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Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN) – Statement Analysis

Advanced Polygraph Services is pleased to be able to offer this unique and sophisticated service – forensic language screening, as one of its many truth verification services.

The creator of SCAN is a former lieutenant in the Israeli Police Department, Avinoam Sapir. While working as a Polygraph Examiner he noticed a correlation between polygraph results and various features of written statements. From those observations he developed a technique for determining the veracity (truthfulness) of a person of interest’s verbal or written communication.

Avinoam Sapir holds a BA in Psychology and Criminology and a Masters Degree in Criminology. Since 1981 he has run his company, the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation from Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. All Advanced Polygraph Principal Forensic Polygraph Examiners are highly qualified SCAN practitioners who have completed basic and advanced training directly under Avinoam Sapir.

SCAN is a powerful technique for detecting deception and obtaining information by making a series of observations and is used in many countries throughout the world including Australia. SCAN has been proved to be a scientifically based method which produces consistent results. The basic premise of SCAN is that the structure and content of a statement reveals whether the person of interest has made an attempt to deceive (lie). If a "lie" is something which is completely fabricated, then few lie, and perhaps 90% of what people say is truthful. But many don't reveal everything. Because they are reluctant to commit themselves to their actions, “…they hedge, feign forgetfulness, omit crucial facts and pretend ignorance”.

However even though they may want to withhold information, people’s words betray them: they give away more information than they realise through their speech patterns, and the structure and contents of their statements. Every word a subject uses is important in determining the truthfulness of the information provided, certain linguistic signals indicate that important information is missing, and so by looking at the way in which language is used, it is possible to detect meaning which would not otherwise be apparent.

Advanced Polygraph has adopted a two-stage process of SCAN statement analysis. That is, a truthful statement always contains specific features, we determine if these features are present. The second phase is to determine the extent to which the statement differs from what would otherwise be a truthful statement.

Advanced Polygraph SCAN practitioners are able to dissect a written or verbal statement and determine whether the author of the communication is being non deceptive (telling the truth) or being deceptive (telling lies).

Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN) can be applied to affidavits, statements, letters and reports. It does not require any knowledge of the person, the case, or the physical evidence. SCAN uses only the person's own words, as given in their statement. A SCAN analysis can be conducted independently of the investigation process and of the person from whom the information is sought.

The Advanced Polygraph SCAN VIEW Questionnaire

It may be that Advanced Polygraph’s SCAN VIEW Questionnaire is appropriate, especially if the enquiry involves several suspect persons. It is not intrusive and people tend not to feel threatened when they sit down and answer questions at their own pace. As a result there is minimal resistance to filling out the questionnaire. Questionnaires are already available for use in the following fields. loss and theft damage sabotage, arson, fraud, information leaks, unlawful dissemination of information, industrial espionage, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, drugs, drink driving, anonymous letters, and threatening communications.

SCAN is used by police and law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, security agencies, lawyers, the defence force, employment agencies, doctors, media, private and government agencies and investigators.

For international examples of the use and effectiveness of SCAN, Advanced Polygraph recommends the FBI's Law Enforcement Bulletin as an excellent resource.

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