To join the honorary alumni of FreeThinkers University and receive your degree on line, read the directions, commit to and sign the declaration, and have a witness sign it. Once you have read and understand your declaration, you may print out the degree, fill it in and have your witness sign it. Then proudly display it.  This is a honor-based college. There is no cost to join or graduate.

Age Requirement: Any person who is old enough to understand & agree to the declaration is eligible for an honorary degree from FreeThinkers University.  There is no age limit. 

1) How to Apply: Print out the declaration, read it and sign it. Then have a friend, teacher or parent  read your declaration and, if they agree you qualify, sign as a witness.

2) Directions for Witnesses: Read the declaration of the applicant. If the student understands and is committed to the declaration, proudly sign the declaration and honorary degree as their witness. As Chancellor, I am counting on you to be a credible witness to this student's commitment.

3) Certification & Graduation: If you are committed to the declaration, print out a high quality certificate. Neatly write or type your name and the date on the certificate.  It is important to understand your declaration to validate your degree.  Have a witness (this could be a parent, friend or teacher) read the directions for the witnesses, above.  If they agree that you qualify, have them sign both the declaration and the degree.

4) Graduates: Proudly display your declaration and degree. You have successfully qualified as an honorary alumni of FreeThinkers University.  Along with our other graduates, you are destined for greatness.

5) Honorary Alumni Listing: If you want to be listed among our honorary alumni on this website, send us a copy of your declaration with your name as you want it to appear on web.  Please also indicate the state and country in which you live.  If you are under 18 years old, print and return the following release signed by your parent or guardian. We will post it which ever way your parents feel comfortable. You do not have to be listed to receive your degree. This is just a bonus.


Permission release for your name to appear on our Honorary Alumni list:

Choose on of these formats

Honorary Alumni
Stacy Poulos, California, USA (or)
Mitchel, Alabama, USA (or)
John, Florenzie, Italy


Please print clearly what is ok to appear on our list.

Student: I, _____________________________, am _____ years old.

I live in the state of ___________ in the country of ___________________.

I am over 18 years old and give you permission to publish my name as a alumni.

X ________________________________________________ (__________)

Student / Signed / Date

If you are under 18 have your parent or guardian sign below with the information you are allowing us to publish.

Parent/Guardian: I am the parent/guardian of ________________________.  I authorize the listing of his/her name and state & country of residence on FreeThinkers University honorary alumni list as it appears on this form.

 X ___________________________ _________

Signed / Date


Parent/Guardian Print

Please provide your phone number or email address so that we can contact you if clarification is required. We will not give this information out.  ________________________ and keep the original Declaration to re-read, yearly.

Please provide your email address if you would like to receive our newsletter:____________________________________________

Send it Snail Mail:
Attention: FreeThinkers University;  Alumni
P.O. Box 20608, Castro Valley, CA  94546 USA
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Sample certificate
Blank Certificate & Declaration in PDF
Admissions application to be added to list
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