Fees and Packages – GST inclusive – exclusive of RTA fees

Focus driving school is open 7 days a week. We cater for early mornings and late evenings.

One to One Learner Driver Tuition
A tailor made program is implemented for each Learner driver or mature aged driver to provide them with the driving skills and knowledge to take their RTA examination and pass.

Standard 1 hour lesson
$60     Book Now

Standard 2 hour lesson
$110     Book Now

RTA Driver Ability Road Test
With instructor’s use of vehicle 1 hour + 1 hour Driving Lesson
$155   Book Now

Standard Driver Test Preparation
1.5 hour lesson
$100    Book Now

Focus Driving School Guarantee
Your 2nd attempt at the RTA Driving Examination is on us, provided you have reached your driving instructor’s reasonable Licence Test standard. Your 2nd attempt must be taken within one month of your original driving test.
Applicable only to the Great Deal Package.

Season Package
6 driving lessons
$57 per hour   Book Now

Great Deal Package
10 driving lessons
$55 per hour   Book Now

Refresher Driving Tuition
Driving test assessments to fine tune your driving skills.

Standard 1 hour lesson
$60    Book Now

Night Driving Tuition
Driving skills and knowledge to keep you safe at night.

Standard 1 hour lesson
$60    Book Now

Wet Weather Tuition
Driving skills and knowledge to handle the wet weather conditions.

Standard 1 hour lesson
$60    Book Now

Gift Vouchers
Purchase a gift voucher today and make someone close to you very happy.   
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Overseas Licence Conversions
1 hour use of instructor's vehicle + 1 hour driving lesson
$155  Book Now

Interpreting & Translating
Overseas driver’s licences can be translated at the Community Relations Commission NSW
Phone: 1300 651 500
Level 8, 175-183 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Driver Test Preparation Lesson
1.5 hours
$100     Book Now

Senior Citizens Who Need to Meet RTA Testing Requirements
Standard 1 hour driving lesson
$55    Book Now

Advanced Driver Safety Coaching
This is a four hour workshop for developing driving skills above the normal driving tuition course.

Course Content:
Learn to change a tyre,
Learn car maintenance issues,
Preparation for Long journeys,
Driving attitude and behavior of other drivers,
Freeway exit and entry manoeuvres,
Overtaking and judging distance on the road.

$260  Book Now

Corporate Driving Training Skills
Safety in driving while at work means less accident claims and low premiums. With the Occupational, Health and Safety Act, it is important to equip workers with the right driving skills while on the road.

We will provide a driving assessment of current or potential employees and submit a report to both employer and employee.

One to One Learner Driver Assessment
Standard 1 hour Assessment
$90    Book Now

Report Evaluation
$70 per employee    Book Now

Books for Learning to Drive

The Complete Learn to Drive Handbook = $25.00   Contact Us

Road Users’ Hand book – free download at www.rta.nsw.gov.au

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