Super PI Mod


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Validate a checksum:

Enter both the time and the checksum, and press Validate.


2005/02/21 First version
2005/02/21 Fixed minute bug (1:20 would show as 1:80)
2005/02/22 Super pi mod now loads/saves the result times in msecs in pi_rec.dat. The original pi_rec.txt is no longer used in this version because it just wasn't worth the trouble. Super pi originally stores the results
in seconds internally so I had to do quite a bit of editing to get this to work at all :)
2005/02/26 Added cheat protection.
I changed the text in the title bar so people can see that you haven't cheated when you post a screenshot with your results.
2005/02/27 Added more cheat protection. Try to cheat and it'll crash :)
2005/02/28 Moved the code around a bit and changed back the section permissions.
2005/03/04 Restarted from scratch.
New features are an even more precise timer, no more 15 msec jumps.
A checksum has been added which you can validate using the form above. Also results are now saved in an encrypted format for the jokers that like to edit the save file :) Your old results will no longer be loaded, a new file (pi_rec.dat2) is used. Sorry about that but it was the easiest way.
2005/03/14 I had to go back to the previous timing, 15 msec jumps are back :(
Problem was the high precision timers were giving completely wrong results on systems clocked over ~4 GHz.
2006/02/14 XtremeSystems branded Pi released!
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