The Site the Northern Territory Government Does Not Want You to See

This site is blocked to all NT Government Schools

What are they afraid of?

The new book Exposing Corruption in the Australian Education Department.


Australia's Forgotten Children:

The Corrupt State of Education in the Northern Territory

A Case Study of Educational Apartheid at an Aboriginal Pretend School

Part of a global campaign to educate people on the Department's lack of integrity and history of unscrupulous behaviour.

Total cost $19.95 New Zealand. Includes overseas shipping - postage, handling and GST, 196 pages, fully indexed. We make no money from this book.


The Study the Northern Territory Government doesn't want you to see

  • How the Education Department waited months to remove asbestos, knowing children were reported playing with it despite urgent pleas by WorkSafe & how they covered it up & misled the Ombudsman. Would this happen at a 'white' school?
  • How they fabricated claims about Immigration documentation to get rid of 'troublesome' teachers.
  • How the Department kept a secret blacklist & gave false information to the Anti-Discrimination Commission & the Territory Ombudsman.
  • Why did CEO Gary Barnes give false information to the NT Justice Department Senior Investigator Allan Borg?
  • How HR Head Carol Penglase & Schools Manager Paul Newman abused their positions.
  • Why Dr Kevin Gillan and Gary Barnes covered-up serious allegations of wrongdoing and misconduct?
  • Why DET Lied to Charles Darwin University and why CDU was too Scared to do anything about it.
  • Will DET Attorney Gerry Greene resign when he realises just how dishonest and unscrupulous his employer - the Northern Territory Education Department - has been? After all, he defended them.
  • Which DET employees engaged in ethics violations and breached the Public Employee sector Code of Conduct.

The book that goes beyond the website

We Challenge the Education Department to deny any of these claims -or to sue us to stop its publication

They cannot because the defence for libel is truth

Based on 1,200+ Freedom of Information documents


Different Standards for Blacks and Whites in 21st Century Australia

  • We tried to enforce the same academic, health and safety standards at an Aboriginal school as at a 'white' school – and were thwarted at every turn. If this is not educational apartheid, what is?
  • We were told to lower our standards as these were Aboriginals. Is it any wonder Indigenous students have appalling literacy and numeracy rates in the Northern Territory?
  • How the Education Department sabotages careers and punishes teachers for doing their jobs?
  • Education Department employees work for the people – ultimately they are answerable to the people.


Former Education Minister Chris Burns refused to answer questions about our case in Parliament - and DET/DECS Executives Gary Barnes and Dr Kevin Gillan continue to cover up.   Our response:  to publish Australia's Forgotten Children and both document and expose the Department's pattern of unscrupulous behaviour.




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