helhão Vive Helhão Vive
· March 14, 2017
Dungeons of democracy - SOCIAL NETWORK CENSORED and other forms of violence to silence independent journalists victims of abuses...
Os “subterrâneos da democracia”, in portuguese ...

... Em meio ao charco moral que vivemos há mais de 20 anos, estamos levando ao Judiciário Brasileiro questionamentos bastante relevantes e oportunos sobre direitos e deveres constitucionais. Preceitos que devem ser respeitados por todos os brasileiros. Ou não ?????

- Um político, ou o "Legislativo" como alguns preferem (diluindo responsabilidades), está autorizado a usar o poder conferido nas urnas para interferir a favor de seus cupinchas na iniciativa privada, esfera totalmente estranha ao serviço público???

- A Constituição Brasileira confere a um homem público o poder de pedir a cabeça, prejudicar irremediavelmente um(a) jornalista independente, sem qualquer vínculo partidário e que, por isso mesmo jamais seria útil a projetos de poder ???

-Nesse mesmo cenário, inimaginável num Estado Democrático de Direito, um presidente da república poderia ignorar o capítulo das garantias fundamentais que asseguram direitos iguais para todos os cidadãos brasileiros ??? Poderia ele interferir a favor de profissionais de sua confiança, em qualquer segmento da sociedade, de acordo com suas conveniências pessoais e políticas, em detrimento dos direitos dos que recusam proteção dessa natureza, mesmo sofrendo violento assédio moral por parte dos que têm blindagem oficial e certeza absoluta da impunidade ???

No nosso entendimento, trata-se de um exemplo típico de abuso de poder, só possível em regimes totalitários como o que vivemos de 64 a 85.
Numa democracia seria o impensável. Uma promiscuidade entre o público e o privado, corrupção, um achincalhe.

Como nós, outros cidadãos brasileiros também devem estar buscando respostas para situações inimagináveis como essas. E há muito tempo.

São os devidos, e já absurdamente tardios pontos nos iiiii.

Whatever the human law may be, and that is not the case, neither an individual nor a nation can commit the least act of injustice against the obscurest individual without having to pay the penalty for it. By hook or crook .

Elizabeth Buchmüller
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The Washington Supreme Court recently approved a package of related Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) amendments addressing imputed conflicts for public defenders. “Imputed” conflicts are those shared by all law practitioners working in a single firm. Some public defenders are government employees while others work for law firms or nonprofits. [ 324 more words ]…/supreme-court-approves-rpc-ame…/

The Washington Supreme Court recently approved a package of related Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) amendments addressing imputed conflicts for public defenders. “Imputed” conflicts are those s…

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The Feb. 14 house of origin cutoff is in the rear-view mirror and bills are moving quickly in advance of the March 8 session end date! The top remaining priorities for legislators this session incl…

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