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Doopie 🌷 Apr 28
Special thank you to the following Patrons! $100- PKMN Peeps! $50- Nicholas C., and IgneousPheonixflame!
Franz Joseph Apr 30
Replying to @DoopieDoOver
Did chris call you mommy when u screwed. U know he has sexual fantasies about his mom.
Calbin Hinshaw May 1
DUH FUQ?!?!?! What the the hell are you talking about?! Did you mean to say that to someone else or did you purposefully say that to Doopie?
Doopie 🌷 May 2
in what realm
Doopie 🌷 May 2
where was this said, anyway?
Christine W Chandler May 2
WTF? I never said that. Whatever you've been hearing or saying right now about me is false.
Y'know what Chris? I hope somebody breaks in to your home and stabs you in the back, decapitates your head, burn your body and nothing more.